My husband and I can't agree on a boy name

My husband and I can't agree on a boy name. For a girl, we've settled on Katarina Rayne. We have a very common last name so I want a fairly uncommon name so he won't be one of three with the exact first last name combo. I like names like Valerian, Sol/Solaris, and Wessex. He likes names like Victor, Vincent, and Silas. We can't agree on first or middle names. If possible I want some bigger tie to the name. For example, I like Wessex because my favorite person from history is King Alfred of Wessex, but I hate Alfred, it unfortunately reminds too many people of the butler from batman and I just don't like the sound of it. Thanks for your help.


April 25, 2013 6:18 PM

Solomon isn't super common and would give you the nickname Sol.  It has more of a traditional feel like Vincent & Victor and is Biblical like Silas.

Valerian reminds me of Florian & Lucian, but they have a more traditional feel your husband might like.

I would honestly avoid Wessex completely.  Any name containing "sex" is going be a problem once he gets to middle school.  Maybe Westley, Weston or just West would work instead?   Or perhaps Frederick or even Alfie instead of Alfred? 

Other ideas-Benedict, Blaise, Peregrine (Perry), Ignatius, Augustus.

April 27, 2013 2:20 PM

Thinking along Alfred lines, would the name of a person, place or thing connected with him work at all?  Edward, Athelstan, Swithun, Charles (like Charlemagne)?  Witan?  If not Wessex, maybe Winchester, Somerset, Ethan (like Ethandun...tenuous link)?  I'm sure Miriam could come up with more...

To throw out a few random names in case they suit either of your tastes, Sol (for Solomon), Samson, August(us), Marcus, Max, Clement, Theo, Valentin, Hector.

Edit: just noticed Solomon and Augustus above.  Consider them seconded.

April 27, 2013 6:09 PM

Most of the Wessex dynastic names are a bit over the top for use today, but I have always been partial to Edmund (Ironside).  Alfed's sons were Edward (Eadweard) and Aethelweard.  His father was Aethelwulf, and his brothers were Aethelbald, Aethelbert, and Aethelred.  Other Wessex dynastic names include Edwin, Aethelstan, Egbert, and Edgar. 

Wulf (modern Wolf) was a common part of Anglo-Saxon names, like Cynewulf and Wulfsige.  Today I was certainly consider using Wolf if I had the occasion--Wolf was my grandfather's name.  My father and son are both Edward, as was my professor.  I can recommend it highly.  After all, it was good enough for King Alfred's son and for eight post-conquest kings of England and numerous princes up to the present day.

BTW there is an Anglo-Saxon poem entitled Solomon and Saturn, a debate between the wise king and the (evil) magician.  As it happens Solomon was my other grandfather's name.

April 29, 2013 1:59 AM

I don't really care for Wessex as a first name.   Is Valerian pronounced Val-ah-ree-an? I think there is a car named Solaris so that was must first thought with that name.  

Victor and Silas are okay, but I prefer Vincent.  I think Vincnt is a really nice name and Vince is a good nickname; although, I dont care for Vinnie as a nickname.  This name is uncommon in that it isn't used a lot but it isn't unusual.  When you say uncommon do you mean not popular or unusual?  

By nym
April 30, 2013 9:40 AM

Yes, that is how it is pronounced. When I heard of it, I thought of a Roman Emperor. He wasn't really anything special as a ruler though. However, I have since discovered the Valerian root, which is not quite as cool a connection. I liked Valerian, and I liked the idea of the nickname Valer (pronounced like Valor). But my husband is not a fan. As for unusual of unpopular, I actually tend to lean towards unpopular. I want people to be able to pronounce it when they read it and be about right when they try to spell it. I wouldn't mind if it was a name people had heard of before. But we have a super common last name (think Jones, Smith, Johnson) kind of common. I married into this last name and I have a popular first name and a common last name, and I have problems all the time with someone else having my exact same first/last name combo, and it makes things difficult sometimes. I want them to not have to worry about that. To be honest, I'm not pregnant yet, but we plan on it being in our near future and I don't like the idea of a nine month deadline on something that is going to likely effect someones entire life. So Im trying to decide before I get pregnant, so that I don't have to worry about it at that point. I think part of the problem is I try thinking about it too much. I think of the initials combo, the nicknames people would use. I try imagining saying the name over and over and over for years. Something that could be tied to a famour athelete, or a noted musician equally. Something that works well as an adult name but isn't too big for a little kid. All of this together seems to make the right name impossible to find, in and of itself, and then on the short list of acceptable names we can't seem to agree or I ike it at first but it wears thin too quickly, or I discover that even though the name was praatically unheard of a few years ago, now everyone has decided they like it too.

May 2, 2013 2:45 AM

I think it is a good idea to plan ahead with the names.  I had my first child and did not have a name picked when we got to the hospital.  I had narrowed it down to four: Natalie, Livia, Stella, and Heidi.  On day two at the hospital the social Security woman was applying a lot of pressure and we were forced to pick something.  I'm not sure how but Alexandra ended up on her birth certificate!!  This wasn't even a contender!

With our second I was determined to pick a great name, and early.  It took two years to get pregnant, and I obsessed with names for those two years.  Then I got pregnant and obsessed for the whole 9 months. Once again I found myself on day two at the hospital being forced to make a decision.  

If you are at all indecisive I highly recommend picking the name before you have the baby!  I was told to narrow it down and pick the one that best fit the baby after it was born.  This never worked for me. I became more confused and indecisive.  

If we have a 3rd I am definitely picking one name before the birth.  I only wish I had found this site earlier!

May 30, 2013 3:59 PM

I can see you are dreaming big with the names; I love the idea of a name with a strong history - and I appreciate you want your kid to be unique... but I actually think your husband's suggestions are excellent. None of his names are common, all of them are classy, sort of unusual but not strange, and with a lot of character. I think they would go very well with a "Smith" type last name.

As far as Valerian - all I can think of is the sedative herb. Sounds to me like naming a baby Valium. Go for Vincent in that case or Victor. Or even Val. Or Julian... 

Solomon is an excellent suggestion. Very noble heritage, with cute nickname. Whereas unfortunately Solaris sounds like an alternative energy company. I just love the name Silas. Old fashioned, strong, sounds kind.

Wessex sounds to me like a brand of cooking oil....  Wesson. Also I agree with the above poster that you don't want to be a kid with "sex" in your name... never hear the end of it. Go for Weston, Westley, or another historical figure.