My is Noa Awhatenajohne Cantrell

I am part Shasta Native and part Irish. I was always call the tribes potato skin! Yes it actually was funny! But my name was not always Noa Awhatenajohne Cantrell! My mother was a very angry person and named me after a lady who was never my family nor did she ever like me. When I was born I was a twin. My twin sister was 8lbs and 2ozs. She lived for about 5 minutes. Then I was born at 3 lbs 1oz. we were three months premature. Every other person thought I was destined to die as well. However my great great MoMe! And my MeMa stayed with me and sang native songs and then my MoMe Named me Awhatenajohne! means ( All Is Beautiful) and sang a song she wrote while my life hung in between the life and death balance. I am finally honored by the Siskiyou County Court’s and most of my family with this permission and deep honor to finally have my name back. My journey a child was horrific experiences and a living night mare. I was raised in fost care and group homes. l never got to have what most people take for granted! To have an human being call you sister means more to me then anything. Becuse the Shasta tribe in Siskiyou County is not a recognized Leagle enrollment number tribe. Honestly I am ok with this. Because money is not going to renew my dead ancestors who where murdered for the land they lived on for centuries prior. My family was not just murdered but extinguished. Many conformed and moved to an native concentration camp ( call a reservation) I am finally learning our language that was forbidden to breathe a word. I was born in the city of Mount Shasta and when I pass I will return to my native earth. If you were named Shasta or Shastina or even strawberry mountain take that as a beautiful wonderful Honor. Yes Shasta originally was a mans name! However so was NOA! Be proud and hold your head up and become the morning dove that Our people forgit about. Money is just another way to strip our pride away. Yes money is wonderful and can really help. However so can correct education that many arou here are pushing and I am a very proud Native Standing. And very proud of many of our old and young stand side by side helping all those who are in need native or not. You are all my reasons to keep standing. Ahoe