Name Change

My mom and brother thinks the name I decided to go with sounds weird. my name is fritz but I'm changing it to Jaisec (jay-zic)  others say they like how unique it is and I should keep it. I was into another name witch is Jayvn, a lot of people like it, but some say it sounds ghetto lol


May 28, 2016 10:37 AM

Neither of the names you are considering appeals to me, but that said, I have been mentally pronouncing Jaisec like the first syllable in second, and that is not the pronunciation you are going for.  Since the name and spelling were invented by you, you can alter the spelling to indicate more clearly how you want the name pronounced.  If you want -zic, why not just spell it that way?

As for Jayvn, the English language requires that every syllable have a vowel, so choose the one that best indicates how you want that syllable pronounced.  As it stands, to me Jayvn looks confusing and incomplete.