Name change

Hi there!

If anyone could help me or give me any kind of advice I would surely appreciate it. 

So... my first name is Katie but I've never really liked it. I hate it's sound so much it feels like a cold shower whenever someone calls me it. It never felt like me. On the other hand I love the name Katherine and all of it's nicknames besides Katie. Now that I'm finally turning 18 and I can change my name, I wish for it more and more. I'm Katherine even in my dreams sometimes. Whenever I hear the name Katherine or when I think of myself as Katherine it feels like being hugged, so I think it's the right one.

But I have a serious question. How will my family accept it? What could I expect? Should I ask them beforehand or is it better to tell them when I already make a change? How would my classmates react when they find out? Will I have to explain everyone that I changed my name? How could I make this change a smooth one? How do you tell your family and relatives to stop calling you Katie (or any name you have) because you hate it? 

If anyone has had this experience it would help me with my decision and it's possible consequences. 

Thank you! ;)


July 16, 2016 7:57 PM

This is why so many people advise putting a longer, formal name on the birth certificate when wanting to use a shorter form.

I think it is fantastic that your current name is a nn of the name you really want. 

I have no idea how sensitive your family is, but I would let them know your intentions - note - let them know and not ask permission. Just a respectful heads up.

I think that friends and extended family will be able to make the change; you are making this change in early adulthood, so the people you'll meet in the future should not have a problem at all.

My thoughts are that parents and older family members who can't or won't make the change should be given a pass. You'll be starting your adulthood and making a life for yourself, so I think this is a great time to do it. And the occasional Katie reference shouldn't bother you, knowing that Katherine is your actual call name. Also, people who know you as Katherine won't be confused should they hear a relative call you Katie - and if they try to shorten it - you can cut it off right away - "I let Mom and grandmother call me Katie, but my name is Katherine" should suffice.

This is the easiest name change I've seen. 

Good luck!