Name Change!

I’m being adopted, and got the opportunity to change my name. My last name will be Bell-Doehler. My siblings are named Cade, Elijah(goes by Eli), Ethan, Brooke, Zara, and Emma. We are a blended family, so our name’s don’t go perfectly. I want my name to match my appearance (I’ve always felt like I don’t look like an Avery). i have wavy medium blonde hair with reddish undertones, deepest bright blue-green eyes, long eyelashes (they naturally reach almost to my eyebrows), a thin nose, the bridge of which has a slight bump, small, thin, red lips, and freckles across my nose & cheek. I’m small for 14, 5’2 & less than 90 lbs. My interests are art, theatre, dance, singing, special effects makeup art, music, and pretty much any art form. Some name’s I like are:

Everleigh Monroe

Emberly Lakelynn

Zinnia Jade

Zoe Claire

Penelope Michelle

Taytum Oaklee

I am completely open to suggestion!!


January 23, 2019 10:44 PM

Zoe Claire gets my vote

 Jade as a fn would be my 2nd choice

February 21, 2019 1:18 PM

I like Taytum and Claire together. Emberly is a nice name, but I think it would be too close to your sibling Emma. Michelle is a nece middle name for any of the first names you're thinking about. 

Other names that maybe you could consider are Gwen, Kayla, Bianca, or maybe Breanne?


Good Luck!