Name Change, Advice Please

I’m considering a middle name change. I’ve never liked my current middle name. My first name is Mary, and I’ve always wanted to have a double name. 

I want a name that’s modern but also dignified. My last name is short, so longer middle names are okay. Shorter middle names are also okay. 

Here are some combinations I’m considering:

Mary Olivia (my favorite so far)

Mary Skylar

Mary Charlotte

Mary Evangeline (Mary Evan as a nickname)

What do you think? Is Mary Olivia too long? Do you have any other suggestions?



December 1, 2017 4:16 AM

Mary Olivia is nice,  Mary Evangeline is nice too,  but sorry dont like Mary Evan at all,  Mary Charlotte is nice too

Mary Beth

Mary Lou or Mary Louise

Mary Kate

Mary Anne

Mary Jane

Mary Ellen

Mary Belle

Mary Grace

Mary Rose

Mary Lee

Mary Kaye

Rose Mary

Mary Anna

Mary Bella

Anna Mary

Mary Lynn