Name change - help!!

Hello guys,

My name is Saeed/Said, which means "Happy" in Arabic. I'm Venezuelan living in the USA. I'm Venezuelan/Lebanese/Brazilian "(Multiracial). My mom named me this name after my grandpa who was names the same 'Said'; I don't feel I fit this name, in other words, I don't like it. For instance, for variety of reasons such as, mispelling, etc., so Im also trying to find a name similar to Said/Saeed, due to the long arabic last names planning to pick one of these Hosn or Ackley, which name similar to Saeed/Said and sounds better with my last name. For instance, like a Western or Spanish/Italian name, so I can change it.

I'd really appreciate your honest opinions and sincerity. 

If you have anyone of you have any suggestions, please, let me know ASAP. 


November 24, 2016 9:47 PM

While this would have been the appropriate forum category in which to post your original question, you already have a conversation going on the main forum category. I have deleted all the other repeat posts that you added because first, you added them in inappropriate categories, and second, having multiple threads with the same question prevents a good conversation from building. You have gotten a lot of good feedback already in your original thread and I suggest you keep your conversation going there, should you continue to seek help on this website. It will be easiest for everyone if they know where to post and where to look for your feedback.

October 4, 2017 9:39 AM

Hello Saeed,

I think you should get to much into finding a new name. Sometimes a new name just comes out of coincedence. A friend of mine found a new name becaus he was on a searche for baby nuture. He browsed a random website and found a name while reading the product reviews. To mee it seem a bit odd but my friend was absolutly happy with it. So maybe you are able to find a proper name just by reading a lot in forums and websites.

Good luck for you