Name Conjugator

Since I'm trying to learn French (mostly on my own with the help of some websites) I thought of a good way to practice conjugating verbs - take names that end like an infinitive and "conjugate" them. For example let's take Jennifer and "conjugate" it in the present tense:

(Je) Jennife, (Tu) Jennifes, (Il/Elle/On) Jennife, (Nous) Jennifons, (Vous) Jennifez, (Ils/Elles) Jennifent

Thinking back to when I took Spanish in high school, I'll do the same thing in that language:

(Yo) Jennifo, (Tú) Jennifes, (Él/Ella) Jennife, (Nosotros/as) Jennifemos, (Vosotros/as) Jenniféis, (Ellos/Ellas) Jennifen

What do you get when you "conjugate" your favorites that have a valid infinitive ending in a language you speak or have studied?


October 10, 2014 1:26 PM

Forgot on the Spanish conjugations to include usted with él/ella and ustedes with ellos/ellas (I just now remembered that those are conjugated the same).

September 6, 2015 9:00 PM


Evo, Eves, Eve, Evemos, Eveis, Even


Amo, Ames, Ame, Amimos, Amis, Amen


Parko, Parkes, Parke, Parkemos, Parkeis, Parken


Sawyo, Sawyes, Sawye, Sawyemos, Sawyeis, Sawyen

September 8, 2015 12:20 AM

Clover: Clovo, Cloves, Clove, Clovemos, Cloveis, Cloven

Lamar:  Lamo, Lamas, Lama, Lamamos, Lameis, Laman

Skylar: Skylo, Skylas, Skyla, Skylamos, Skylais, Skylan

I think I did it right.  It's been years.

September 8, 2015 11:22 AM

haha this is a fun game. Let me think...



Helen - (ich) hele, (du) helst, (er/sie/es) helt, (wir) helen, (sie) helen

Steven - (ich) steve, (du) stevst, (er/sie/es) stevt, (wir) steven, (sie) steven

(works with pretty much any name ending in -en)



Piper - (eu) pipo, (tu) pipes, (você/ele/ela) pipe, (nós) pipemos, (vós) pipeis, (vocês/eles/elas) pipem

Oscar - (eu) osco, (tu) oscas, (você/ele/ela) osca, (nós) oscamos, (vós) oscais, (vocês/eles/elas) oscam

September 8, 2015 7:17 PM

Hungarian verbs come in a large variety of base form endings, so you can technically "conjugate" just about anything. The problem with doing it to names is that some of the conjugations end up identical or nearly identical to plurals and other noun-type formations, and since names are nouns, the unintended "sense" overrides the intended one.

Actual verb: sétál "walk, stroll"; én sétálok, te sétálsz, ő sétál, mi sétálunk, ti sétáltok, ök sétálnak.

Similar name: Chantal. Én Chantalok, te Chantalsz, ő Chantal, mi Chantalunk, ti Chantaltok, ők Chantalnak. Coincidental other senses: Chantalok = plural 'Chantals', ő Chantal 'she is Chantal', (mi) Chantalunk 'our Chantal' (the pronoun provides extra reinforcement of the name=noun sense), Chantalnak 'to/for Chantal'. Oh, and 'your (plural) Chantal' would be (ti) Chantalotok, which makes the "verby" version sound especially wrong.

Actual verb: iszik 'drink'; én iszok, te iszol, ő iszik, mi iszunk, ti isztok, ők isznak.

Similar name: Zadok. Én Zadok, te Zadsz, ő Zadik, mi Zadunk, ti Zadtok, ők Zadnak. This time the base name is already "conjugated", plus it's rather unfamiliar, so the noun-effect is lessened, but again, Zadok = plural 'Zads', mi Zadunk = 'our Zad', Zadnak = 'to/for Zad', and Zadotok would be 'your (plural) Zad'.

This is fun; I'll have to think up some more.

September 24, 2015 5:11 PM


Olive, Olives, Olive, Olivons, Olivez, Olivent


Conne, Connes, Conne, Connons, Connez, Connent


Eleane, Eleanes, Eleane, Eleanons, Eleanez, Eleanent


Summe, Summes, Summe, Summons, Summez, Summent


Summer's are the funniest (Summons, Summez, Summent).

But my favourite is probably Eleanez.

November 15, 2016 10:32 AM

Latin, 1st Declension

Sofia, Sofiae, Sofiae, Sofiam, Sofia, Sofiae, Sofiarum, Sofiis, Sofias, Sofiis

November 22, 2016 7:49 PM


2nd Declension Masculine:

Nicodemus, Nicodemi, Nicodemo, Nicodemum, Nicodemo, Nicodemi, Nicodemorum, Nicodemis, Nicodemos, Nicodemis

2nd Declension Neuter:

Calum, Cali, Calo, Calum, Calo, Cala, Calorum, Calis, Cala, Calis

3rd Declension Maculine and Feminine

Felix, Felixis, Felixi, Felixem, Felixe, Felixes, Felixum, Felixibus, Felixes, Felixibus

3rd Declension Neuter

Juliet, Julietis, Julieti, Juliet, Juliete, Julieta, Julietum, Julietibus, Julieta, Julietibus

4th Declension Masculine

Marius, Marius, Mariui, Marium, Mariu, Marius, Mariuum, Mariibus, Marius, Mariibus

4th Declension Neuter:

Mathieu, Mathieus, Mathieu, Mathieu, Mathieu, Mathieua, Mathieuum, Mathieibus, Mathieua, Mathieibus

5th Declension:

James, Jamei, Jamei, Jamem, Jame, James, Jamerum, Jamebus, James, Jamebus