Name for Baby #3!

Hi everyone!  Very excited about these new forums!

I'm due in 2.5 weeks with baby #3!  We've got two boys already and the gender of this little one is a surprise.  We have so far:

J0el Benjam1n


0wen Jeremy

We have tentatively picked out names for baby #3, but I wanted to run them by some name experts first!  We don't tell anyone (and I mean anyone) in real life our names choices.  It is hard enough to pick out a name that my husband and I agree on and I don't want anyone else's opinion.  That said, although I've done google searches, not sharing our names with anyone makes me wonder if there is anything we hadn't considered.  Is there a famous person by that name?  Characther in a book? Does the name sound silly for some reason?  So I'm hoping that I can get some feedback.  We typically are drawn to classic names, so I realize they may seem somewhat boring to name enthusiasts!

Boy name:  Nathan J4mes

Girl Name:  Anna E1izabeth

Any thoughts (good or bad) or feedback is welcome!


April 11, 2012 10:51 AM

CarlyM-Congrats! I like the names of your current two. I also like the name N@than J@mes. The name Ann@ Eliz@beth is a bit plain for me though.

The one thing that hits me is the O sound in both your current boys names. I dont know if you noticed or cared but I wonder if you have an affinity for that sound that you might want to keep going somehow as a fun connection especially if you have another boy. Some names that come to mind:

Leo; Lionel; Theo(dore); Colby; Nicholas; Rowan

Colby James; Theodore Vincent; Rowan Alexander; Nicholas Gavin; Lionel Xavier; Leo John

Ophelia; Rose; Violet; Sophie; Zoe; Chloe; Ione; Noelle

Anna Rose; Ophelia June; Violet Evelyn; Sophie Annalise; Zoe Janelle; Chloe Noelle; Ione Michelle

Given that you seem to head towards classic I bet some of those aren't your cup of tea but it was fun suggesting them though. :)


April 11, 2012 11:47 AM

I LIKE your boy's names.  :)  They are classic but not common.  Very well done.  I think Anna Elizabeth is the simplest name of the bunch but it is not bad and flows nicely with the boys.  No weird connections jump out at me over your choices.  Way to go!


By hyz
April 11, 2012 12:25 PM

I think both names you have planned are sweet, attractive, and truly classic.  My only quibble is that Ann@ Elizabeth might be a touch too classic for my taste.  I truly love Anna as a first name (you really don't hear it on kids much anymore, but it is wonderful), but I'd be inclined to pick something more unusual for a middle, just because I feel like there must've been about a million Ann@ Elizabeths throughout history.  That is not necessarily bad, of course, just something to consider.  I'd go with something maybe like Anna Eloise, Anna Beatrix, Anna Pearl, Anna Violet, Anna Victoria, Anna Genevieve, Anna Rosalie, Anna Charlotte...  something classic but a little different, and probably not ending in A unless the name is on the long side (like Victoria).  But as I said, this is just a quibble--if Ann@ Elizabeth is THE name for you (whether you just love it, or it has family meaning, or whatever), then I would go with it--it is truly a timeless, unassailable choice.  I don't know of any particular negative associations with either of your prospective names.    

By EVie
April 11, 2012 1:31 PM

I agree with what the others have said about Anna Elizabeth—two beautiful, timeless names, but a bit colorless together. I also find that the -a El- smushes together kind of awkwardly when you say it aloud. Elizabeth Anna works better for me. I like some of hyz's alternative suggestions, but if Anna Elizabeth is what you love above all else, then I'd say go for it.

By Guest (not verified)
April 11, 2012 3:57 PM

As an Anne Elizabeth (who goes by Elizabeth), i think i've probably met a dozen at least others with the same Anne/Ann/Anna/Ana Elizabeth/Elisabeth name. I never hated it, and i've always loved Elizabeth, but while the two together is pretty classic, it doesn't feel quite as special in my opinion. If i were you (or had been my mother), i'd stick with Elizabeth and add a slightly less common second name. Good luck!!

By Coll
April 11, 2012 4:32 PM

I agree with the feeling that Anna Elizabeth is solid and classic, but a touch bland. And I see exactly what you mean about Rebecca adding some spunk to the name, but Anna Rebecca not fitting together well. So thinking of potentially spunkier name combos that flow, I came up with:

Anna Rachel (you mentioned you didn't want two syllables for the middle, but the cadences of the names are different, which helps them flow better); Anna Rosalind, Anna Kate (in stead of Katherine), Anna Beth, Anna May, Anna Zuleika (how's that for spunk!), Anna June, Anna Rue, Anna Wren, Anna Clarissa, Anna Collete, Anna Camille, Anna Lark, Anna Louise.

April 11, 2012 7:19 PM

Carly-I like some of your other choices like Anna Rachel but I do agree that you need more of a cadence. Something like Anna Sophia even though it ends in an A is more lilting. The other thing I noticed was the J connection. If you did something like Anna Jessica, Anna Josephine, Or Anna Jennifer you would have a subtle J connection in all your childrens' names plus with those particular names there is a syllable mixture/lilt to them so those are my new suggestions.

April 12, 2012 8:06 PM

Sorry guys for not responding sooner.  I've been having some problems with my account and wasn't able to post a reply.  Seems like it may have posted for a short while, since some of you seem to have read it, but I can't see it so sorry if this is a bit of a repeat.

I have felt sort of the same way that a lot of you said about Anna Elizabeth being a bit too classic with not a lot of excitement.  I love both names on their own, but I was afraid combining them would make a lot of people think 'boring' instead of classic.  I know Anna is one of those names that people might find boring (I personally think it's gorgeous, soft, gentle and sophisticated) but I can see how others might find it a bit plain.  Even though we had sort of 'decided' on Anna Elizabeth many months ago, I have found myself still throwing out middle name suggestions to my husband every few days for Anna (while I haven't for the Nathan James combo which I'm really 100% happy with).  I haven't come across any combo I really love though.

It seems like a lot of the names we like though end in A so don't sound good with Anna.  I also think since Anna and M@rshall are both 2 syllables, we need either a 1 or 3 syllable middle name to flow well.  Otherwise you get 2-2-2 which doesn't flow that well in my opinion.

Other names we like for reference are:

Rachel, Rebecca, Leah, Claire/Clara, Katherine, Holly, Kate (but that's my sister in law's name), Sophie

I really like Rebecca and wish we could use it, but the rhymey endings turns me off.  I do think it adds a bit of spunk to the very soft Anna though.  But I think Anna Rebecca is just too much 'a' sound.

I think Anna Katherine sounds nice.  But is it any less classic/boring than Anna Elizabeth?

I'm so confused and only just over 2 weeks to go (and my first son was 2 weeks early!).

I think a lot of your suggestions above flow really nicely, I just don't love any of the names.  So I guess in the end I need to decide what is more important.  Having the name have some interest, and that I love, but don't flow the best (Anna Rebecca), have names I love and flow alright, but the combo could be considered a bit boring (Anna Elizabeth) or go with some interest and good flow, but have a middle name that I don't LOVE (Anna Caroline or Anna Victoria or many others)

By the way, Zoerhenne: You are definitely right on with the J sound we like.  I really find myself drawn to J names for the boys.  I find it sounds really strong and masculine.  But for the same reason, I typically find myself not drawn to J names for girls.  I tend to lean towards softer sounds for girl's names.

April 12, 2012 9:23 PM

If you do love Anna Elizabeth then go for it. It is a little bland but very classic so you can't go wrong.  

I think Anna Katherine is pretty much the same, bland but classic.  I do like both and don't think there is anything wrong with them.  

I know a baby Anna and her middle name is Rose. That is a nice combo and again quite classic.  How about Anna Juliet?  It has the J sound and is a little more interesting but still soft.  I also like:


Anna Rosalind

Anna Lisbeth (close to Anna Elizabeth but a bit different)

Anna Liesl

Anna Sophie

Anna June

Anna Bethany

Anna Harriet

Anna Josephine

Anna Penelope

Or would you be interested in Anneliese nn Anna?  Anneliese Elizabeth is a lovely combo. YOu could also do Annabelle Elizabeth nn Anna. Of course Anna on it's own is great but if you wanted to make it a little different there are options there.

FWIW, I have never met an Anna I didn't like :)

April 16, 2012 5:40 PM

Oh, I really like Anna Juliet and Anna Rosalind!

Though Anna Elizabeth and Anna Katherine are both lovely too.

April 13, 2012 12:19 PM

Another option that I see pop up sometimes to "spice up" the name Elizabeth is to substitute Evangeline for it (especially as a middle name). It has a similar rhythm to to, althought I personally think with Anna, Elizabeth works better. Elsbeth? Elspeth? Looks at other variations of Elizabeth?  (I like the Elisabeth spelling, myself).

April 13, 2012 4:33 PM

It's funny to me that most of the responses say that Anna Elizabeth is bland. As an Elizabeth Ann, which I do consider bland (there were FIVE of us in my high school class), I find Anna Elizabeth to be a refreshing twist on a great classic.

By mk
April 13, 2012 5:00 PM

I agree, I don't see Anna Elizabeth (or Anna Katherine) bland at all. The one thing I don't like about it is the two vowel sounds together, so Anne Elizabeth would be my personal preference. Anna Rebecca also sounds great, and sounds better than Anna Rachel to me.





By Guest (not verified)
April 19, 2012 7:03 PM

I'm another in the "not bland" category for Anna Elizabeth -- I LOVE the combination, and the use of Anna as first name, and the whole thing, really.

For anyone worried that the combo might be too common: consider the astounding variety of names in use today, and the decreasing popularity of both names. Fewer than 3 babies in a thousand were named Anna or Elizabeth last year, so I think the likelihood of her meeting another Anna Elizabeth is very low, and decreasing.

April 13, 2012 9:33 PM

Carly-What about Anna do you love or is it a family name? I read back through your posts and noted that there are a few others you listed. I might switch things up and choose Rebecca Elizabeth, Rachel Elizabeth, etc. any of the other names give a little more lilt and flow to the name. However, if Anna is meaningful or just a name you can't part with, then I think your choice is set.