Name for baby boy

We need help! We are naming our third child, a boy. Every time we decide we like a name, one of us changes our minds after a few days or weeks. Mostly it's H changing his mind...I feel like we've been over every name list and I'm just not finding any further names that click. 

Our two older children are Raphael and Evangeline.

These are some of the names we've been in agreement on but have all been vetoed:



Béla (this obviously doesn't work well for a boy in the US but we still really like it)


Names we agree on but for one reason or another hesitate about:



And finally, names I love but can't use:




H has also wanted to go with

Friedrich (nn Fritz), which is a little too heavy for me...

Any further suggestions or thoughts? We might end up going with Matteo and Walter as f and mn (unsure of order), but I'm not sure that's the right name. There were weeks where I was sure we were going to name our baby Nicolo or Nikolai and then H changed his mind. It's frustrating and now I'm having a hard time moving on.




March 7, 2015 1:57 AM

Frederick instead of Friedrich? You can still use Fritz if you like, but there's also Fred or even Rick to "lighten" it if/when needed.

I'm curious: do you have a family connection or other particular reason for liking Béla? I agree that it'd be a very difficult name to carry in an English context, but there are options if it's an honor name. One of the possible origins is as a short form of the rare Slavic name Beloslav (composed of parts possibly meaning "white" and "fame, glory"), which is only one small transposition away from the common Slavic name Boleslav ("more glory"). These still wouldn't be "easy" names in English, but perhaps a step better than Béla. Another option is Adalbert (and from there, Albert), which was associated with Béla by the neologists of the 18th-19th centuries (that is, they used Béla as a Hungarian "translation" of Adalbert, although the names bear no etymological relationship to each other). A third option is to go with a related meaning; in Hungarian, bél means "insides" (as in guts, innards), but that's not exactly a common name derivation, so something more like "heart, mind, soul" is more fruitful: Hugh or Hubert (using a Germanic element glossed as "heart, mind") or Thaddeus (possibly from an Aramaic word for "heart").

March 8, 2015 12:20 AM

I like many of the suggestions you've already gotten. If you do want a Bela honor name, another option would be an anagram: Abel, Beal, or maybe Bale.

March 7, 2015 10:15 AM

It's a shame Nikolai & Matteo are off the table, I really like both of them with Raphael & Evangeline.  I must admit that while I normally like Walter, it feels a bit too stodgy & grumpy with the sibling names.

I'll second HungarianNameGeek's suggestions of Hugh & Thaddeus.  On a similar note, I also like Hugo for you.  

I wonder if you'd like Milo?  Normally when I suggest this name, I am thinking of mie-low, but for you I think I like mee-low even better.

Titus, Felix, Benedict, Ambrose, Sebastian, Phineas (perhaps not usable since you can't use Finn), Magnus.

March 7, 2015 11:52 PM

I LOVE the suggestions of Hugo and Thaddeus for you.  

My sons are Atticus, Malakai, and Isaias.  I throw this out there because when I was playing with Name Matchmaker earlier today, Raphael was the first name on the list of names that go with those three. 


Perhaps variations of Matteo like Mattias or Mathias?  Variations of Luca such as Lucius or Lucian?


Other thoughts:

Solomon, Japheth, Ezekiel, Silas, Emil/Emilio, Milo, Caspian, Ichabod, Simeon (or Simon), Leopold, Augustus

March 9, 2015 10:03 PM

I love your suggestions! Some of them don't work in our other country (we are from different places) because they'd sound horrible pronounced in German. I think part of our problem is coming from different countries, and having very differing cultural and social associations with various beautiful names.

But I quite like Thaddeus! And Milo (Mee-low) is interesting. It reminds me of Mio, which I heard where we used to live

I've also suggested Sebastian and Solomon, but H didn't approve.

Emil is a family name and could work.

Béla stood out to us simply because we like the name very much, and because of our family connection to the Czech Republic. H's grandfather fled the country during WW2, and we have a Czech-German last name, so it seemed like a legitmate possibility for a child of ours. However, we wouldn't want to cause him that confusion (now in the US Bella's a top girl name, in 30 years it'll be a mom name). So while we really like it, we're not honoring anyone with it and aren't going to try to use it in another form. The Czech connection isn't that important.

I still love Nikolai, and it works well with our last name! H might not be hearing the end of this one!

Matteo is not off the table. It's the only one which still has H's green light. But I'm a little bit of a name snob and don't want it to become immensely popular, which it seems like Matteo COULD become. Do I like this name enough to not care if it does? I don't know. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Thanks so much for your responses! They've given me something to think about.

March 10, 2015 9:31 AM

I have trouble imagining that Mateo/Matteo will be a monster hit in the US (this might not be true in Europe). But if it does, you'll be ahead of the curve, which means you'll be a trendsetter.