Name for our incoming daughter?

It's a girl! But, we have absolutely zero names picked out. DH and I agree we want a long-ish dainty, feminine sounding name, but at the same time very powerful and warrior-like sounding, like Isabelle, Annabeth, or Helena, and a short but sweet middle name like Grace or Rose to go along with it. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!




September 10, 2016 10:14 PM

Well, I'm an Isabelle Rose, so I love this question. I also love the idea of "dainty powerful warrior names"!

The name matchmaker suggests Camille, Adelaide, Caroline, Johanna, Juliette, Annalise, Genevieve, Felicity, Natalie, Tatiana, and Madeline, among others. I also like Rosalind or Rosalie for you.

For middle names, Grace and Rose are pretty, but they are quite common middle names at this point and are starting to feel like fillers to me. I do have a soft spot for short middle names--they seem to sound good with everything.

Wren, Claire, Eve, Brooke, Tess, Kate, Ruth, Hope, Skye, Jean, Brynn, Maeve, Joy, Quinn, Rae

September 11, 2016 2:05 AM

Yay for dainty and powerful!

A few ideas: Julian(n)a, Lilian(n)a, Susanna, Arabella.

In general, I prefer middles with some significance to the parents. Are there any relatives or other people you'd like to honor with a name, or virtues or places or things that are particularly connected to you as a couple or as parents? Short and sweet is a good starting point, but finding that extra link can make the choice easy.


September 11, 2016 7:37 PM

Oh, I love this style of names! I tend to think of them as "heroine princesses" or "damsels on a quest."

I second the suggestions of Tatiana and Rosalind above, which I've always thought seemed both strong and graceful.

I'll add Titania, Renata, Rosamund, Esmeralda, Giovanna, Ginevra, Josephine, Jacqueline, Amelina, Davina, Tamsin, Elspeth, Lilias, Agatha, Althea, Acantha, Petra, Catalina, Catriona, Francesca, Alessandra, Kerensa, Charissa, Calista, Sabina, Isolde, Rhiannon, Oriana, Ondina, Annabel, Paloma, Persephone, Ophelia, Melaina, Millicent, Matilda, Malvina, Leona, Gwendolen, Corisande, Chrysanthe, Clarion, Branwen, Bridget, Marguerite, Giselle, Freya

Some of these may be a bit far afield for you, but I think they fit the "dainty and powerful, feminine warrior" description.

For middle names, I do agree that Grace and Rose, while pretty, seem to have become go-to middle names. Some other short and sweet options not yet mentioned that don't seem so much like fillers to me are Anne, May, Elle, Nell, Pearl, Gem, Brynn, Gwen, Faith, Fay, Kay, June, Jane, Belle, Lee/Leigh, Bree, Dove, Dawn, Fawn, Fern, Fleur, and Meg.

September 11, 2016 9:17 PM

It's interesting how differently names strike people. None of the names you mention seem particularly warrior-like to me. Isabelle and Helena are strong and feminine names though. Isabel in all its variations is quite popular though, while Helena is an underused classic. Annabeth has a homespun, good girl feel to me. My reaction to mashup names is usually meh. Feminine and tough is a great combination though. You might look at names from Shakespeare. Rosalind and Cordelia come to mind. Other names you could consider: Elizabeth, Katherine, Alexandra, Charlotte, Caroline, Magdalena. They're mostly classic names, not really dainty, but certainly feminine. A few others which may have the quality you're looking for: Clarissa, Sophia, Lavinia, Gabriella, Avelina, Leonora, Victoria.

September 12, 2016 5:42 PM

Might I sugest my own daughter's name: Eleanor. We chose it (among other reasons) because to us it is strong yet definitely feminine.


Other names which might meet your criteria: Naomi, Geneva, Astrid, Bethany, Claudia, Louisa, Estella, Lucy, Harriet, Penelope, Bianca, Xanthe, Evelyn, Linnea, Meredith, Thea, Michaela, Georgina, Saskia, Dominica

September 12, 2016 6:33 PM

Olympia and Athena come to mind for me as well as Esther, Ruth, Mary, Alexandra, Genevieve, and Joan.

September 18, 2016 7:28 PM

I also love this stlye of name, and one of my all-time favorites in this field is Alessandra. I love the name because it flows well, and has many nickname possiblilites. The meaning is also great, as Alessandra means Defender of Mankind. 

Besides Alessandra, I also love Athena, Hazel, Elva, Stella, and Evelynn for this type of name. 

As far as middle names go, here are some options: Julia, Lucy, Ruby, Lilly, Ivy, Pearl, Eliza, Luna, and Opal. However, I agree with HungarianNameGeek that a middle name really should be the slot where you honor someone or something important to you. 

October 2, 2016 11:02 PM

Some good first bames would be Allegra, Armina, Evelina, Emmalina, Ludkhannah, Lotte, Lovis, Loyce, and Chriselda. Some middle name suggestions would be Adette, Ada, Belle, Mina, Amara, Eve, Hana, Phoebe, Kate/Cate, and Blossom. 


October 3, 2016 12:18 AM

Where on Earth did you come up with Ludkhannah, Lovis, and Loyce?

The only feminine name in Lud- that I can think of is Ludmila. Is Ludkhannah some sort of newfangled mashup (of what??), or a typo or editing error (you started writing one thing and finished with another)?

The Ludwig/Louis family of names has feminine forms Lovisa/Lovise and Lojze in various languages, but I've never seen Lovis or Loyce -- are you sure the latter isn't a typo for Joyce?

October 3, 2016 12:45 AM

Loyce is a name which saw occasional use in the early twentieth century.  I don't know anything about the history/source of the name, but I do know that in some quarters Lois was/is pronounced like Loyce rather than with two syllables (loh-iss).

October 3, 2016 9:39 AM

Lovise that you mention, HNG, never even shows up in the SSA data, but Lovis appears regularly (more often on the male side, it is true, but it does appear to be a name). I am pretty sure it's in the Ludwig/Louis name family, along with Clovis.

Loyce has longstanding popularity. My guess is that it's an alternate spelling of Lois designed to clarify the desired one-syllable pronunciation, by virtue of similarity to Joyce.

Besides Ludovika and Ludwika, Ludie/Ludy, Luddie, Luda, Ludia, Ludella, Ludell(e), Ludwina and Ludeen/ene/ean/ine all have seen more use than Ludmil(l)a... though Ludora is kind of my favorite, along with Ludivina. 

October 3, 2016 8:07 PM

Ludkhannah does seem to be a name too, if rare. Based on a quick Google and Facebook search, most of the people with the name seem to be German.

October 3, 2016 4:18 PM

I love your choices. Helena Rose or Helena Grace is wonderful.


But if you want some other choices:

Marina, Mariana, Caroline, Lucia, Adelaide, Juliette, Madeleine, Juliana, Anastasia, Victoria, Tatiana, Eleanore/Eleanora, Cecilia, Margaret, Marguerite, Mathilda, Beatrice, Charlotte, Dorothea, Theodora, Xenia, Alexandra, Catherine, Francesca, Bridget, Bernadette, Cordelia, Josephina/Josefina, Seraphima, Antonia, Antonina, Gabriella, Genevieve, Georgiana, Estelle, Valentina, Giovanna, Eloise


Some more middle names to consider:

Lydia, Amelia, Lillian, Lucy, Clara, Nina, Ava/Eva/Eve, Nora, Alice, Helen, Maeve, Elena, Iryna/Irene, Elise/Elyse, Ruth

Lily, Ivy, Olive/Olivia, Iris, Poppy, Laurel

Ruby, Violet, Pearl, Opal, Jewel, Scarlett, Hazel, Jade

Patience, Felicity, Mercy, Faith, Hope, Nadia (a translation of Hope), Charity, Honor, Joy