Name Phases in Character Naming

Lately, I've been noticing a few trends in my character naming:

1) It seems like I'm leaning towards names that start with "El-" for female characters 

2) I had previously taken a liking to chosing boys names ending in "-n" for male characters

3) I previously prefered having formal names as full-names, but never nicknames as full-names [on characters]

4) I now prefer nicknames as full names to formal names [on characters]

5) I have for a while chose/prefered boyish girls names [on characters]

6) I am now obsessed with character-name meaning

Do any other writers notice character-naming tendencies in themselves?


July 13, 2013 4:57 PM

 I love names that start with 'A' and 'M'. I'm always struggling to not give my characters too-similar sounding names.

  And I always try to make sure that my character's name has a few different nicknames. Penelope James, for example, might be called Penny by her dad, Nelly by her friends, and PJ by her little brother. That sort of versatility really speaks to me, maybe because my name has no nn!