Names in Disney's "Descendants"

Friday saw the premiere of Disney's "Descendants," using a movie to introduce the set-up for a new series ripping off Ever After High. Meaning, it's about the children of your favorite fairy-tale characters, heroes and villains. Disney went with names that try to help you remember whose kid the character is (mostly by sharing an initial) familiar names. Chad is the son of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Audrey is Aurora (and Phillip's) daughter. Lonnie is Mulan's daughter. Ben is Belle and the Beast's son and our BMOC, which in this context means he's been elected King of the joined kingdoms of all the fairy tales, Auradon. On the villainous side, Maleficent's daughter is simply Mal, Jafar's son is Jay, Evie is the daughter of Snow White's Evil Queen, and Carlos is the son of Cruella de Vil.  I wish they had been a bit more daring/stylish. Like, maybe we'll find Ben is short for Benedict rather than Benjamin. Audrey could have been Aurelia. Chad could have been Chase or Channing. And I think I ould have liked anything more than just "bad" being Mal's name. Like, I don't know, Malissa? Mallory still feels "Family Ties" and 80s to me, instead of potentially literary.

Contrast with Ever After High's more colorful choices like Ashlyn for Cinderella's daughter, Madeline for the Mad Hatter's daughter, Alistair for Alice in Wonderland's son, Cerise as Red Riding Hood's daughter. Also they stay canonical and give Rapunzel twin girls, Holly and Poppy, botanical like the possible origins of their mother's name. EAH also give a nod to Gwyneth and Chris Martin by naming Snow White's daughter Apple. ;-)

Can you guys come up with better names for Disney's characters? I thought Doug was fine for Dopey's son (Who's the mother?!), because he's the nice, dorky band geek. (Don't look to Disney stories set in high schools for anything but cliches.) Lonnie could be...? What would Tiana and Naveen's children be named? Ariel and Eric's kids (although they did have a daughter Melody in their video sequel)? Pocohontas? Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel? Tarzan could have Greystoke for a son? ;-)

BTW, some ethnicities have been tinkered with. Audrey's grandmother (Aurora's mother) is black and Audrey appears to be black-white mixed race. Cruella is black, Carlos is ambiguous. And Robin Hood appears to live in Sherwood, a neighboring land. So I wonder if they'll reference other places like "Once Upon a Time," where King Arthur et al live next door to the Enchanted Forest of its main characters and Neverland and Wonderland also exist.


August 4, 2015 11:11 AM

Mulan means "magnolia", so maybe a flower name for her kid as well.

August 4, 2015 11:44 AM

1) I did not know that!

2) Lovely idea! 

By Fly
August 5, 2015 1:44 AM

I think I'd like it better if the names were less top 100 and more Disney-esque. And the characters should have pets that fit with the other Disney movies outside of the princess universe.. Aristocats, Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp. Even Ever After High's name choices aren't that interesting... although I can see they have some merit, I feel like they didn't put a whole lot of effort in :/ haha like "Mad Hatters kid, whats a name that starts with Mad-.... Umm, Madeline? That'll do! Next!!"

Red Riding Hood's daughter should've been Scarlet.

Do they have a child of Aladdin and Jasmin?

August 6, 2015 10:13 PM

I was glad that both OUAT and Descendants avoided Scarlett. I feel it's a bit on the nose. OUAT went with Ruby, BTW.

I agree about Madeleine in terms of where it came from, but I still feel the name stnading alone is more stylish than some of the Descendant choices. I really feel Audrey is a step down in fairy-tale quality from Aurora, for example.

No Aladdin & Jasmine spawn yet.

By Fly
August 6, 2015 10:25 PM

I'm not a fan of Scarlet either (to me it's Red Woman) but given how obvious some of the other choices are, it would've fit right in.

By mk
August 5, 2015 12:06 PM

Ever After High are pretty bad. Apple White? Kitty Cheshire? Ginger Breadhouse? Hunter Huntsman? Though I probably would have thought them clever as a kid.

Ben should have been Beau, or if they went with a daughter instead, Jolie.


By Fly
August 6, 2015 8:42 AM

The thing I love about a lot of family movies is that they have something for the adults too. For example, in Happy Feet his mother is Norma Jean with a beauty spot, and his dad is Memphis, both of whom share many other resemblances with Monroe and Presley. Those names are terrible. :/

August 6, 2015 10:10 PM

Yeah, I purposely left out the EAH stinkers. But I like Apple. I always agreed with Gwyneth--a celebrity for whom I have no love--that Apple is no bigger a deal than Cherry or all the flower names.

Beau is perfection.

By mk
August 7, 2015 4:47 PM

Oh, I have no problem with Apple as a name in general. But Snow White having a daughter named after the fruit that she was poisoned with? It seems lazy or just odd. Something like Lily, Winter, or Ivory would work.