I would like to use the name Nancy, after my late grandma, for my daughter. The best name I could come up with is Nancy Jane. Any other suggestions?


October 31, 2019 4:06 PM

Is there anything in particular you're looking for in a middle name? Often we can give you better suggestions if you can tell us more about what you like and don't like, whether there's anything you'd like to reference in the name (like another family member you'd like to honor, or a favorite hobby or vacation spot or author etc.), if the name's origins matter to you, etc.

Just based purely on sound and style, I'd probably look for a name with a little bit more contrast with the first name. You kind of have that here in terms of rhymes: There's Fancy Nancy of picture book fame, and the cliché of "plain Jane". But I think both names are a little bit old-fashioned and un-frilly, so maybe something more contemporary and/or more elaborate in the middle name slot--something like Nancy Sage or Nancy Genevieve, for different types of contrast.

October 31, 2019 5:57 PM

Yes, lots of suggestions under the first thread you posted about this....  Perhaps you should go back and respond to people's input there before asking for exactly the same advice again.  We could be more helpful if we knew your reactions to those posts.

October 31, 2019 6:04 PM

eg Nancy Allyse, Nancy Caroline, Nancy Annalise, Nancy Angelique,  Nancy Anastasia, Nancy Beatrix, Nancy Catherine, Nancy Evelyn, Nancy Isabel, Nancy Genevieve, Nancy Lillian, Nancy Lucinda, Nancy Elizabeth, Nancy Josephine Nancy Gwendolyn, Nancy Nicole, Nancy Natalia, Nancy Sophia, Nancy Penelope, Nancy Cassandra, Nancy Matilda, Nancy Vivienne, Nancy Rebekah, Nancy Olivia, Nancy Bridget, Nancy Charlotte, Nancy Emily, Nancy Celest, Nancy Erin, Nancy Lauren, Nancy Kathleen, Nancy Juliet, Nancy Leticia, Nancy Victoria, Nancy Magdalena, Nancy Felicity, Nancy Beatrice, Nancy Annabel, Nancy Grace, Nancy Rose, Nancy Maeve, Nancy Anne


If you want Nancy as a middle name - here are some first names to go with it

Charlotte Catherine Bridget Celeste Jacqueline Abigail Annabel Cassandra Vanessa Anastasia Caroline Catherine Elizabeth Gabrielle  Genevieve Juliet Eliza Elizabeth Felicity Evelyn Leticia Lucinda Olivia Sophia Victoria Magdalena Angelique Beatrix Beatrice Isabel Jessica Johanna Susanna Josephine Sophia Vivienne Annalise Matilda Rebekah Olivia Bridget Emily Charlotte Magdalena Alice Ruth



October 31, 2019 8:11 PM

Nancy is a very cute name! I really like Nancy Jane but some alternatives are:

Nancy Bliss

Nancy Caroline

Nancy Nicole

Nancy Ryann

Nancy Julia

Nancy Kellsie

Nancy Elise