Need a few fresh ideas for Girl names

Expecting #2 in about 7 months, so we have lots of time and still working a girls and boys list, doing better with boys names atm though. Just starting to feel some girls name exhaustion. The suggestions from the algorithms always seem way off for me and I will admit to being pretty unpredictable in my naming likes and dislikes.

DD is Georgette (Georgie) and I would want another daughter to similarly have a formal (prob longish) first name with a variety of nn options. I also would not want to repeat the -ie sound with a full or a nickname (its not a hard rule but a strong preference- I know that eliminates a lot though).

I have loved Talullah for so long, but DH *hates* it- won't budge.

Only girl name we are both feeling ok/good about is Louisa- but I would want nn Lilou and he is not sold. I like that it has nn options of Lilou, Lulu, and Lula.

I think Geneva is one we both like (I *love* the possibility of nn Eva!) But that makes the initial G a "thing" and I don't feel great about that. I actually wish that one had come up last time- we might have gone with that- especially now that I know that its a family name that I almost was given. 

He likes Alexandra (a strong no for me) and Genevieve (I don't hate it, though it is very "poodle" to me, and again with the G thing, and nn issues, and that would also solidify a french theme), oh and Coraline (I like Coraline ok, but not Cora).

I have been so impressed with the name knowledge on this site- I am wondering if this is enough for you guys to maybe give me a few suggestions to help inspire me :) Thanks!


February 23, 2018 8:02 PM

I think Louisa is nice and nn options you could both have your own nn - no problems

I understand about the other to G names - I wouldnt either

Coraline is pretty or Coralie,  shame you dont like Cora,  maybe Lena

what about Alexandrea, Alexis, Alexa

Julianne, Julianna, Angelique, Annabel, Cassandra, Caroline, Annalise, Lucinda, Josephine, Lillian, Vanessa, Veronika, Matilda, Miranda, Vivienne, Suzanne, Susannah, Eloise, Leticia, Chantal, Natalia, Natalie, Katelyn, Anthea, Lucille, Imogen, Lizanne, Evelyn, Evangelina, Evalina

By EVie
February 25, 2018 1:07 PM

I really think it's a shame to reject Geneva because it happens to start with the same letter as Georgette. It really sounds to me like that's the one, and going with anything else is just asking for namer's remorse (especially given that you are already kind of wishing you used it the first time). Two names that start with the same letter is a coincidence, not a pattern. *Especially* since you're considering using Eva as a nickname, which doesn't start with G, this is a complete non-issue -- your kids will be Georgie and Eva in day-to-day life, not Georgette and Geneva, you can label things G and E, etc. And if it means anything to have a personal anecdote to back this up, my sister and I share our initials (all three, actually), but go by nicknames that start with different letters, and it has never been an issue logistically or psychologically -- in fact, it's kind of nice to have that connection. (Ok, one time her name showed up on my credit report, but her birthday also happens to be the day before mine with a year only one digit off, plus all three initials being the same... and it was relatively easy to sort out with the credit reporting company). What's the worst that will happen -- some acquaintance will judge your matching initals as being cutesy and you won't get a chance to explain it wasn't on purpose? 

I wouldn't do more than two with the same initial, because then it begins to seem intentional, but I wouldn't have a problem using a name with the same initial as my son's for a second kid if that was the name I loved most.

By mk
February 26, 2018 1:29 PM

Two kids with the same first initial is not a big deal. I know plenty of families with 2-3 kids that share initials and never saw it as anything other than a coincidence. When it starts to be 4+ then yes, it seems more like on purpose.

February 26, 2018 3:25 PM

I think everything you wrote about Geneva (why you like it, etc) says a lot more about the nann than the fact that it happens to start with the same initial as your eldest's name. I tend to think that two kiddos with matching initials is a coincidence, but three + states a pattern.

You like Louisa, which I think sounds great with your daughter's name. I'll suggest Luella as well as Lucinda.

Best of luck!

February 26, 2018 8:11 PM

I completely agree with everyone who said that using a G name again doesn't have to make the G initial a "thing" and it's much better to use the name that you love than regret not using it. 

I also agree that if you both like Louisa and your husband is not sold on the nickname Lilou then just use different nicknames, there is absolutely no reason that you can't call her Lilou and he calls her Lula.

As for suggestions how about: Clementine, Matilda, Josephine, Eleanor, Florence, Willow, Isadora, Beatrice, Antonia; those are all names that seem to me like they match with your daughter's name and at least one of the names you mentioned and I can think of multiple nicknames for (at least one of which for each doesn't end with the 'ee' sound).

I was also trying to think of another name that would give you the possibility of Eva as a nickname (aside from all the obvious Ev- names which I'm sure you've already thought of), the best I could come up with that seems like it might match your style is Yvette. 

February 27, 2018 11:40 PM

Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement!

Embarassingly, I found out tonight that I misunderstood DH about Geneva- he actually is not fond of it (which actually means that it would not have been the pick if it had come up last time). Its good closure anyway. Onward and upward in the name search! Hopefully I will be able to get a backup option in addition to Louisa. (Not to mention we may not need a girls name at all).

March 14, 2018 1:09 AM

Since you like Louisa:








Tallulah made me think of Tabitha.

Coraline made me think of Caroline.


You could get Eva from Evangeline. Or maybe Yvonne?


Other ideas:

Francesca (Franny, Frankie, Frenchy)


Lorelai (Lola)

Claudia (Claud)

Alessia (Ali)

Amalia (Lia)

Amelie (Mel, Mellie)

Victoria (Tori, Vicky)

Pauline/Paulina (Lina)

Felicity (Lissie)

Lydia (Lyddie)

Ramona (Mona, Mo)

Simone/Simona (Mona, Mo)

Clementine (Clem)

Eliza (Liza)

Sabrina (Bri, Rina)


Cecilia (Celia, Cece, Lia, Cia)

Adele (Addie)

Matilda (Mattie, Tillie, Tilda)

Marceline (Marcy, Celine, Lina)

Regina (Gina, Reggie)

Valerie (Val)

Lillian (Lily)

Roxanne (Roxy)

September 24, 2018 3:53 PM




















March 27, 2019 12:17 AM

You've got some good names on this list, but I don't think Stormi/Stormy or Geisha(!) are usable at all.