Need help narrowing down the list

I thought maybe I just hadn't found the right name, but after looking at my name list I am thinking I have some great choices and just need to narrow it down.  Siblings are A!den, Lib3rty, Giann@, Mar1ssa, and Audr3y.  Baby boy will be Colby George.  (We are not finding out the sex)  Middle name options are Margaret, Virginia and Elizabeth, all family names.


Violet- just a name I like, I like the flower connection and the v sound

Georgia- family connection, my favorite in many ways, draw back is a repeated initial with older sister

Calla- flower and family connection, draw back is it seems short and abrupt to me

Diana- family and Anne of Green Gables connection, draw back is it feels a little dated

Lucia- just a name I like, I haven't used it because of a repeat initial

Tessa- just a name I like, I didn't use previously because of the double s (Liberty would have looked out of place)

Susanna- family connection, not really in love with it especially the nn Suzy

Clara- I can't decided if I love it or not, it's my way of getting to Claire which I like but think is too popular in my area

Juliet- it is really growing on me, I don't like the name Julie(too common), but love the nn Etta

Daphne- it keeps going on and off the list, I can't get around the daffy Daphne thought, I like the "f" sound


By mk
August 30, 2014 8:36 PM

I'd drop Susanna since you don't love it and Diana since you don't sound excited about it and you are already using a family name for the middle name. Maybe drop Clara and Daphne since you sound unsure and you have plenty of other good options?

Left: Violet, Georgia, Calla, Lucia, Tessa, Juliet

With the middle names, I think Juliet is the one that sounds best with Virginia. Violet and Juliet sound best with Elizabeth, and the -a names best with Margaret.

August 31, 2014 10:09 PM

Thank you, mk.  Your way of dividing up the names was so much less emotioal than when I try to work through them.  I love Violet Elizabeth and Georgia Margaret.  Calla Margaret doesn't work for me because all I hear is calamary and I think yucky fish:)  Calla Virginia was my favorite combo.

By mk
September 2, 2014 1:04 AM

Calla Virginia does sound nice!

September 1, 2014 12:35 AM

If Calla feels too short, what about Calliope with Calla as a nn option? Other names from your list that I like - Violet, Georgia, Lucia, Tessa. I agree with a previous poster that it may be time to cut some from the list that you don't love, like Diana, Susanna and Daphne.

You do have some great choices here. Have you tried the technique that BNW recommends of upvoting names you like more, rather than finding fault with names you don't? These are all good names, which ones are outstanding for your family?

September 13, 2014 5:46 PM

Other names Calla could be a nickname for:

Calanthe, Calista. Calpurnia (secret name crush on this one), Caledonia 


September 13, 2014 6:04 PM

Ok, so looking in as an outsider, I would:

a: remove names you don't love: Susanna, Daphne, and Diana.

b: remove repeat initials: Georgia, Lucia


Now you are down to: Violet, Calla, Tessa, Clara, and Juliet.

For the 4 you have hesitations because of the actual names, have you looked at similar names (like the Julie-->Juliet)?

Calla: see list in comment above

Tessa: Originally a nn for Teresa/Terese. Could also be short for Contessa or Tesla.

Clara: Clarinda, Clarisse, Clarabelle, or Clarewynn

Juliet: Julietta, Julianna. Conversely, since you like the nn Etta, what about: Bernadette, Colette, Elsbet/Elizabet/Elsabetta/etc., Violet (oh wait, that's on your list--double duty?), Josette, Nicolette, Odette, Rosetta, Scarlet/Scarlette, or Suzette (sort combine Susanna with ette to get Etta nn). 

You already have a boy A and a girl A, so I went with the assumption that you're okay with a boy C and a girl C if you have another. :-)


Personally, I'm loving the idea of Violet nn Etta for you. I'd likely pair it with Elizabeth. Too rhymey with Margaret and same letter as Virginia. I'm tempted by Violet Georgia though...