Need help with character names

I am writing a Jem (80's cartoon) fan-fiction that's set in WWII Yugoslavia.  Kimber and Sean are on their honeymoon in Europe and are in Zagreb, Croatia when the Nazis invade Yugoslavia.  They and their new friend Giselle discover two children, boy/girl twins about 4-5 years old whose parents were arrested by the Nazis and they take them into hiding (The boy has brown hair and the girl has sandy blond hair and a few small freckles on her nose, and both have brown eyes).  They later take in more children and some adults, including a 50-something doctor (gray hair, blue eyes.  Wears glasses) whose practice was taken away.  Kimber and Sean eventually have a child of their own.  Not sure of the gender yet.

What would be good names for Kimber and Sean's child?  He/she is born with light red hair which turns dark reddish brown as the baby gets older and he/she has blue eyes.  I'd like something that's appropriate for the time period.  If it's a boy, the middle name will be Emmett after Kimber's late father.  Their last name is Harrison.

Can you suggest some names for the people that they rescue too?  Boys' and girls' names, please!  I was thinking Chana/Channah/Hannah or Aviva for the little girl and Zev or Solomon for her brother, but I'm not completely sure about them.  

They don't all have to be Jewish names.  Croatian names are fine too, or a combination of both.


August 2, 2016 1:27 AM

If you want period apppropriate names, first of all, no one was named Kimber in WWII.

The Jews of the Balkans, including the former Yugoslavia, were Sephardim.  If you want appropriate, then Aviva and Zev are not appropriate for that time and culture.  Here is an article which outlines Sepharidc naming practices which may give you some ideas.

August 3, 2016 8:24 PM

Actually, Kimber is a character in the fandom I'm writing for (Jem).  I didn't name her.  lol  But yeah, Kimber would have been a really odd name during WWII.

Thanks for pointing out that Aviva and Zev weren't appropriate for the culture and time period, and thanks for the link.  :)

August 2, 2016 10:21 AM

This thread - Laney's post (so detailed, so enthusiastic, so sincere) and Miriam's response (so deadpan, so educational) - may be my favorite ever.

August 3, 2016 8:27 PM

lol Thanks! :P