Need name for female antagonist

I originally was going to use Elizabeth but I'm having second thoughts. Has anyone got any other thoughts? I wanted something that has lots of nicknames to it, just like Elizabeth does. In my story, she gets easily annoyed when people don't use her full name, so ideally I'd like a name with many nicknames to it. 

The main character of my story is called Molly. Her mother's name is Kathleen and her friends are Remi and Drew. Drew (rn Andrew) is also Elizabeth's twin brother (if that information helps anyone at all!)


October 24, 2017 3:08 PM

With the current name being Elizabeth and her twin's name being Andrew makes it seem like you're looking for a more traditional name. And a longer one, since it needs lots of nicknames. :P

Some suggestions:

  • Margaret (Maggie, May, Marge, Greta, Mara, Mags, etc.)
  • Eleanor (Nora, Ella, Len, Nell)
  • Abigail (Abby, Bee, Gail)
  • C/Katherine (Kat, Kate, Cathy, Rinnie, Wren)
  • Alexandra (Sandra, Xandra, Alex, Lex, Lexie)

Hope it helps!