Need Name For Main Character!!

I have been trying to start this story for a while but I simply can not decide on a name! 

She is a 14 girl with slightly tanned skin, blue eyes and brown hair which she dyes blonde for a part of the story (or at least I'm planning to haver her do). My inspiration for her looks comes from the French model Thylane Blondeau. She is a dancer, actress, singer and model from Australia, on her mothers side she is French and on her fathers she is Irish. Her last name is Connolly. Her father is a music producer and her mother was a singer/ dancer/ actress. I also know that I want her to have a long-ish first name that can be shortened, and three middle names (two of which are hyphenated). I originally had her name as Stephanie Lisa-May Lee Connolly, Stevie for short (like Stevie Nicks). Some ideas I've had are:

i like the middle name Léna-Rose For one of them, and I still like Lisa-May, but I feel like I need something a little but grander, or more graceful sounding?

thanks for the help! xxx


August 17, 2015 8:15 PM

Some "long-ish" :) names that can be shortened with a level of class around Stephanie:

Elizabeth- Millions, but in my head, Lizzie or Elize/a

Francesca-Again, millions... Chessie, Frankie

Marjorie-Marjie/Margie, Jorie

Eleanor- Lennie, Ellie, Nory

Seraphina- Sera/Sara, Phina, Raffie, 

Margaret- Margie, Meg(gie- a friend of mine), Mags

C/Katherine- C/Kate, Terry?, Kat, C/Katie

Victoria- Tori, Vicky/Vickie, Vix?

Rebecca- Becca, Bex, Ruby?, Becky

How about something a little off-beat (in my taste, they may not be "off" for you) for one middle name (non-hyphenated), seeing as both of her parents have some part of the spotlight being shown on them? 


Aria, Ray, Trista, Camry, Tamarind, Lynn, Carissa, Bellissima, Rhiannon, Maple, Lisette, Aubrianne, Aurielle, Fallon

For hyphenated names that may work in the middle spot (with the weight you miss from Lisa-May)


Mae-Rosette, Louise-Marie(spin-off of Lisa-May?), Emily-Kate, Destiny-Marie, Sparrow-Jane, Calla-May

Out of these, the one I think works with the time, (if this is set in present-day), her appearance, and ancestry is Elizabeth Mae-Rosette Auriella Connolly, nn Lizzie

Hope this helps! :)


August 18, 2015 6:36 PM

Heres some ideas:

Arabella (Bella), Ariadne (Ari), Eleonora (Elle), Evangeline (Eve), Penelope, Juliet (Juie, Jewls), Guinevere (Ginny), Violetta (Vi), Susanna (Suzy), Helena, Hermia (Mia), Gabriella (Gabby), Sienna,

i love the middle name Lena-Rose, gorgeous!

Hope this helps! (: