New Middle Name

Good morning all,

I have a kind of weird one so please bear with me. For many years I have debated changing my name just getting rid of the entire thing. It's nothing against the name in general nor is it a form of rebellion. I have come to like my first name but I despise my middle name with a passion. I was given the same middle name as my grandmother who openly hates me and has no problem showing it and sharing what a horrible person I am, with anybody who will listen...including people outside the family. This has escalated to the point that my father has had to speak to her privately about not making her feelings so obvious and calling me names at family functions. My parents have both stated that hindsight is 20/20, had they known how she would end up treating me they would NEVER have named me after her. 
With that out there I was looking for ideas as to what one would pair with the first name Megan
Do you have any names that you love that would work well after Megan
I love traditional names as well as unusual names including unisex or even male names. 
I just have always liked seeing how male names change on females (I.e. Blake Lively). 
I would love your thoughts and ideas. Thank you so much. 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan L.


October 2, 2014 3:41 PM

Sorry your grandmother is acting that way!  Have you thought about picking a name that honors someone else in your life?  Another family member or someone who has influenced you?  I think if I was choosing a new middle name I would want to go that route or choose a name that meaningful to me in another way - the meaning, namesake, etc. Some female actors have strong male names - maybe see if you like any of those - Drew, Glenn, Cameron, etc.

Here are a few suggestions that I think sound nice:

Megan Calista (beautiful)

Megan Celeste (heavenly)

Megan Lydia 

Megan Madeleine (I kind of like the alliteration)


October 2, 2014 4:25 PM

well, fortunately, Megan is a name that goes well with lots of other names.  I'd personally say away from other two-syllable names, because those don't seem to flow well to me, but one or three syllable names are great. 

In your place, I might look at my family tree for surnames -- can you find a surname that you like, that belongs to someone you like?  My parents did this with myself & most of my sibs, and I did it with my son -- middle names that would have otherwise died out as holders of the surnames married or passed away without kids.  A nice side effect in the age of the internet is that it makes it easier for us to find unique usernames -- our middle names are unusual enough to let us use them to mark out spaces. 

October 3, 2014 5:53 AM

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have thought of using my grandfather's name (her ex-husband) but I don't want to start world war III. 

I like....

Léa (Lay-uh) which is more or less the same name only spelled and pronounced differently (to be honest if I'm not around my family I do in fact use that pronunciation so I can distance it.Though when asked WHERE it came from I have to be honest....somewhere in history SOMEBODY didn't check their Bible before naming their child after Jacob's true love in Genesis 29. *Spoiler alert* they got the wrong sister Jacob loved Rachel.)

James- my grandfather's middle name. He was the greatest man I've ever known and both my siblings have this name. He was a hard working man but a teddy bear to the family (outside of work). Being his first and only granddaughter he reminded me of Mickey in Rocky because no matter how gruff he was to anybody he was the first person to say "...get up...'cause Mickey (Jim in his case) loves ya...."

Tennyson- I like this even hyphenated with James. I think I would possibly spell it differently....?


I would love suggestions and thoughts.

October 3, 2014 6:33 AM

Sorry to hear about this situation. :( I'm also sad about your negative association with the name Leah because that's my name. I've always loved my name. But if I was in the same situation as you, I'm sure I would develop a grudge towards my name. 

Ok so... What about Rachel? You may think I'm funny but I think it's an acknowledgment of your current middle name and it sounds pretty with Megan. Here's some more suggestions:

Megan Claire

Megan Elissa

Megan Love

Megan Celeste

Megan Larissa

Megan Olivia

Ok going to suggest some generally male names

Megan Alec  

Megan Emerson

Megan Jude 

Megan Louis

Magan Blake

Megan Dakota

Megan Lawrence

Megan Oliver

Since I don't know your last name I'm just blindly suggesting. They may sound awful with your lastname. 

My favorites are Love, Elissa, Olivia, Alec and Jude

October 3, 2014 9:09 AM

I love the rhythm of "Megan James", and it gives you a nice connection with your sibs, as well.

Re: using your grandfather's name (I assume the other grandfather?) starting know, your grandmother already kind of started that.  I mean, you didn't make it awkward.

October 3, 2014 12:49 PM

Megan James sounds really nice to me; it's full of personality.  I agree w/the previous poster that you shouldn't worry about WWIII bc it sounds like Grandma already took care of that.