Ok Hubby and I talked and now we are down to 10 girl names and 9 boys what do you think our top 5 should be out of each? Thanks!

We want something that is creative and unique but nothing that sounds silly or made up if you know what I mean.

A)Arden Calliope

B)Calliope Arden

C)Arden Penelope

D)Lucy Evangeline

E)Ivy Evangeline

F)Felicity Arden

G)Phoebe Eleanor

H)Vivienne Amity

I)Penelope Arden

J)Vivienne Penelope


A) Graham Hudson

B) Hudson Graham

C) Miles Hudson

D) Miles Lennon

E) Lennon Miles

F) Kieran Graham

G) Kieran Miles

H) Kieran Henry

I) Miles Henry



November 30, 2012 8:38 PM

Girls top 5 (in order)

Lucy Evangeline tied with Phoebe Eleanor

Vivienne Penelope

tied for last, Vivienne Amity & Felicity Arden.  Getting rid of Amity & pairing Felicity with something else would probably make these rank higher.  With that thought, I will offer Felicity Vivienne.

I first eliminated all the Arden as first name combinations because Arden isn't a favorite.  It's kind of meh/borderline too harsh.   I'll also add that I'm sad to see Penelope Scarlett didn't make the cut.  


Boys top 5 (in order)

Miles Henry  (by far my favorite)

Graham Hudson   (pairing Graham with something other than Hudson could bump it to 1st or at least tied with Miles Henry.  I am just not a huge fan of Hudson for some reason).

Kieran Henry

Kieran Miles (though I would prefer Miles Kieran)

Miles Lennon




November 30, 2012 8:48 PM

Thank you for your answers :) I love the name Penelope so much but it's popularity and that of Lucy's is making me rethink them both, I have a popular name (samantha) and I hate it lol. I have a hard time thinking of something to pair with graham while using Graham as the first name.


My other children are

Isabella Julianne

Sawyer Everett

Holden Elliott


November 30, 2012 11:41 PM

While I am a huge fan of Arden, I am not sure it pairs well with the the very feminine quality of Isabella Julianne.(Julianna? Sorry I looked too quickly).

I am not a fan of Calliope. There is something about it that feels flighty to me. Maybe because it sounds close to calamity? lol I'm not sure, but I don't think I'd want a Calliope heading up my company. I'm sure that's very unfair of me, but there you have it.

I was all set to choose Phoebe, because I think it's the perfect combination of trendy but not too popular, sweet but grown up enough etc.....But, I just don't feel Phoebe with your other children's names. The others all sound as if they've just finished a river bank picnic , whereas little Phoebe is bounding up the steps of the New York City library. I have an overly vivid imagination with my naming.....

Purely on sound, and if this was My baby, I'd pick Lucy Evangeline in a heartbeat. I think it's a beautiful combination and perfect with her siblings. I wonder a bit how well it ages, but not so much that I wouldn't use it. As I mentioned before, it feels to me like it's getting popular, but I haven't actually checked. And, then, popular names these days aren't as popular as they used to be.

If it is a concern, the others are also all lovely and fit well with your brood. I can't decide if my second choice is Penelope (again the popularity worry, but I only know of one irl. Plus, the Kardashian. Sigh). or Felicity.

For the boys, I think Miles is a bit, "Wimpy," next to the sturdy, sportiness of his brothers' names. Hudson I think is much too close to Holden, and Lennon and Kieran seem very different in style to me.

Happily, that leaves Graham, which I think is perfect-Isabella, Sawyer, Holden, and Graham. Lovely




By hyz
December 2, 2012 10:01 AM

My favorites are starred below:

A)Arden Calliope -- fine, but prefer choice C below

B)Calliope Arden -- Calliope is too much for my tastes, esp. in the FN spot

* C)Arden Penelope -- Arden is growing on me, but I still find it just a bit bumpy to say 

** D)Lucy Evangeline -- really lovely, one of my favorites

** E)Ivy Evangeline -- really lovely, and not too much V for me--I think it flows nicely

F)Felicity Arden -- I just don't care for Felicity--otherwise it sounds nice in terms of flow

* G)Phoebe Eleanor -- this name has a great vintage feel to me for some reason, 

H)Vivienne Amity -- Vivienne is a little too frilly for me

* I)Penelope Arden -- a cute, spunky sounding combination

J)Vivienne Penelope -- see H



** A) Graham Hudson -- two of my favorite names, and I like them in either order, although putting Graham first has a more classic feel, so that's the way I'd go, personally

* B) Hudson Graham -- see above

* C) Miles Hudson -- nice, although nothing beats Graham Hudson for me.

D) Miles Lennon -- fine, but I like Hudson better than Lennon

E) Lennon Miles

F) Kieran Graham -- fine, and I like Kieran, but I do worry that a lot of people might not know any better and assume it's a feminine name (which is ok with me, but I wasn't sure my son would feel the same way, so the name got demoted a bit for me)

G) Kieran Miles -- see F

H) Kieran Henry -- See F

* I) Miles Henry -- Great name, but I still love Graham Hudson best

By 308
December 6, 2012 4:13 PM

Okay so in order -


Top 5 girls names:

1. Ivy Evangeline

2. Pheobe Eleanor

3. Felicity Arden

4. Penelope Arden

5. Lucy Evangeline


Top 5 boys names:

1. Miles Henry

2. Miles Hudson

3. Graham Hudson

4. Miles Lennon

5. Kieran Henry

December 18, 2012 4:02 PM

E)Ivy Evangeline

F)Felicity Arden

H)Vivienne Amity

I)Penelope Arden

J)Vivienne Penelope


B) Hudson Graham

C) Miles Hudson

G) Kieran Miles

H) Kieran Henry

I) Miles Henry

December 23, 2012 1:02 AM

1.) Felicity Arden

2.) Ivy Evangeline

3.) Vivienne Amity

4.) Vivienne Penelope

5.) Lucy Evangeline


1.)Miles Hudson

2.) Miles Lennon

3.) Miles Henry

4.) Hudson Graham

5.) Graham Hudson