On teachers and pronouncing names

I thought this article was really touching, especially in light of the Name Lady letter this week about

teachers trying to pronounce names that are unfamiliar to them.



March 30, 2014 10:53 AM

Ok look, my name gets mispronounced/misread all the time, it's rare but  it's pretty straightforward in sound and spelling. I just don't let it bother me. I don't think you should take this stuff personally. I've studied enough languages to know how hard it is to hear and reproduce some sounds when it's different from your own language. I think it's important to try, and I always make my best attempt but it's an attempt and as an adult my language brain has set and Ill never produce a name as beautiful as it is in its own language. Since I understand how brains work, I know it's not productive to get worked up about it. Doing so means the next time people will be less likely to bother trying. Most of the time, people are well meaning but I'm not going to stand there for 10 minutes trying to correct a barista and I don't hold it against the barista for calling me by the wrong name. But I also don't wrap up my personal and racial identity in my name.