Picking a name has been so hard for us! We have five girls names left on the list and five boy names could you rate them 1-10?

1 you like it very little - 10 liking it a lot


Matilda Penelope

Phoebe Eleanor

Penelope Scarlett

Vivienne Calliope

Felicity Lorelei



Graham Hudson

Leo Henry

Carson Miles

Carson Graham

Graham Carson





December 3, 2012 11:02 AM

Really, none of your names are bad.   I think 5 of each is a very reasonable list to take to the hospital with you.  


Matilda Penelope:  7

Phoebe Eleanor:  9

Penelope Scarlett:  8

Vivienne Calliope:  7

Felicity Lorelei:  7


Graham Hudson:  8

Leo Henry:  9.5

Carson Miles:  6

Carson Graham: 6  (just not a big fan of Carson)

Graham Carson:  8

By hyz
December 3, 2012 4:29 PM

8 Matilda Penelope (love Matilda, not 100% sold on Penelope for a MN)

7 Phoebe Eleanor

6 Penelope Scarlett

5 Vivienne Calliope (not a huge fan of Vivienne, but it's ok)

4 Felicity Lorelei (not a fan of Felicity)



10 Graham Hudson

9 Leo Henry

5 Carson Miles

5 Carson Graham (not a big fan of Carson)

8 Graham Carson

December 7, 2012 10:20 AM

I don't hugely dislike any of the names you have chosen, but for what it's worth, here are my personal feelings about each one:


Matilda Penelope  8:  LOVE Matilda, but not fussed with Penelope.

Phoebe Eleanor 5:  Not a huge fan of Phoebe - possibly because my husband had a dog called Phoebe when we met & that dog hated me lol.  I quite like Eleanor as a middle name though - it sounds elegant & sophisticated.  I also like the fact that you could shorten it to Elle or Ellie.

Penelope Scarlett  6:  Not fussed with Penelope (I find it a bit stuffy & nerdy - just my personal feeling) but I really like the shortened Penny.  I LOVE Scarlett (sounds really feminine but free spirited), would you consider reversing the order?

Vivienne Calliope  7:  Really like Vivenne.  I'm not familiar with Calliope at all - not even sure of the pronunciation.

Felicity Lorelei  4:  Have never been a fan of Felicity (just sounds too frilly for my liking).  I like Lorelei as a mn though.

In summary, my favourites are by far Scarlett & Matilda



Graham Hudson  5:  Not a fan of Graham (maybe because all of the Graham's I know are 50+ yrs old).  Really like Hudson, it is becoming increasingly common here (in Australia)

Leo Henry  10:  Hands down BEST name.  LOVE both Leo & Henry.  Incidently, I think Leo Henry would be a nice match for a sister called Scarlett Matilda IMHO.  I feel they are strong sophisticated names that will stand the test of time, yet they also seem really "fresh" to me (not out-dated or stuffy).  All 4 names are also really cute for kids, but also great for adults (which is important I think)

Carson Miles  5:  Not a fan of Carson.  Miles is ok I guess.

Carson Graham 4:  Not a fan of either name

Graham Carson  3 Not a fan of either name

December 12, 2012 2:19 PM

Girls: I don't think you can go wrong with any of these.  Vivienne, Felicity, and Lorelei have never been my favorites, but I would not mind meeting a small child with these names.

Matilda Penelope- 8

Phoebe Eleanor- 10

Penelope Scarlett- 8

Vivienne Calliope- 6

Felicity Lorelei- 5


boys: I am not a fan of Carson, but I really like all the rest!

Graham Hudson- 8

Leo Henry- 9

Carson Miles- 6

Carson Graham- 6

Graham Carson- 7

December 15, 2012 2:49 PM


Matilda Penelope - 2 - Don't care for either name.

Phoebe Eleanor - 9 - Very nice!  I've never been sure what vibe Phoebe gives off so I've never had the nerve to put it on my list but I think it's a great name.

Penelope Scarlett - 4 - Not a huge fan of Penelope though I could be sold based on the great nicknames (Nell, Penny, Penn).  I really find Scarlett abrasive; I guess it's the "scar" part.

Vivienne Calliope - 7 - slightly prefer Vivian, but still nice.  Don't love Calliope.

Felicity Lorelei - 8 - so pretty almost a little frilly as a combo but still very good



Graham Hudson - 3 - Unless you are in Britain, I'm not a fan.

Leo Henry - 10!  Love both of these names. 

Carson Miles - 5 - Carson is okay.  Miles is nice.

Carson Graham - 4

Graham Carson 3

By ozy
December 16, 2012 5:21 PM


Matilda Penelope - 9

Phoebe Eleanor - 8

Penelope Scarlett - 9

Vivienne Calliope - 8

Felicity Lorelei - 7  I like both these names, but together seem so similar in style and somewhat frilly



Graham Hudson - 8

Leo Henry - 6 The names are very nice, but again together they are so close in style they might almost be the same name. I am also off-put because both of these names are so trendy right now, later it may sound dated i.e. Jennifer. 

Carson Miles - 7

Carson Graham - 5

Graham Carson - 5

December 17, 2012 11:32 AM

Matilda Penelope - 5

Phoebe Eleanor - 9

Penelope Scarlett - 7 

Vivienne Calliope - 4

Felicity Lorelei - 6

Some of these were lower in ratings for me because either they sound like they are "trying too hard" or I don't like the flow (or one of the names)

Graham Hudson - 6

Leo Henry - 5 

Carson Miles - 5

Carson Graham - 3

Graham Carson - 3

The boys names are lower mostly because I don't really like the combos (plus, I'm not a fan of Carson). Personally, I love Miles Graham as a choice by mixing these up. :-)

December 17, 2012 10:32 PM


Matilda Penelope - 8 - I really like both of these names, although Matilda is more popular some of your other choices in my area.

Phoebe Eleanor - 7 - Phoebe is a  name I like in theory but I sometimes hear 'feeble' which is an unfortunately association for me.

Penelope Scarlett - 7.5 - a really nice combo and I like Penelope a lot

Vivienne Calliope - 6.5 - I like Vivienne but Calliope is not a favourite of mine. I also don't love the flow of the two names together.

Felicity Lorelei - 6.5 - Felicity is not a name I care for but I love Loreleai. The combo is solid though.



Graham Hudson - 7 - I like Graham in theory but like a previous poster I'm Australian and it's a name most common on the 35+ crowd here (and mostly over 50's). It is a different audience in the US, so I think it might be more usable for you.

Leo Henry - 8.5 - a great combo and I love both names. Both are very popular in my area though so it does run the risk of being a bit trendy.

Carson Miles - 6.5 - I just don't like Carson but am fond of Miles

Carson Graham - 6 - I don't like Carson and it's a little sing-songy

Graham Carson - 6.5 I prefer this order.

Have you considered Miles Graham as a combo or Leo Miles? Both would work well.

December 21, 2012 3:43 PM

Girls - I don't dislike any of these, but some do it for me more than others.

Matilda Penelope - 9

Phoebe Eleanor - 9

Penelope Scarlett - 7

Vivienne Calliope - 6

Felicity Lorelei - 6


Boys - like others above, I'm just not a fan of Carson.  I like any combination of Graham, Miles, Leo and Henry, though.

Graham Hudson - 7

Leo Henry - 9

Carson Miles - 5

Carson Graham - 5

Graham Carson - 5


All the best!

January 1, 2013 10:30 PM


Matilda Penelope=0 sounds weird and old fashioned to me

Phoebe Eleanor=5

Penelope Scarlett=8

Vivienne Calliope=7

Felicity Lorelei=3 (dont like flow)



Graham Hudson=eh just not my style (sounds like a car -sorry)

Leo Henry=10 LOVE

Carson Miles=10 LOVE

Carson Graham=4 (flow problems)

Graham Carson=2 (worse flow)

January 3, 2013 6:27 PM


Matilda Penelope-6

Phoebe Eleanor-5

Penelope Scarlett-9

Vivienne Calliope-10 (I really like this one!)

Felicity Lorelei-7



Graham Hudson-10 (very nice!)

Leo Henry-6

Carson Miles-8

Carson Graham-7

Graham Carson-6

June 26, 2013 7:08 PM


Matilda Penelope -8

Phoebe Eleanor - 7

Penelope Scarlett - 6

Vivienne Calliope - 9+ (10 if it were Vivian)

Felicity Lorelei - 9



Graham Hudson - 8

Leo Henry - 9+

Carson Miles - 6

Carson Graham - 7

Graham Carson - 7

By Coll
June 30, 2013 2:17 PM

Matilda Penelope - 8 Cute. The names flow well together. Both a little trendy, but in an appealing way.

Phoebe Eleanor - 7 I have a soft spot for Phoebe

Penelope Scarlett - 5 Nothing wrong with this compbo, but the names don't do it for me

Vivienne Calliope - 10 This is so snappy and unexpected but also quaint and delicate. I love it.

Felicity Lorelei - 5 Ditto the comment for Penelope Scarlett



Graham Hudson - 7 I like both these names but don't love them together

Leo Henry - 9 The sound of these two together is fantastic. Agree that they are trendy in certain areas (mine!)

Carson Miles - 3 I just don't like Carson

Carson Graham - 3 Ditto

Graham Carson - 6 Prefer this order