Please Help Me! How can give my name in English?

Hello i'm work in garment factory as Industrial Engineer under the chinese persons.My full name is ''Ye Lin Kyaw they call me 'Kyaw' but this name meaning is 'wrong'in chinese that's why i need to sutable name for my job.Engllish name is important  for my life especially in communication with department header, bosses and foreigner.

Suggest me please!


November 9, 2017 12:34 PM

Can you tell us a little bit more about what you would like for your name? First, do you want a male or female name? (I'm only familiar with Kyaw as the name of the Burmese president, so I'm guessing male, but thought I should double-check.) Also, is there some sort of meaning or sound that you'd like? If your name has a particular significance to you, we could look for names that have a similar meaning/origin.

Just going off of the sound, Kai might be a possibility. This is a Chinese name, but is also used in the US a fair amount (and is also an independent name in Hawaiian, Danish, Japanese, Welsh, and a slew of other languages) so it's pretty portable.

Other possibilities keeping the same initial sound might be Cam, Caden, Keaton, Kevin, Kip, or Kit.

November 9, 2017 3:27 PM

I think nedibes suggestion of "Kai" is a good one. I have also known a few Chinese & Chinese-American folks who go by Lin, which was always part of their name to start with -- it's easily recognizable and pronounceable by English speakers. Since it is already part of your name, perhaps that could be an option?

If you want to stick closer to the sound of Kyaw and Kai doesn't suit, the next name that occurs to me is Casey. This is a reasonably gender-neutral name fairly common, but not TOO common, in the United States. I know people ranging in age from 15-60 with this name, men and women. Its pronunciation is unambiguous. It is derived from an Irish name but has no real meaning and no offputting implications. It is well known from the poem "Casey at the Bat", which many children in the US read in elementary school, about a baseball player. "Casey Ye" (assuming Ye is your family name) is not hard to say and looks pleasing written down, to me anyway! 

November 9, 2017 4:02 PM

Kai Kyle Kyan Kyler Kwan Kelwyn Kerwin Kieran Kirby Kyran Kalin Kailin Kylan Kyden Kane Kellin Kalin Kailin Kellin

Quinn Quade  Quentin Quinlan Quincy Quinlan

Corin Corbin Cory Cowan Coen Cormac Connor Christopher Corvin Caelin Colin Calvin Colton Clayton Clinton Carlin


other names containing lin or l%n

Caelin Colin Franklin Lincoln Clinton Linden Kellin/Kellyn Kailin Kalin Quinlin Carlin Kellin

Allen Dylan Nolan Rylan Declan Kellan Taelan Talon