Please Help with Baby Girl's Name!

Hello! 8 weeks to decide on our baby girl's name, and I'm having trouble landing on THE name. We have one boy, Grayson Christopher, who will be 20 months older than her. I'd like the name to have some family ties to it, as I feel that makes it even more special. Looking for votes and suggestions! Here is what we've come up with so far:


1. Millicent Noelle (carrying on my middle name)

2. Wren Virginia (nod to MIL name Robyn and my grandmother's first name Virginia who passed when I was just four)

3. Wren Virginia Rose (two middle names? Baby's paternal great grandmothers have Rose as middles)

4. Addelyn Sue (spin on my maternal gma' s middle and paternal gma' s middle)

5. Marlowe Virginia 

6. Scarlett Noelle (to keep the colors going with our son "Gray")


My husband's favorite is #3, but it seems he is desperate for her to have a name already. He texts lists of names while he's at work daily. I'm totally on the fence. I like the idea of well-established but not so popular names, but not sure where to go with it. 


Greatly appreciate your input! Hope you're having a great week!


May 2, 2017 2:29 PM

I don't really like Addelyn Sue, and i'm neutral on Marlowe, but your other candidates are super fabulous!  Millicent might be a little odd after Grayson, though, so if you're trying to narrow your list, that would be the next one i'd cut.  Which sounds better with your last name, Wren or Scarlett?  I love the way both of them have thematic connections to family members' names.  As far as "Rose or no Rose?" goes, if you would like to include it as a tribute, go for it.

(My friend's first child is Grayson.  When she was pregnant with his little sister, i lobbied for Grace, so they would be Grace and Grayson--which sounds like Grayson Grayson when i say it fast.  She declined to take my suggestion.)

May 2, 2017 2:48 PM

I vote for Wren so that you can have a subtle nod to 18th-century British architect Sir Christopher Wren (his signature American building is in Virginia). Add Rose. Why not? It's a color name and so goes well with Grayson without establishing a color theme that might constrain you if you have more children. 

May 2, 2017 4:12 PM

I like the idea of Noelle as your daughters mn. 


from those names I like Addelyn Noelle best

Rose Noelle is pretty too  or


Susannah Noelle (from Sue)  or Suzanne, Suzette, Suellen


Scarlett Noelle - would be my no 4 pick from these 4 names




May 2, 2017 5:31 PM

My favourite of your options is probably Scarlett Noelle, that would get my vote. Second choice would be split between Wren and Millicent, I like the way Wren is an honour name without just being a straight repitition of your MIL's name but I also like how Millicent sounds next to Grayson and love the nickname Millie. If you did go with Wren I see no problem in having two middle names.

As a suggestion how about Rowan? It could also be seen as a nod to your MIL as it shares a starting and ending sound, as well as a nature name connection. I think it sounds good with Grayson and would work with either Noelle or Virginia as a middle. Or instead of Scarlett have you considered Violet? That has the colour element to continue from your son but also the botanical/nature vibe of Wren, and the consonant ending which you seem to prefer. Again I think it works with Grayson and could have Noelle as a middle. My other thought along those lines was Ruby but that strikes me as more "girly" than your other picks so it might not be your taste. 

By rooo
May 2, 2017 10:46 PM

Going on style alone, I like Wren best. Millicent seems mismatched with Grayson for me, but I do love Milly. Addelyn I prefer to be spelled Adelyn, but that's a nice option. 

Have you considered Virginia Rose or Virginia Noelle? Those are my favorite options for you. 

May 3, 2017 5:02 PM

My favourites from your list are Wren, Marlowe and Scarlett. I think those three all work well with a brother named Grayson. I prefer Addelyn spelt Adelyn and Millicent just seems to be a completely different style to Grayson.

For middle names I like Noelle and Rose. However all your options work well with the first name which it is paired with. 

Some pairings I like with your names listed above are...

Wren Noelle

Marlowe Rose

Marlowe Noelle

Some other names you may like to continue the colour theme... Amber, Beryl, Coral, Jade, Garnet, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Violet. Have you thought about using Rose as a first name?

Some other names you may just like... Rowan, Harper, Madison, Jasmine, Kayleigh, Everly, Sloane, Caitlin, Shiloh, Cassidy, Robin/Robyn, Lorelei, Savannah, Grace, Aubrey, Skylar, Cadence, Blythe, Briar, Ashley, Emery, Taylor, Elle, Reese, Eloise, June, Belle, May, Florence, Marian, Adele, Rosemary, Bryony, Cleo, Esme, Elodie, Jessamine, Constance, Olive, Ione, Estelle, Elinor, Isobel, Tierney, Sybil, Avis, Clemetine, Harriet, Adair, Adelaide, Marguerite, Felicity, Faye, Inez, Lucy, Amity, Raine, Verity, Dorothy, Rosalie.

May 3, 2017 6:57 PM

I abosolutley LOVE the color idea. And you are for sure going to get a lot of compliments!!