Portmanteau Name Game

Portmanteaus seem to pop up everywhere nowadays! From food (think pluots, tangelos, and peacharines) to animals (like cockapoos and labradoodles) and everything else (eg. Pinterest is a portmanteau of pin and interest). Fandoms create portmanteaus of characters' names similar to celebrity couple names ("Brangelina"), too.

So, here's how the portmanteau name game works: Take two names and mash them up to create a whole new name. Ta-da! Portmanteau name!

The only rule is that the new name can't already exist as a name. For example, portmanteau-ing Quincy and Milton into Quinton doesn't count because Quinton is already a name. Flip-flopping that into Milcy, though, counts.

What can you come up with? Do you like any you make? Would you ever use a portmanteau name? I wouldn't for a child (just not my style), but probably would for a fictional character, maybe in an alternate history, fantasy, or futuristic setting...

Here's a few I made. I don't like all of them, but here they are:

Emerlas (Emerson + Silas)

Myrzel (Myrtle + Hazel)

Rivody (River + Melody)

Rorander (Rory + Alexander)

Lindslow (Lindsey + Willow)


June 9, 2016 9:09 PM

Maxinina (Maxine + Nina)
 Sophina (Sophie + Sabrina)
Chanilla (Chantelle + Camilla)
And I've heard of Waynetta, from a British comedy show. 

June 10, 2016 11:23 PM

Jane + Sparrow = Spane

Igor + Tara = Tigor

Denyse + Taylor = Denylor

Jacqueline + Cala = Cacqueline

Teagan + Sakura = Sakagen


haha this is hard! I can't come up with any good ones!

June 12, 2016 11:15 PM

Martina + Rosalie = Martalie

Zoe + Genevieve = Zovieve (I'm actually kind of digging this one if I prounounce vieve the French way)

Juniper + Sylvie = Junivie

Rayna + Jillian = Raylian

Finn + Oliver = Finiver

Milo + Gideon = Mileon


July 2, 2016 4:59 PM

Preston and Levi = Leviton

Lila and Ruby = Rula

Sherisse and Ella = Sherissella

Daniel and Brenden = Danden

Julie and Hailey = Juliley (couldn't do Hailie or Juley!)

Emily and Jamee = Jamily

Mikael and Henry = Mikry

This is fun!


July 3, 2016 10:46 PM

Xanthippe and Iolanthe = Ionthippe

Astrid and Kinsley = Kistrid

Maisie and Michelle = Maiselle

Courtney and Gate = Courgate

Cohen and Logan = Lohen

Killian and Cohen = Kilohen (I LOVE THIS ONE)

Saige and Scarlett = Saiglett

July 19, 2016 9:25 AM

Travis+Tanner= Travver 

Michael+ Patrick=Mikerick


Sage+Peyton= Sageton

Riley+Alex= Rilex

Samuel+Nicholas= Samolas

December 2, 2016 5:32 PM

Cecilynthia (Cecilia+Cynthia)

Starlene (Star+Darlene)

Emillicent (Emma+Millicent)

Charitina (Charity+Tina)

Elizalla (Eliza+Ella)

Marlette (Marla+Scarlette)

Gabriona (Gabrielle+Fiona)

Jengelica (Jennifer+Angelica)

Kennafer (Kenna+Jennifer)

Arirora (Ariel+Aurora)


December 13, 2016 4:39 PM

Jengelica --- Brad will have to choose a name that can be added on to this for his next partner!