Pretty Little Liars Names

I love the show Pretty Little Liars and I thought I would post the names of the characters on here. Let me know what you think.

The main characters are...

Allison Lauren DiLaurientis

Aria Marie Montgomery

Emily Catherine Fields

Hannah Eleanor Marin

Spencer Jill Hastings

These five are friends until Junior Year in High School until Allison disappears the summer before Junior Year starts.

Aria's Acquaintances:

Ella Montgomery - Aria's mother

Byron Montogomery - Aria's father

Michael Mongomery - Aria's younger brother

Holden Strauss - Friend

Ezra Fitzgerald - English Teacher and Boyfriend

Noel Kahn - Aria is Noel's crush.

Meredith Soreson - Byron (Aria's father's affair girlfriend)

Jackie Molina - Ezra's ex-fiance


Hannah's Acquaintances:

Ashley Marin - Hannah's mother

Tom Marin - Hannah's father

Regina Marin - Hannah's paternal grandmother

Isabel Marin - Hannah's stepmother

Kate Randall - Hannah's stepsister

Mona Vanderwaal - Friend

Lucas Gottesman - Friend

Sean Ackard - Ex-boyfriend

Caleb Rivers - Boyfriend


Spencer's Acquaintances:

Veronica Hastings - Spencer's mother

Peter Hastings - Spencer's father

Melissa Hastings - Spencer's older sister

Jason DiLaurientis - Spencer's Half Brother

Ian Thomas - Spencer's brother in law

Wren Kingston - Spencer's ex-boyfriend and Melissa's ex-fiance

Alex Santiago - Ex-boyfriend

Toby Cavanaugh - Boyfriend


Emily's Acquaintances:

Pamela Fields - Emily's mother

Wayne Fields - Emily's father

Ben Coogan - Ex-boyfriend

Maya St.Germain - Ex-girlfriend

Paige McCullers - Girlfriend


Allison's Acquaintances:

Jessica DiLaurientis - Allison's mother

Kenneth DiLaurientis - Allison's father

Courtney DiLaurientis - Allison's identical twin sister (only in the books but may appear in the tv show)

Jason DiLaurientis - Allison's Half Brother

Duncan Albert - Former Friend

Cece Drake - Former Friend and Jason's ex-girlfriend

Jenna Marshall - Former enermy

Vivian Darkbloom - Allison's alter ego


March 26, 2014 7:31 PM

I am in love with the name Spencer for a girl. I may be biased since she is my fave character but I really love how it sounds on a girl. And the nick name Spence is adorable.

March 26, 2014 7:32 PM

I also love the name Aria and I love Maren used as a first name.