Quads have arrived!

So the best christmas present i could ever ask for, our baby girls made it here today, December 25th 2017.

We would like to welcome to the world(and we have changed the name of one, oops)

Temperance Rose

Brooklyn Jade

Estelle May


Ilse Paige

Thankyou all for the help, and i know these names arent everyones cup of tea but we love them!


December 25, 2017 5:12 AM

Congrats and welcome little ones

December 25, 2017 6:52 AM

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Don't worry about names! These names are beautiful! You've made the right choice! All of them are so cute. Congratulations again! :) And Merry Christmas! 

December 25, 2017 8:13 AM

Thankyou so much! Just said it so hopefully noone comments on the names lol. but we love and theyre gorgeous. Merry christmas!!