Rank the Names - with a twist!

This game is like "Rank the Names" but there are multiple lists of names for the poster to choose from.  They can be connected (e.g. same gender, same number of names, same theme, etc.) or completely independent, and there is no limit to the number of lists, but there has to be more than one for the next poster to choose from.  The poster chooses one list in response and ranks the names in it.  (Hopefully this makes sense!)

I'll start:

15 A Girl Names: Abigail, Addison, Adelaide, Alexandra, Alice, Allison, Amber, Amy, Anna, Anita, Aria, Ariana, Ashley, Audra, Ava


2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Female Names (11): Andrea, Chantal, Erin, Gabrielle, Imelda, Karen, Mellisa, Olga, Rebekah, Tanya, Wendy