Rank the Names!

This game is simple - just rank the names, in descending order with 1 being the best. You can respond to any of the previously put together lists and then put out your own list. Your list can be any length and can be all boys, all girls, or a mix of both (just make sure you clarify what gender on unisex names!) and it can have a theme or just be random.

Example round: One of my favorite nail polish brands, Zoya, gives all of their polishes womens' names, but, after more than 15 years and 900 polishes, they're occasionally grasping at straws for names sometimes. Their summer collection, Wanderlust, consisted of River, Lois, Sawyer, Cora, Byrdie, Esty (not to be confused with Etsy), Winnie, Sonja, Journey, Mandy, Scout, and Arbor, in this case all girls' names.

12. Arbor. It reads really masculine and who wants to be named after the most useless holiday, Arbor Day, Earth Day's boring little sister?

11. Scout. I really hate To Kill A Mockingbird, so that pretty much means I can't like this name it invented.

10. Esty. I get that it's short for Esther and/or Estelle, but it's hard not to say Etsy.

9. Sawyer. It's okay on girls, but I'd really it rather stay a boys' name and that pretty much means precluding it from being a girls' name.

8. River. Ditto.

7. Lois. Yeah, I know this is on track to be the next Penelope but I just can't really get behind it. I think Family Guy has this name taken forever. Sorry.

6. Journey. I may be a little biased since A) I love the band Journey and B) Journey was my favorite nail polish out of thsi collection but it's a bit wordy. Not the worst word name but not my style. The fact I can't really think of any good nicknames is another strike.

5. Byrdie. You know, I kinda like it. I'd go with Birdie as the spelling and not use it as a full name, but it's a darling nickname (especially for something like Robin or Wren or some other bird name!)

4. Cora. It's kind just okay. It was something I think I liked a little better before it started to catch on. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

3. Sonja. I've always had a soft spot for Sonja, and I don't know why it's not at all popular while Sophia reigns supreme. I'd usually say go with the spelling Sonia though, to avoid spelling & prounciation confusion, but this spelling is an anagram of Jason so it'd be a great way of honoring a familial Jason.

2. Mandy. I have a cousin Amanda so I've been partial to Mandy my whole life.

1. Winnie. I've always thought Winnifred was pretty but a little much and I hate how it lends itself to the nickname Fred, but I quite like Winnie. It's probably the only name I'd 100% say go straight to the nickname without the full form.

Next list (although you still can respond to this one if you like!): Mckenna, Beth, Joni, Presley, Hera, Padma, Hadley, Yvonne, Mona, Elaine, Tabitha, & Gal (all girls, in honor of Zoya's fall collection)


September 17, 2017 7:35 PM

12. Camila- I do not like this spelling and do not like the name. Camille is okay.

11. Kesha- Just never sounded like a name to me

10. Rhianna- Just not my style

9. Miley- Can be cute but sounds made up sorta 

8. Ariana- I like Ari as a nickname but it sounds fussy

7. Meghan- Used to love this name and I like it with the spelled with the h but I think I am over this name.

6. Nicki- It is my sister's name but I just do not like this spelling, perfer Nikki

5. Taylor- Okay. I think Taylor has leaned more girl than boy.

4. Demi- I do not mind demi, I think it is sorta cute.

3. Katy- A classic

2. Sia- I think it sounds soft

1. Selena- One of my favorite names right now. I like the moon connection and think it sounds well on a girl and woman.


New List: girls from pretty little liars- Aria, Spencer, Hanna,  Allison, Emily, Paige, Jenna, Charlotte, CeCe, Mona, Melissa, Maya

September 17, 2017 9:53 PM

This is tough because I don't hate anything in this list!

12. CeCe. I can live without CeCe though. It's not horrible. You know me and Cecily but I do like Cecilia quite a bit so I'm neutral on CeCe. I'd say I don't much care for the capital letter in the middle though.

11. Paige. I knew the worst Paige once but she's a distant memory now. Still having a hard time shaking her from the name though.

10. Spencer. I'm glad this didn't go girl because of PLL.

9. Charlotte. I'm officially completely bored of Charlotte.

8. Jenna. It's okay.

7. Aria. I can get behind this name's meteoric rise. I kind of like it. Not my favorite thing ever but it's pretty.

6. Emily. It definitely needs to take a break now though. Beats Emma!

5. Allison. I like the name but I like Alison better as a spelling.

4. Maya. I used to be more in love with the name but now I'm kind of cooling on it, although I do still quite like it.

3. Hanna. Unpopular opinion but I like this spelling more than Hannah. I'm probably bored with Hannah, this seems fresher.

2. Melissa. I think it's a timeless name in spite of the '60's-'80's peak. A beautiful name is timeless.

1. Mona. This name is so beautiful, I wish it was more popular. I'm worried PLL kind of ruinied it, that seems to be the case for a lot of people, because the character was a villain, but let me say that no one's going to care about PLL in a couple of years. It was a good show but it's not a timeless classic that a lot of people will still spend a lot of time thinking about in thirty years. Don't hate on Mona because of the character. It's not like Cruella or Veruca that everyone will forever link to one villain.

New List: United States Presidential names: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Arthur, Wilson, Kennedy, Reagan

September 23, 2017 7:16 PM

I looked at the name and not the presidents.

12. Madison- Too preppy/mean-girl. It also was so popular

11. Monroe- It seems like people use this as a way to be differnt and primarily is used becuase of Marilyn Monroe

10. Reagan- It is very harsh sounding. My father always said that he wanted to name me this. 

9. Kennedy- Too trendy.

8. Jackson- I LOVE Jack but the son is uneeded to me. Plus it is so popular now.

7. Pierce- I like the name, it is decent.

6. Wilson- I really like Wilson but I really want to yell WILSOOOOOON!

5. Arthur- A dignified name.

4. Jefferson- My dad is named jeff and think this would be a good name to honor him. 

3. Tyler- I have always liked this boy-next-door name. 

2. Lincoln- I think it is a fun, strong sounding name.

1. Grant- I love the name Grant. It is a strong name for a little boy or a man.


New List:  One-Syllable Word Girl Names- Dream, True, Lark, North, Dove, Gem, Bliss, Lux, Bay, Jazz, Reign, Scout

September 23, 2017 8:05 PM

12. Jazz. I can't help but think of jizz. Do not want.

11. True. Doesn't seem like a real name. It doesn't even make a good nickname for anything.

10. North. Too celeb.

9. Bay. Ruined by Bae.

8. Scout. Never liked To Kill a Mockingbird.

7. Reign. Sounds like a rapper's baby's name.

6. Lux. Unpopular opinion, but I've always thought Lux sounded like a stripper's name.

5. Gem. I like Jem but this spelling I don't like at all.

4. Lark. I don't really care for the harsh sounding ending but it's not terrible.

3. Dream. It's cute but it'd be a better nickname than a real name.

2. Dove. I actually quite like Dove. It's definitely on the nose but it's cute.

1. Bliss. I love Bliss, I keep trying to talk people into it but it always gets a harsh reception. Their loss.

New List: Jane Austen characters - Anne, Catherine, Elinor, Emma, Fanny, Isabella, Jane, Kitty, Lizzie, Lydia, Marianne, Mary

October 1, 2017 6:26 PM

12. FANNY. Just no. The slang meaning has pretty much made it unusable.

11. LIZZIE. I've always hated Lizzie or Liz, makes me think of lizards.

10. KITTY. Hello Kitty. Yecch.

9. JANE. Bland and boring.

8. ANNE. Ditto. (But I like this spelling more than Ann.)

7. EMMA. Bland, boring, and currently overused.

6. ISABELLA. I'm pretty tired of hearing this one, too... especially the nicknames Izzy (ugly) and Bella (doggy).

5. CATHERINE. Very classic, but can't stand Cathy or Kate. Like this much better than the K spelling, though.

4. MARY. This classic has become so unusual, I'm starting to re-evaluate it. It would sound fresh and sweet on a little girl nowadays, I think.

3. LYDIA. Pretty and relatively uncommon. I like it, but my husband says it makes him think of Libya.

2. MARIANNE. I've always liked this name. Timeless, feminine and elegant.

1. ELINOR. Love this name and this spelling - I've always thought it had a medieval princess vibe.


NEW LIST: Top 12 girls' names of 1917, 100 years ago.

Mary, Helen, Dorothy, Margaret, Ruth, Mildred, Anna, Elizabeth, Frances, Virginia, Evelyn, Marie




October 1, 2017 7:38 PM

12. Anna. I absolutely detest Anna. It was oppresively popular in my age group and it seems like every Anna I've ever known was some combonation of boring, preachy, or just all around unpleasant. Can't stand it anymore.

11. Mildred. I actually don't despise this one (actually, the only name I don't like from this list is Anna), but the fact that it's kind of like mildew + dread is kind of a turn off. I love Millie though and Millicent is definitely ready for a comeback.

9(tie). Evelyn & Frances. Nothing wrong with either of these, they're just getting pretty popular. I can't stand Evie or Frankie (on a girl at least) so I'm glad the full versions are getting big though.

8. Mary. Agreed it's no longer as overused as it used to be but right now my main personal association for the name is a negative one. It'll pass though.

7. Margaret. A classic, and I love Maggie and Peggy.

6. Dorothy. I love the full Dorothy but I don't like Dot at all, good thing that's not a common nickname anymore.

5. Elizabeth. The great thing about Elizabeth is that if there's three Elizabeths in a class room two can go by nicknames. It's the same reason men don't seem to have the same problems with having a popular name that women do. If there's three Annas or Emmas in a class then there's not really a choice, but three Elizabeths can be Elizabeth, Lizzie, and Beth.

4. Marie. Shame this beautiful version of Mary has been relegated to a generic middle. Boo you namers.

3. Virginia. It's a family name and one of few family names in my family that isn't boring or weird, so I quite love it.

2. Helen. An underused gem, and a great mythological name for those who love myth but aren't that adventurous namers. Same reason I love Jason so much.

1. Ruth. Classic, Biblical without being overly stodgy or Puritan (she has a great story too), and short without sounding incomplete. I love it!

New List: First Ladies: Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, Louisa, Mary, Julia, Edith, Grace, Eleanor, Mamie, Jacqueline

October 2, 2017 9:46 PM

12. Jacqueline- Ugh, I CANNOT stand this name. I have a negative connection.

11. Dolley- This can only be used by Dolly Parton. 

10. Mamie- I like this nickname a lot but against if you are using it as a first.

9. Eleanor- I am just over it, but I like this spelling.

8. Mary- Classic but just not my style.

7. Elizabeth- Another classic, timeless name with great nickname potential.

6. Abigail- I really like this name but it is TOO popular.

5. Grace- I like it. It is pretty and effortless. 

4. Martha- I recently have discovered how much I like this.

3. Louisa- I really like this name. It is so charming and ages well.

2. Julia- Used to not like it becuase of its popularity but it is so cute now. But I do not like Julie.

1. Edith- I just think this is a cute, old-lady name that has been freshened now. 

New list- Surnames (all girl): Marley, Sutton, Darcy, Blake, Fallon, Madison, Lane, Emerson, Morgan, Taylor, Campbell, Delaney

October 2, 2017 11:40 PM

As someone who thinks surnames are generally unattractive and especially so on girls, let's try. Should be interesting.


12. CAMPBELL.  I know two male Campbells, both called Cam, one's a 6' 6" cop and one's a chainsmoking grandpa. Forgive me if I don't see the girl possibilities here.

11. FALLON.  Ick, yuck,  "Come fall on me, baby."  And I'm not even sure how it's pronounced.

10. LANE.  Perhaps Avenue or Boulevard would sound more prestigious...

9. EMERSON.  Still too much testosterone, I think it's the "son". But at least I can see suitable nickname choices...

8. SUTTON.  Not sure how this ever became used as a personal name... I've nver heard it used for a person of either gender, is it the name of an American reality TV star or something? But anyway, it's an equally odd name on either gender in my opinion.  Not super-offensive, but just odd. I would have to ask, "why did you name your kid THAT?"

7. BLAKE.  I actually have a friend whose daughter is named this, but... no.  It's ugly for boys, too..

6. DELANEY.  Definitely more of a girl name than a boy name... but not really attractive.  Sounds whiny, and not really upscale.  Not quite sure how one could think, "this is the most beautiful possible name for my beloved daughter!"

5. TAYLOR.  Always hated this, but it's become so common it's mainstream now, and default feminine.

4. MADISON.  As above.  And as I type this, I'm thinking of demoting it considerably.  Please stop doing this, you're just dating your daughters now.

3. DARCY.  I've known two male and two female.  One of the few names that actually is viable for either.  Also doesn't have the "trashy" vibe some other names acquire...

2. MORGAN.  I don't dislike this for a girl... but I do think it's a bit 1980's-90's.

1. MARLEY.  The most refreshing of this bunch. Uncommon but not unfamiliar, not a traditionally masculine name, no ugly harsh sounds. I think I would prefer it spelled Marly though.


NEW LIST:  Nicknames of Elizabeth.

Beth, Betsy, Bette, Betty, Eliza, Ellie, Libby, Liesel, Lisa, Liz, Liza, Lizzie.


October 3, 2017 4:50 PM

12. Libby. Sounds kind of childish.

11. Bette. As "Betty", I mean, I love Bette Davis but I can't picture anyone else with the name. As "Bet" ditto with Bette Midler.

10. Ellie. I don't mind this as a diminutive of Eleanor but I don't really care for it short for Elizabeth.

9. Liz. Kind of dated, and not that cute.

8. Eliza. I'm just really tired of this and I still can't stand Hamilton which is seriously coloring my opinion on the name.

7. Lizzie. A little better than Liz but still kind of dated.

6. Beth. Also pretty dated but I like it a lot more than Liz.

5. Betsy. I could see this making a comeback in a while. It's cute and it's got a charm.

4. Lisa. I love this although I'll admit it's not quite ready for a large scale comeback. Hopefully in my lifetime though. 2050's maybe?

3. Liesel. There's a lot of ways to spell this so it can get confusing but I do like the name.

2. Liza. I know it's still pretty tied to Liza Minnelli (which at least for me is a plus though), but it does seem like the most modern of the Liz names.

1. Betty. Absolutely darling and I love names that sound mid-century retro like Betty.


New List: Gemstones for girls: Ruby, Amber, Jade, Opal, Crystal, Emerald, Pearl, Beryl, Sapphire, Garnet, Topaz, Diamond,

October 3, 2017 5:58 PM

12. TOPAZ. Just doesn't work as a name. That final Z. Well, maybe for a stripper...

11. DIAMOND. Also doesn't work as a name in my opinion, except maybe an over-the-top stage name. There are no obvious nickname options to soften the edges.

10. SAPPHIRE. One of my favorite gemstones, but alas, also clumsy as a name. And people often misspell it.

9. EMERALD. The nicknames Emma/Emmy make it easier to think of as a name... but that clunky ending makes it sound like Donald or Gerald, unfortunately.

8. GARNET. I can see how this could be attractive as a girl's name, but I had an Uncle Garnett, so it sounds more masculine to me.

7. OPAL. My birthstone, so I'm fond of it, but as a name I don't think it's very pretty.

6. CRYSTAL. Objectively, it's a very pretty name... but also very dated with a sort of trailer park vibe I don't care for...

5. PEARL. It's okay, not really a favorite, but I can see it as a cute middle name.

4. BERYL. I can definitely see this making a comeback, it's kind of cute and it stands out.

3. RUBY. Also cute... but getting surprisingly popular. I used to think of Ruby as a bit old-ladyish, but I'm hearing it everywhere on little kids now.

2. AMBER. I had a good friend named Amber when I was little, and I've always liked the name, even though it's a bit dated now.

1. JADE. Lovely - my favorite of the lot.


NEW LIST: Place names (all girls).

Paris, London, Sydney, Vienna, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Dakota, Montana, Georgia, Savannah, Phoenix.



October 3, 2017 6:19 PM

12. Montana. Hannah Montana anyone?

11. Ireland. If you want to honor Ireland use Erin.

10. Jamaica. I just can't see any cute nicknames (Jammie? Maica?).

9. Phoenix. I can't shake the association of a girl Phoenix as being really weird and quirky (not cute quirky, creepy quirky) because of one girl I knew.

8. Sydney. Sydney's kind of like Anna that I feel like every Sydney I've ever known has been either boring or mean.

7. Paris. I like it better for boys.

6. Georgia. It comes off as a mean girl name. Georgiana is worse in that regard but Georgia seems mean girlish too.

5. India. It's cute but a little trendy.

4. London. Ditto.

3. Vienna. I can get behind this. I kinda hope this catches on a little.

2. Dakota. Always kind of been a guilty pleasure name. It's far from my usual style but I do like it.

1. Savannah. I actually really love Savannah. I think it has such a beautiful sound.

New List: Greek mythological boys: Achilles, Apollo, Hector, Hercules, Hermes, Jason, Leander, Nestor, Orion, Perseus, Zephyr, Zeus

October 3, 2017 10:29 PM

This one looks like fun!

12. ZEUS. Oh, we have a Zeus living next door! He's a dog, as anyone bearing the name Zeus should be. It doesn't seem really appropriate for a child.

11. HERCULES. Another name marked Canines Only. Imagine naming a boy that, what kind of body image issues is he going to grow up with?

10. ACHILLES. Not sure if this is a great choice either. What sort of nickname would he have, Achey? Killy?

9. HERMES. Would actually work quite well as a name, except it sounds a lot like herpes. So... no.

8. APOLLO. Getting a bit more into plausible name territory here, and I like the Apollo Space Mission connection... but still. Isn't a god's name - even a pretend one - pushing it just a little? Bad karma...

7. PERSEUS. This one is actually not bad, I like the sound of it. But it's a bit of a mouthful, and they'd probably call him Percy for short, which has almost precisely the opposite image.

6. ZEPHYR. I dislike most Z names because they sound like they're trying too hard, and this one is no exception, but I must admit, it's got style potential and a striking appeal, if not really my style.

5. HECTOR. It's a common enough name that it doesn't immediately sound "mythological", and it's okay I guess, but it doesn't really feel fresh or stylish at all.

4. NESTOR. Not sure if it's a name I would want to give a kid... but I did know a Nestor when I was in high school, and he was pretty hot, so I kinda like it :)

3. LEANDER. For some reason I've always liked the sound of this name. The first two syllables are basically Leanne though, so you know what every other boy on the playground is going to start calling him.

2. JASON. This name gets a bad rap for some reason, I've always liked it. It's the boy's version of Jennifer, which I also like, but everyone else rolls their eyes at it. I guess because they were both so hugely popular at about the same time, and didn't have a long history of use so they were labelled as "trendy".

1. ORION. This has always, always been a favorite of mine. I called my hamster this when I was 8. My parents misunderstood and always called the hamster "Brian".


NEW LIST: Top 12 names for boys in England, 2016.  Oliver, George, Harry, Jack, Jacob, Noah, Charlie, Muhammad, Thomas, Oscar, William, James.

October 4, 2017 9:21 AM

I don't want to get anyone angry so I'm just going to leave Muhammad out.

11. George. Just so white bread. I don't like soft G's and names that are a lot of letters in one syllable either. I just wish this name would go away. There's so many name you can choose now! There's no reason to name your kid George!

9 (tie). Harry & Charlie. Probably the two most British names on the planet. I'm having a hard time picturing either (especially a Charlie) as anything but a stuck-up posh jerkass who looks down on all things not British, especially anything American.

8. Jack. Very generic. Another name I can't picture anyone handsome or charming with. Yes, I remember Titanic. He didn't seem like a Jack at all.

7. Thomas. It's fine but my strongest personal association is strongly negative.

6. William. Also very white bread and boring, but a little better than George. I like Billy but I despise Will. Every Will I know has been boring and stuck up. The full William is only a little better.

5. Oscar. I do like it but my first association is probably Oscar Meyer hot dogs.

4. Noah. I do like this but it's a bit too popular all around.

3. Oliver. Ditto.

2. James. A family name. It's a bit on the generic side but it's a lot stronger than George or William.

1. Jacob. I know it was crazy popular in my age group, but I feel like every Jacob I've ever known has been nice or cool or just all around a good guy. Funny how things work out.

New List: Christmasy Girls' names (I wanted to do Halloween names but I couldn't find enough!): Angel, Bell, Coco, Cookie, Dulcie, Gloria, Holly, Hope, Joy, Mary, Natalie, Star

October 4, 2017 4:00 PM

12/11. COCO & COOKIE. Just like the Greek mythology list, this one starts with a couple of names that really belong on dogs, not on people. I would have a hard time taking a woman with either name seriously. (Sure, there's Coco Chanel, but she was extremely wealthy and well-connected and could get away with it...)

10. BELL. Can't picture this (or Belle, for that matter) as a full given name. It seems unfinished. It's also the name of our phone company, which is mainly what pops into my mind.

9. DULCIE. There's a reason why this one never really caught on as a name. It just doesn't sound nice... that "dull" first syllable. Can't warm up to it.

8. ANGEL. It's really over the top for a child, and a totally unrealistic expectation! Angela is much more suitable as a name, I think.

7. STAR. Also over the top... especially since many (if not most) people would assume you meant star as in celebrity, not the Star of Bethlehem.

6. MARY. Finally, we're in the realm of normal, usable names - and from here on in, I like them all. Mary is a pleasant solid choice that you really don't hear that much anymore.

5. HOPE. Love the meaning. Wish the word had more flow, like Spanish "Esperanza". Hope's one short, plain syllable works best as a middle name, I think.

4. NATALIE. A very pretty name, but also very popular, at least where I live.

3. GLORIA. Even though it's dated, I've always really liked this name. It sounds elegant and beautiful, and I love the Christmas carol "Gloria in excelsis Deo".

2. HOLLY. Sweet and lovely.

1. JOY. A bright, shiny, simple little name that you rarely hear... I love it.

(But where is Carol on this list?  What about Noelle?)


NEW LIST: Names ending in "ette".

Annette, Antoinette, Babette, Claudette, Colette, Jeanette, Juliette, Lynette, Mariette, Odette, Suzette, Yvette.

October 4, 2017 5:01 PM

12) Babette: I don't particularly like the letter B and this is just generally ugly 

11) Antoinette: way too Marie-Antoinette.

10) Suzette: crêpes suzette, anyone?

9) Jeanette: I don't really like John, or ANY of its derivatives.

8) Odette: I just don't particularly like this

7) Yvette: it reads as 'old lady' to me

6) Lynette: I prefer this as Linette, but it's pretty either way 

5) Mariette: this just doesn't have much substance, but it's nice 

4) Annette: again, a bit dated, but I like it nonetheless 

3) Colette: so cute! 

2) Juliette: my favourite variant is Julienne, but I really like Juliette 

1) Claudette: it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but Claudette is my favourite on this list! 

New list: Else, Victoria, Julie, Lorraine, Carolyn, Jessica, Clemency, Maia, Lorna, Bethan, Andrea, Fay

October 4, 2017 5:39 PM

12. Clemency. I don't like Clementine because of the My Darlin Clementine song but this is somehow even worse.

11. Bethan. Just looks like Bethany that got cut off.

10. Else. Elsa looks like a name but this just looks like or else!

9. Victoria. Nothing wrong with it, it was just extremely popular in my age group.

8. Julie. Not crazy about anything Julia related. I guess Julie is my favorite but I still don't love it.

7. Carolyn. I like this a whole lot more than Caroline but this still leaves the awful Carrie nickname open, so I don't love it, but I kinda like it.

6. Maia. Honestly everything here on up I really do like, I just have to put them in an order. I guess I like Maya better but I still do quite like this.

5. Fay. I prefer Faye, that looks like more of a real name, but I like the name in any spelling (except Fae)

4. Jessica. I quite like Jessica although I'll admit it's taking a well deserved break.

3. Andrea. Ditto.

2. Lorna. I have some misgivings about Lorena but I think Lorna is great. A good choice if you're looking for a retro choice that's not freaking everywhere.

1. Lorraine. I want this to get big. It seems like it'd be a fun modern take on 90's fave Lauren with a classic touch. I think it'd also make a great middle with a lot of firsts. I love Lorraine!

New List: Greek mythological girls: Andromeda, Aphrodite, Athena, Calliope, Cassandra, Clio, Daphne, Helen, Pandora, Persephone, Selene, Thalia

October 4, 2017 8:49 PM

Quite a few interesting possibilities in this selection...

12. APHRODITE. I gotta think that the Goddess of Beauty and Love is a lot for a girl to live up to. Plus, it's a fairly bulky and cumbersome name with no obvious nickname possibilities, and the sound is just not that appealing. Venus is simpler and smoother.

11. CLIO. Just doesn't appeal to me somehow, and I think most people would misspell it as "Cleo". Or call her Chloe.

10. ANDROMEDA. Trips off the tongue more easily than Aphrodite, the Andromeda Galaxy is a fairly well known association, and she could go by Andie. However, this name has always reminded me of "dromedary", a type of camel.

9. CALLIOPE. I can see a lot of issues of spelling and pronunciation here, the name is unfamiliar to most. There is the appealing and easy nickname Callie, though.

8. PERSEPHONE. Personally, I love the sound of this, it's a very intriguing name, but realistically, I just think she'd get called "purse phone" a lot.

7. HELEN. A fine, lovely classic... but I happen to work with seniors, and this name seems to have been the Jennifer of the 1920's. I just know so-o-o-o many elderly Helens that I have trouble picturing it on a child.

6. SELENE. I suppose this is properly pronounced with three syllables, but most people would pronounce it like Celine Dion, in which case I'd prefer Celine. I do really like Selena though.

5. THALIA. I knew a girl with this name (I believe she was of Greek background), pronounced with the H silent, as TAH-lee-ah. I thought it was very pretty. But if it's THAY-lee-ah, not so much.

4. DAPHNE. I have a good friend with this name, and I associate it mainly with her, so I really like it. (I vaguely think that before I met her, though, the name reminded me of Daffy Duck.)

3. ATHENA. A fine name, and the Goddess of Wisdom is a great namesake to have.

2. CASSANDRA. A lovely classic. Not crazy about Cassie or Sandy as nicknames though, they both sound dated.

1. PANDORA. I've always loved this one! Definitely my favorite.


NEW LIST: Grandpa style. Any of these ready for a comeback?

Albert, Arthur, Donald, Frank, Fred, Gordon, Harold, Leonard, Marvin, Norman, Ronald, Stanley




October 4, 2017 9:51 PM

12. Marvin. The only one I'd say won't ever come back ever.

11. Albert. I know this is about to get huge, because it's gigantic in the UK, but I can't really get on board. Alfred maybe but not Albert.

10. Arthur. I just don't like this, sorry. It is the name I'd most expect to make a comeback though.

9. Fred. A little too comical.

8. Norman. I want to like this but I am having a hard time getting past Norman Bates.

7. Donald. Trump really doesn't effect my opinion on the name, it's just a little too generic to be attatched to any one person. Same goes for Donald Duck (well, actually that's a positive towards the name to me). I love the nickname Donnie but I'm thinking Donovan might be a better way to get to the name.

6. Frank. A little generic, I like Francis and Franklin though.

5. Leonard. Purely on sound I don't like it but I have some strong positve personal associations.

4. Stanley. My wild card choice for a potential revival.

3. Ronald. I really love Ronnie too and there's not really any other good sources for it so I quite like Ronald.

2. Harold. Always been a guilty pleasure. It'd be a good choice if you want to use Harry but want something more substantial.

1. Gordon. Another long time guilty pleasure. I can also see this one making something of a comeback. Maybe in a few years.

New List: The Nine Muses (9) (sorry for the overlap with my last list, I forgot I wanted to do this when I made that one!): Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania

October 5, 2017 2:54 PM

Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania

9. Urania- oh dear, no. 

8. Terpischore- sounds like a disease

7. Polyhymnia- Would have to go by Poly, which I don't really like either.  I just think it's ugly.

6. Euterpe- doesn't sound like a name, especially not a feminine one.

5. Erato- though this sounds male to me.

4. Melpomene- Would have to go by Mel only. 

3. Clio- It's too nicknamey for me, and I think someone in my extended family was named this.

2. Thalia- I don't think I'd use it, but I wouldn't throw it out immediately.  I just don't think it's all that pretty.

1. Calliope- I don't think I'd ever actually use it, but it's the most useable of these for me.  I like the nickname Callie for it, though it is really Grey's Anatomy.


New List: Males from the play Romeo and Juliet (13): Abraham, Balthasar, Benvolio, Escalus, Gregory, John, Laurence, Mercutio, Paris, Peter, Romeo, Sampson, Tybalt

October 6, 2017 1:03 PM

Hmmm... interesting list!

13. MERCUTIO. Probably Shakespeare's attempt at inventing an Italian name, since the play takes place in Verona. Don't really see it as a good fit with current naming patterns here.

12. BENVOLIO. As above. I always imagined Benvolio as the "good twin" to Malvolio from Twelfth Night. He could go by Ben however.

11. ESCALUS. Reminds me of the Cadillac Escalade, might appeal to the kind of folks who name their kids Bentley and Lexus...

10. ROMEO. I have a hard time seeing this name on a real person. It would be a really tough name for a boy to grow up with.

9. ABRAHAM. I've never liked Abraham for some reason. Sounds old and crusty to me. Other people must agree, because despite so many other once rare biblical names becoming popular, this one is still really uncommon.

8. LAURENCE. Not really a favorite, and the nickname Larry is pretty awful. Also, with this spelling, it's a very fashionable French name for girls (the boy's equivalent is Laurent), which is a consideration for those of us living in Canada.

7. PARIS. I like the mythological connection, and this could have been a boy's name I really like, if it hadn't been thoroughly girlified by the likes of Ms. Hilton (ugh).

6. GREGORY. My brother's name. Hard to get past a personal association that close...

5. JOHN. The definitive solid, non-controversial, non-exciting name choice.

4. PETER. I don't mind this name - I've known several pleasant and likeable men by this name, over the years - but it's really not a stylish modern-sounding choice.

3. SAMPSON. A nice alternative to Samuel if you like the nickname Sam - plus the added P moves it away from the Samson & Delilah association.

2. BALTHASAR. For some reason, I love the sound of this name. Not sure if it's a great choice for a child, but it strikes me as very exotic and sophisticated, but thoroughly masculine.

1. TYBALT. Another favorite... I remember thinking what a cool name this was when we did this play in high school English class... though given Tybalt's fate, it might be a bad omen to actually give this name to a child!


NEW LIST: Top girl's names in France, 2015

Louise, Alice, Chloe, Emma, Ines, Sarah, Jeanne, Anna, Adele, Juliette, Camille, Lea


October 6, 2017 2:09 PM

Top girl's names in France, 2015

Louise, Alice, Chloe, Emma, Ines, Sarah, Jeanne, Anna, Adele, Juliette, Camille, Lea

12. Louise- I have never liked this as a first name, but it makes an ok middle name.

11. Jeanne- Even with the French spelling and pronunciation (which sounds more like a mix of Jen and Jon) I still am not a fan of it.  I have an association with it from a professor in college as well.

10. Camille- I have never thought this nickname was pretty and I really don't like the nickname Cami.

9. Lea- I always feel like this is a mispelled Leah.  Some people pronounce it Lee and others Leah.  I don't like ambigous pronunciation names.

8. Sarah- Good name, but super common.  It's like what you said about John above.  Kind of boring.

7. Emma- I am really sick of this name.  It's also my niece's name.

6. Alice- I don't love it, don't hate it.  It's a little old for me.

5. Juliette- I don't think I could ever name a kid this bcause of Romeo and Juliet.  Also, the spelling is awful.

4. Ines- Ths is just ok. 

3. Adele- This is an older name and I don't see it working well on a small child, but it's not bad.  I like the singer Adele a lot.

2. Anna- Solid name, a bit boring and common.

1. Chloe- While this is really common, I think it is the prettiest name on here and the one I would be most likely to use.


I'm a teacher, this is the boys in my home room class.  Alexander, Austin, Blake, Calder, Chrisxavier, Daniel, Jackson, Jordan, Joshua, Kessler, Kody, Michael, Nathan, Riley

October 7, 2017 5:32 PM

14. Kody- Do not like the name Cody and do not like C names being K names

13. Chrisxavier- I do not like this name combo...

12. Kessler- Sounds made up

11. Daniel- I do not like Daniel but I do like Dan

10. Jordan- Jordan seems to be more like a girl name to me

9. Riley- Similar to Jordan, perfer it to be girl

8. Michael- Just okay

7. Calder- See above

6. Blake- Can be cute but sometimes I see this a preppy bully name from an 80s movie

5. Jackson- LOVE Jack but the additional son lessens it

4. Alexander- I like it

3. Austin- I think it is a good strong name

2. Joshua- I have always liked this name and liked Josh

1. Nathan- A solid name and I like Nate as well.


New List: Girl names that end in -A: Audra, Bianca, Layla, Julia, Freya, Clara, Kira, Eva, Jada, Oona, Layla, Amalia, Mila

October 7, 2017 6:21 PM

Audra, Bianca, Layla, Julia, Freya, Clara, Kira, Eva, Jada, Oona, Layla, Amalia, Mila

12. Oona. Too inherently comical. Completely unusable. (Una, while not great, at least removes that goofy Oo opener.)

11. Mila. I've always thought Mila sounded like a hooker's name. Don't know where that comes from but I can't get past it.

9(tie). Julia and Clara. Nothing wrong with the names themselves I just hate them because of people I've met with them.

8. Kira. Seems a little deficient. Kiara or Kierra are a lot better in this regard.

7. Bianca. I loathe the Rescuers which is probably the biggest cultural association with the name, but otherwise I do like it.

6. Jada. Don't love it but I don't dislike it.

5. Audra. Ditto.

4. Amalia. Ditto again.

3. Freya. Kinda frilly and pretentious but I actually quite like it regardless.

2. Layla. It's kind of everywhere but what can I say I like the song.

1. Eva. A classic name without any big detractions. I can't say it's an all time fave or anything but I can't think of anything glaringly wrong with it.

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October 8, 2017 12:40 AM

Jane Austen characters - Anne, Catherine, Elinor, Emma, Fanny, Isabella, Jane, Kitty, Lizzie, Lydia, Marianne, Mary

12. Kitty- This is a pet name not a real name.

11. Fanny- Just no

10. Marianne- It is too Gilligan's Island

9. Elinor- I used to like this name but I am outgrowing it I think.

8. Isabella- I like Bella and like Isabelle but Isabella is just okay

7. Mary- I like it and think it is starting to freshen up a bit.

6. Lizzie- A cute nickname

5. Catherine- It is a timeless name

4. Jane- Classic and simple

3. Anne- Simple but great

2. Lydia- It is girly and graceful

1. Emma- I love everything about Emma but the popularity. Love the meaning behind it, the German roots and the short, timeless name. 


New List- Girl names that sounds like feminine forms of boys names: Antonia, Thea, Johnna, Emmanuelle, Willa, Mattea, Victoria, Georgina, Alexandra, Paulina, Maxine, Ramona, Leona

October 8, 2017 6:19 AM

13) Johnna. I've never heard of this, but it's terrible.

12) Willa. One of my least favourite names of all time.

11) Antonia. Always makes me think of Marie-Antoinette, who was born Maria Antonia. Besides, it's very upper-class-sounding.

10) Ramona. Just not a fan.

9) Georgina. Again, very posh, and I don't really like the sound of it.

8) Maxine. A name I wish I liked.

7) Leona. I don't really like Leo- names on girls in general, but this is all right, I suppose.

6) Alexandra. I don't love this or dislike it. I'm indifferent.

5) Paulina. It's all right. No objections.

4) Victoria. This is quite posh, again, but it's all right. 

3) Thea. I really like this in French, where it's pronounced like TAY-a, but THEE-a is just... no. 

2) Mattea. This has that TAY sound I like from Thea, and it's a nice name. 

1) Emmanuelle. This is great! It's extravagantly long without being frilly, and it's fairly familiar and obviously not made up without being basic.

New list (girls names on Nymbler that come up when I put my name (Isobel) in the inspirations): Isabella, Almeta, Maxie, Violette, Clementina, Theodora, Violet, Adeline, Bea, Leonor, Veta, Blossom 

October 8, 2017 6:43 AM

12) Leonor. It's ok but it looks incomplete to me.

11) Almeta. Don't like the way this name sounds.

10) Veta. The name looks like a name of something medical to me.

9) Maxie. I just think of Maxi pads!

8) Adeline. Not a bad name, just not my style.

7) Clementina. I prefer Clementine, although I do like the idea of having Tina as a nn.

6) Blossom. Pretty name. You have to a certain person to pull this off as a first name.

5) Bea. Cute name - nice nn for Beatrice (which I prefer)

4) Violet. Cute but kind of becoming popular now.

3) Violette. I really like the spelling of this name more. I don't know why.

2) Isabella. Classic name. The popularity of this name surprisingly doesn't put me off.

1) Theodora. Love this name. Love the nicknames Dora or Teddy. Just beautiful.

New list (girl names that come up Baby Name Wizard's Name Matchmaker when I put Holly as a suggestion): Heather, April, Kelly, Heidi, Amber, Sonia, Andrea, Ebony, Charity, Shannon, Amy, Erin

October 8, 2017 9:25 AM

Aww, I like all of these names!

10(tie). Heather, Amber and Amy. I like all of these but I know they are really dated.

9. Shannon. I prefer Sharon but I do like Shannon.

8. Heidi. I quite like Heidi, I know I'm the only one though.

7. Ebony. My first thought is My Immortal, which makes me love the name, but yeah it'd be a weird name to have if you're not black.

6. April. I don't think this is that dated, and it's way more beautiful than soon to be crazy popular June.

5. Kelly. I have some good personal associations but I'll admit it's kind of dated.

4. Andrea. I love the full Andrea but I despise Andie on a girl, that's kind of dragging me down.

3. Charity. The meaning is a little weighty but it's very beautiful and the meaning is good never the less. I mean, it's better to be charitable than to be graceful, right?

2. Erin. I just love this one, I don't know why.

1. Sonia. Why isn't this popular? It's basically Sophia with an N. This spelling is also the best. Sonya makes me think of Sony and Sonja, while pretty, most people wouldn't get the J's pronunciation. I love this.

New List: Zoya's finally announced its holiday collection!: Blake, Isadora, Landon, Delaney, Danielle, Kelsey, Sheri, Fallon, Ming, Tawny, Solstice, Nadia

October 8, 2017 1:30 PM

New List: Zoya's finally announced its holiday collection!: Blake, Isadora, Landon, Delaney, Danielle, Kelsey, Sheri, Fallon, Ming, Tawny, Solstice, Nadia

12. Ming- I think this is fine if it is cultural, but it's not my culture

11. Tawny- yuck

10. Solstice- it's a time of year, not a name

9. Sheri- can't stand the name or the spelling

8. Landon- this is one of my favorite boys names ever, but it is not a girl's name in any way shape or form.

7. Nadia- I think it is ugly

6. Danielle- super dated and bad association

5. Fallon- it's not a pleasant sounding name

4. Isadora- I don't hate it or love it

3. Kelsey- dated

2. Blake- I actually like this one a girl

1. Delaney- I love this name.  It's cute.  I like it as Delaney or with the nickname Laney.


New list: I put in Delaney, Blake, and Kelsey to get a list of boys names with the matchmaker feature.  Boys: Brennan, Bailey, Tanner, Colby, Mackenzie, Dalton, Cody, Maxwell, Dawson, Keaton, Payton, Jarrett, Dakota, Dayton, Keegan


October 8, 2017 6:37 PM

15. Keegan. Absolutely hideous. I don't get what people see in it.

14. Colby. I don't know why I associate Colby with people who are really stupid. Don't know why.

13. Bailey. Don't like it for boys or girls.

12. Mackenzie. Gone girl.

11. Cody. I used to like it but now I think it's kinda trashy.

10. Keaton. Kinda preppy.

9. Dayton. Ditto.

8. Dawson. Ditto again

7. Dalton. Ditto again again.

6. Tanner. Ditto again again again.

5. Brennan. I prefer Brendan/Brandon, but this is fine.

4. Payton. I actually quite like this for boys.

3. Jarrett. I can kinda get behind this. Not my favorite thing ever but I kinda like it.

2. Maxwell. I'm not crazy about anything Max, but this is definitely my fave variant.

1. Dakota. I actually like this equally for boys and girls.

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October 9, 2017 6:06 PM

I already posted the top names for girls in France, so here are the top 15 boys' names in France (Paris) in 2015:

Gabriel, Adam, Raphael, Paul, Louis, Arthur, Alexandre, Victor, Jules, Mohamed, Lucas, Joseph, Antoine, Gaspard, Maxime


MOHAMED: Unranked. It's not a name I would or could use, nor could the great majority of French people, so I shouldn't really pass judgements...

14. GASPARD. While I think this name sounds fine in French, it's awful pronounced in English... just makes me think of gasping for air.

13. JULES. The French form of Julius. Don't really care for the sound of it in either language.

12. ANTOINE. Just not a fan. Not crazy about Anthony, Antonio, Anton, or any other variants either - personal associations.

11. MAXIME. While I quite like the name Max, this version sounds and looks too close to Maxine for my comfort. And didn't there used to be a dirty magazine called Maxim, in the olden days before internet porn?

10. VICTOR. I don't hate it, but it's not really a favorite.

9. JOSEPH. A strong masculine classic, but again, not a huge favorite. Kind of boring really.

8. PAUL. As above.

7. GABRIEL. It's okay, but I hate the nickname Gabe (though I don't think French Gabriels are ever called that...)

6. ALEXANDRE. Not terrible, but not exciting either. This name seems to be super popular in almost every country right now, as are the local variants of Sophia/Sophie...

5. LOUIS. A nice strong classic, I'm surprised it isn't used more here.

4. RAPHAEL. Very romantic and attractive, I'm not sure I would use it though, it would seem a bit flowery for a boy here.

3. ARTHUR. This name has really grown on me lately, and I think it sounds just as good or even better in French.

2. ADAM. A great solid masculine name I've always liked, and every Adam I've ever met has been a really decent guy.

1. LUCAS. Another name I've always loved, one of my favorites really... it's a shame it's become so hugely popular here, just like in France!


NEW LIST: Going through some old photos at my mother's place yesterday, came across my elementary school graduation photo. These were the names of the 14 girls in my class that year (including my real name!). You can probably all make a fairly accurate guess at my age from this list, come to think of it!

Donna, Elizabeth, Hayley, Heather, Katie, Melanie, Monica, Robyn, Sarah, Sharon, Shelley, Stephanie, Susan, Suzanne.



October 9, 2017 6:34 PM

Donna, Elizabeth, Hayley, Heather, Katie, Melanie, Monica, Robyn, Sarah, Sharon, Shelley, Stephanie, Susan, Suzanne.

14. Shelley- I have never much liked this name and I don't really know why.  

13. Sharon- Same with Shelley and it feels so old, can't see a child with it.

12: Suzanne- I really don't much like the "Su" names.  They bore me.  

11. Susan- see above

10. Katie- it's a nickname, not a given name

9. Donna- dated.

8. Elizabeth- too common for my taste

7. Monica- I have always felt it is harsh and don't see it on a child well

6. Heather- I've known too many Heather's, some good and some not so good

5. Sarah- too commom

4. Hayley- I like it, but it's too close to my sister's name, Bailey for me to use but I prefer this spelling of it over all the others

3. Melanie- I like it, but it does feel very 80s to me.

2. Robyn- I really like this name, and spelled this way.  

1. Stephanie- a name that is consistently on my list to consider so I can call her Stevie.

My last list was the boys in my homeroom so this is the girls:

Olivia, Courtney, Riley, Hailey, Sarah, Jade, Hannah, Taryn, Bailey, Libby, Nevaeh, Cheyenne, Briannah

October 9, 2017 6:57 PM

12. Taryn. Sounds like a boy's name.

11. Briannah. I don't like any of the Brianne names.

10. Bailey. Kinda a mean girl's name, I don't mean to offend your sister.

9. Olivia. Boring as all get out.

8. Libby. A little too kiddish, can't imagine this one anyone older than 10 with it. I hope it's short for Elizabeth.

7. Riley. I like it better for boys.

6. Courtney. I used to love this but now I'm working with a difficult Courtney.

5. Hailey. Don't like this spelling.

4. Hannah. Just a little dull.

3. Nevaeh. I actually don't hate Nevaeh. I despise Niamh/Neve but I don't have Nevaeh. Don't know why.

2. Sarah. Boring but classic.

1. Cheyenne. I think I discussed this on the Love Like Lose but I adore Cheyenne, it's simultaneously cowboy cool and yet feminine.

New List: Unusual girls' florals: Acacia, Amaryllis, Aster, Bluebell, Calla, Clover, Delphine, Hyacinth, Lotus, Orchid, Petunia, Posey

October 9, 2017 7:37 PM

Not offended.  My sister is a terrible human... lol

New List: Unusual girls' florals: Acacia, Amaryllis, Aster, Bluebell, Calla, Clover, Delphine, Hyacinth, Lotus, Orchid, Petunia, Posey

12. Bluebell- too close to blue balls11. Hyacinth- it's just not a name10. Acacia- just seriously dislike this9. Orchid- doesn't translate well to a name8. Posey- way too cutesy for me7. Lotus- still not a name I see for a human6. Petunia- too cutesy5. Clover- doesn't translate well to a name4. Aster- I don't hate it, but don't love it3. Delphine- It's okay, but a bit of a mouthful2. Amaryllis- again, a real mouthful and pretty old sounding1. Calla- I think this is actually super cute, the only one I really really like New List: Last names as first names for boys Adler, Beckett, Brady, Carter, Cohen, Davis, Easton, Hendrix, Lennox, Nash, Sawyer, Shaw, Walker

October 9, 2017 9:11 PM

Adler, Beckett, Brady, Carter, Cohen, Davis, Easton, Hendrix, Lennox, Nash, Sawyer, Shaw, Walker


13. COHEN. This is a Jewish surname that means priest. My husband and his family, who are Jewish, were just discussing recently how much they hate the goyim (i.e. the rest of us) calling their kids that, it's disrespectful and borderline offensive, like non-religious parents naming their kids Christ would be. So, please no!

12. WALKER. What old people use to walk with. Why, why, why would you name your kid that, and would the siblings be Cane and Crutch?

11. NASH. Sounds just awful as a given name. It rhymes with trash.

10. ADLER. Another Jewish surname, not with religious significance, but just not attractive - sounds like "addled".

9. HENDRIX. Trying way too hard.

8. BRADY. My primary association with this name is that cheesy old 1970's TV show The Brady Bunch. Of all the names on this list, it sounds the least masculine - maybe because it rhymes with Lady?

7. DAVIS. Not awful, I suppose... but why not David? Everyone will think his name is David anyway.

6. SHAW. Again, not awful, but a bit odd as a given name.

5. EASTON. Meh. Don't dislike it, but can't warm up to it, either. A bit too country for my taste, maybe.

4. CARTER. It's okay, but we know a massively huge Burmese Mountain Dog by this name, so that's my primary association.

3. SAWYER. Finally getting to names I don't mind. I like the sound of Sawyer, but I can imagine the variety of weird ways it would get misspelled.

2. LENNOX. I quite like Lennox, it definitely has style - not sure I would actually use it though.

1. BECKETT. Don't know why I love this name, it's not my usual style, but it's quirky, distinctive, fun, and the sound of it really appeals to me.


NEW LIST: Girls names starting with W. There really aren't that many... here are 15.

Wallis, Wanda, Waverly, Wendy, Whitney, Wilhelmina, Willa, Willow, Wilma, Winifred, Winnie, Winona, Winter, Wren, Wynne



October 10, 2017 9:36 AM


15. Wallis- I know this is the girls spelling, but it's a boys name, and not one I like at all.

14. Wilma- Flintstone

13. Wilhelmina- it's a mouthful and not very pretty

12. Wanda- All I can think of is Wanda Sykes (who I don't hate) but it's still super unattractive

11. Winnie- this is a nickname.  I love the nickname, but it is only a nickname.

10. Wynne- just a fancier way of spelling Winnie that looks like less of a nickname.

9. Waverly- I have always felt this name was just bizzare.

8. Winter- my least favorite of the season names

7. Willa- this is okay, but there are much better options

6. Whitney- dated, but I don't hate it

5. Wendy- all I think of is Peter Pan, it's not awful but not wonderful

4. Willow- Not a horrendous name, I just like the others better

3. Wren- short and sweet

2. Winona- I thnk of Winona Ryder- not a good or bad thing.  I love the nickname Winnie.

1. Winifred- I have a soft spot for this name.  I love the nickname Winnie, but also don't hate Freddie on a girl.  My friend named his daughter this, so it is unusable for me, but still so cute!


Male Harry Potter characters (there are a lot so I am only putting in the big ones): Sirius, Cedric, Albus, Dudley, Rubeus, Neville, Remus, Draco, Harry, James, Severus, Arthur, Fred, George, Ronald

October 10, 2017 10:56 AM

Sirius, Cedric, Albus, Dudley, Rubeus, Neville, Remus, Draco, Harry, James, Severus, Arthur, Fred, George, Ronald

12. Dudley. Rowling picked her best fat dummy name for the character.

6(tie). Sirius, Albus, Rubeus, Severus, Draco & Remus. I can't picture anyone besides the Harry Potter characters with these names. They're all really weird and outlandish.

5(tie). George & Harry. I've already made my problems with these two clear.

4. Neville. Just not very exciting.

3. Arthur. Same.

2. Fred. Not crazy about the nickname Fred but I do like the full Frederick.

1. James. A classic that doesn't sound boring like George.

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October 20, 2017 11:15 PM

 list: Ruby, Indigo, Scarlett, Jade, Sienna, Sage, Cyan, Olive, Violet, Rose, Clementine, Mauve, Kelly

13. Cyan- I sounds like a car. I think it is a great color but name... i am not convinced

12. Indigo- I just do not see this as a name in general. 

11. Mauve- I think it can be a great middle name but just okay for a first name

10. Olive- I really want to like this name, but I just don't

9. Clementine- I think it is darling but does not age well

8. Kelly- I like it, it is a little dated but still a solid choice

7. Violet- Just okay. I used to really like this but i grew out of it

6. Ruby- A great name but has been getting too popular recently. I think it is cute overall

5. Rose- A timeless classic

4. Scarlett- I think it is a fun name. It can be mysterious or sporty

3. Jade- Fun and earthy. I tend to like shorter names too

2. Sage- I feel like it is an unpopular opinion but I really like it. I think it is another friendly-fun, earthy name

1. Sienna- This was a wierd name. When I first rated it, it was down around 10 but I kept liking it more and more each time I said it. I think it is slightly exotic but also girl-next-door. 

New List: Spooky/Halloween Names- Raven, Carrie, Lillith, Regan, Clarice, Buffy, Samara, Blair, Rosemary, Sabrina, Eve, Belladonna, Elvira

October 21, 2017 1:12 AM

13. Elvira- so so so ugly

12. Belladonna- too much, hate bell names

11. Buffy- only think of the vampire slayer and it seems trashy

10. Eve- just don't really like it, seems incomplete

9. Blair- it's my name and while I like it, I could never use it

8. Rosemary- it's okay, but I just think of where you got it Rosemary's Baby

7. Sabrina- I never thought this name was pretty

6. Lilith- I just think of Niles wife

5. Carrie- I like this name, but like the others more

4. Regan- prefer Reagan, but don't hate it

3. Clarice- I like it, just like the others more

2. Raven- I like it, but don't know I could ever use it

1. Samara- I've always really loved this name


Top 15 boys names in Kansas:

Liam, William, Mason, Oliver, Wyatt, Noah, Ethan, Henry, Owen, Benjamin, Carter, Logan, Alexander, James, Elijah

October 21, 2017 2:10 PM

15. Elijah. Sounds like a name that would be big in Kansas, in the stereotypical sense.. Pro tip to anyone living in a state which is stereotyped as being full of rednecks or hicks - If you don't want to sound like a redneck don't use a redneck name like Elijah.

14. Henry. I just can't see this name on anyone charming or handsome, at all.

13. William. Just so boring.

12. Benjamin. I've always thought this sounded really weird, I think it's because of the J in the middle. That just seems kinda uncanny, that's not where Js belong.

11. Owen. It was so extremely popular in my neck of the woods just a little after I was born. That's probably why my mental image of an Owen is an obnoxious little sibling.

10. Noah. I don't hate it I just don't have any strong feelings either way.

9. Oliver. Ditto.

8. Liam. Ditto.

7. Ethan. I used to love this but now I've kinda cooled on it. Still like it though.

6. Mason. I'm surprised this is so popular now, I mean, I know Masons in their 30's because I know this name rode the coattails of Jason a little. I do like it though.

5. James. A classic name that doesn't sound boring for once!

4. Wyatt. I actually really like this, although it is just a bit too popular.

3. Carter. I really hope this doesn't go girl, I love this on boys.

2. Logan. Ditto.

1. Alexander. I have a lot of strong and good personal associations for the name so I'm glad it's still doing so well after all these years.

Next: Poster's choice (I'm out of lists)

October 21, 2017 4:42 PM

Okay, here's a list... Heroines of Children's Literature.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Anne (Anne of Green Gables)

Laura (Little House on the Prairie series)

Dorothy (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

Rebecca (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm)

Madeline (Madeline series by L. Bemelmans)

Wendy (Peter Pan)

Pippi (Pippi Longstocking)

Charlotte (Charlotte's Web)

Eloise (Kay Thompson's Eloise series)

Ramona (Ramona series by Beverly Cleary)

Hermione (Harry Potter series)


October 21, 2017 8:15 PM

12. Dorothy- I'm from Kansas, this is a no go

11. Eloise- I never found this even remotely attractive)

10: Anne- yawn

9. Pippi- I can only see this a nickname

8. Alice- also yawn

7. Madeline- too popular

6. Charlotte- too popular

5. Laura- I find this also to be boring 

4. Wendy- eh, It's not awful but I'd never use it

3. Hermione- I love it but could never use it

2. Rebecca- solid classic

1. Ramona- I've always love this name, it can grow with a person


New List: Current Yankees (picked 15)

Masahiro, Aaron, Gary, Sonny, Aroldis, Gregory, Clinton, Todd, Luis, Starlin, Dellin, Brett, Matthew, Jacoby, Didi 

October 21, 2017 9:41 PM

15. DIDI. For a boy??? Yikes. I'm sure it's really a nickname for something else.

14. SONNY. Also a nickname, ridiculous as a given name.

13. STARLIN. Sounds awfully girly to me.

12. AROLDIS. Just kinda weird.

11. JACOBY. Is this a nickname of Jacob? Also kinda weird.

10. MASAHIRO. A solid standard Japanese name, but not being Japanese, it would be kind of odd to use it (Ayaka is also a Japanese name, but not my real one).

9. LUIS. A solid standard Spanish name, but not being Hispanic, I would prefer Louis or Lewis.

8. DELLIN. Not horrible, but where I live it's famous as the name of a killer in a sensational local murder case, so, no.

7. CLINTON. Sounds like an old man, can't picture it on a child.

6. GARY. Very dated. Again, can't picture it on a child in 2017.

5. TODD. Never been a fan, always thought it sounded dopey.

4. BRETT. Ditto.

3. GREGORY. My brother's name. Not awful, but boring.

2. AARON. Not a particular favorite, but okay.

1. MATTHEW. The only name on this list I really like...


NEW LIST: Boy's names ranked 989-1000 on the 2016 US baby name rankings.

Anton, Jamar, Jeremias, Ralph, Wesson, Bode, Braeden, Brenden, Eliezer, Davian, Gus, Jonathon


November 1, 2017 9:06 PM

12. Bode. Not much better than the despicable Bodhi.

11. Eliezer. Look people, I know Biblical names starting with Eli are huge right now, I hate all of them but I completely draw the line at Eliezer!

10. Ralph. Please stay at the bottom of the charts.

9. Wesson. Sounds like Weston (itself not a great name) with a speech impediment.

8. Gus. Soooooooo hipstery.

7. Braeden. Sounds kinda girly, honestly.

6. Jeremias. Sounds kinda mispelled.

5. Davian. Don't really have any strong feelings.

4. Jamar. A solid name for a black guy.

3. Anton. A solid name for an Eastern European guy.

1(tie). Brenden & Jonathon. Not my fave spellings but I like Brendan and Jonathan quite a lot.

New List: First 12 Atlantic hurricane names retired (all girls): Carol, Edna, Hazel, Connie, Diane, Ione, Janet, Audrey, Donna Carla, Hattie, Flora

November 1, 2017 11:05 PM

12, Connie- ugly, dated, and horrible unattractive

11. Audrey- I LOATHE this name

10. Carla- too old

9. Carol- super dated

8. Edna- old and ugly

7. Janet- Dammit Janet is all I think of from Rocky Horror

6. Flora- not a fan of flower names

5. Donna- dated

4. Ione-- pronunciation nightmare

3. Hazel- never understood the appeal of this

2. Diane- close to my mom's name

1. Hattie- I prefer this as a nickname to a fuller name, but it's easily the best on this list by a mile


New List: 12 Male Marvel superheros real names

Steven, Peter, Samuel, T'Challa, Henry, Pietro, Thor, Simon, Bruce, Robert, Lucas, Anthony

November 2, 2017 11:00 AM

Interesting list!

12. T'CHALLA.  Deliberately alien-sounding, not usable...

11. THOR.  I actually used to know a guy named Thor, but he was Swedish, and I assume it's a normal name there. Here, it would be a really tough name for a kid to grow up with.

10. BRUCE.  Never liked this name. My primary association is the celebrity now known as Caitlyn.

9. ANTHONY.  Not a big fan, due to personal associations.

8. PIETRO.  Very Italian.

7. PETER.  Very boring. Even if you are Spiderman.

6. ROBERT.  Also boring, and has been really popular for about 100 years - needs a rest.

5. HENRY.  I don't hate it, but I don't really see the appeal... seems a bit stuffy and uptight.

4. STEVEN.  I've always kind of liked this name, though it was really overdone in the 60's-70's and seems like such a Dad name now.

3. SAMUEL.  A good solid name, and not overly common.

2. LUCAS.  Has always been a favorite of mine, though its current popularity has turned me off it a bit.

1. SIMON.  Has also always been a favorite, and still is!


NEW LIST: Winners of Miss Universe pageant since 2003 (14 total):

Amelia, Jennifer, Natalie, Zuleyka, Riyo, Dayana, Stefania, Ximena, Leila, Olivia, Gabriela, Paulina, Pia, Iris


November 2, 2017 11:25 AM

14. Riyo. I thought this was a boy's name.

13. Dayana. Sounds silly.

12. Zuleyka. Just not my style.

11. Leila. I really hate this spelling in general because I don't know if it's pronounced like Layla or Leela. My brain reads Leela and I'm constantly corrected by people, but it really looks like it should be pronounced Leela.

10. Ximena. Another name I can't seem to ever pronounce right.

9. Olivia. Overused.

8. Amelia. Same.

7. Gabriela. I don't know too many people with this spelling but Gabriella in general is pretty overused.

6. Jennifer. Pretty but it was overused in the '70's.

5. Iris. Beautiful but it's probably going to get overused soon.

4. Pia. I honestly don't know why this one isn't more popular with Mia and Nia ruling the charts.

3. Natalie. A timeless classic that's not quite at the point of being overused.

2. Stefania. A fun more updated take on Stephanie.

1. Paulina. I love Paula but I can't seem to talk people into it, but I think I'll have a better chance with Paulina.

Next: Poster's choice of the previously given lists.

November 2, 2017 2:37 PM

Anton, Jamar, Jeremias, Ralph, Wesson, Bode, Braeden, Brenden, Eliezer, Davian, Gus, Jonathon

12. Wesson- the double s is bizarre, Weston is fine, but this is not.  The t makes all the difference

11. Jamar- it's a name I could never use, not my style

10. Eliezer- Not a big Eli fan and this is a pronuncation and spelling nightmare.

9. Davian- why can't it just be David or Damian why mix them?

8. Ralph- like puke?

7. Gus- nickname only, I like the nickname, but it's still not a given name

6. Jeremias- seems almost pretentious with the s, Jeremiah is ok, so is Jeremy (though neither are favorites) but this is bad

5. Braeden- sick of this name and don't like the spelling

4. Anton- it's an okay name, nothing wrong with it but I don't love it

3. Bode- It's just okay, very surfer dude

2. Brenden- this may have gotten number one had it been spelled correctly, Brendan. 

1. Jonathan- a solid classic name


New List:

12 Female Marvel superheros real names:


Diana, Emma, Jennifer, Natasha, Carol, Kamala, Wanda, Ororo, Jubilation, Katherine, Jean, Anna

November 2, 2017 2:56 PM

12) Ororo - a Google search told me that the character with this name is of Kenyan origin, but to my English ears it just sounds silly. I don't know if this name is at all used in real Kenyan culture.

11) Wanda - I've always despised this. It's ugly written down, contains the word "wan", and is just overall hideous.

10) Kamala - just not my thing

9) Carol - so dated, and I don't like it anyway.

8) Diana - I've never liked this. It comes across as snobbish and sounds harsh. Just no.

7) Natasha - I don't like the repeating A sound 

6) Jubilation - this is actually kind of cute, but it's still a bit much 

5) Jean - it's old-fashioned, but all right 

4) Anna - a bit basic but fine

3) Jennifer - I've always loved Jennifer, going back to way before I understood the concept of datedness.

2) Emma - okay, it's super-popular, but that's for a reason. It's just really nice. 

1) Katherine - one of my favourites. Classic, with lots of potential nicknames, and basically impossible to object to.

New list (girls' names ranked 89-100 in Germany in 2015): Chiara, Tilda, Miriam, Franziska, Valentina, Juna, Linda, Thea, Elli, Rosalie, Selina, Fabienne 

November 2, 2017 4:05 PM

12. Franziska. I'm not German.

11. Elli. Looks too much like one of my least faves for a boy Eli.

10. Chiara. Huh?

9. Fabienne. Not really my thing.

8. Tilda. I kinda like it, I don't have any strong feelings on it.

7. Juna. I don't really like it but it's a million times better than June.

6. Thea. It's overused and starting to get boring.

5. Valentina. It's a little frilly and forced romantic but it is pretty.

4. Miriam. It's solid.

3. Rosalie. I haven't really been crazy about it for a while (I liked Rosalie before it was cool!) but it's still cute.

2. Linda. I actually quite like Linda. My idea of dated names are the names that were big in my generation. I don't know any Lindas my age so I don't think it's dated at all. I'd rather meet a little Linda than another little Emma.

1. Selina. I hope this gets big over here! So pretty and isn't quite as forced beautiful (you know what I mean?) as Selena.

Next: Poster's choice of the previous lists

November 2, 2017 8:24 PM

12. Polly - I only think of Polly Pockets.  It doesn't feel like a complete name to me.

11. Rosa- Not a fan of "Rose" names

10. Claudia- not my style at all

9. Hannah- way to popular and I don't think it's that great

8. Simone- It's okay, but I'd never use it

7. Ingrid- It's almost harsh sounding

6. Maura- I like it ok, but I don't think I'd ever use it.  Sounds almost a little pretentious for my taste.

5. Vivian- Love the nickname Vivi, and it's not a horrible name but not a favorite either.

4. Aria- I really like this name but I fear with the popularity of Game of Thrones it'll be on every kid.

3. Nora- a solid classic, cute and can grow with a person

2. Harlow- a big guilty pleasure name for me, I really like it but don't know I'd have the guts to ever use it.

1. Bridget- a classic, beautiful, timeless.

New List: 13 Male DC Comics superhero real names

Kal-El, Clark, Bruce, Hal, Barry, Arthur, Victor, Oliver, Rip, Richard, Jason,Timothy, Damian