Rank the Names!

This game is simple - just rank the names, in descending order with 1 being the best. You can respond to any of the previously put together lists and then put out your own list. Your list can be any length and can be all boys, all girls, or a mix of both (just make sure you clarify what gender on unisex names!) and it can have a theme or just be random.

Example round: One of my favorite nail polish brands, Zoya, gives all of their polishes womens' names, but, after more than 15 years and 900 polishes, they're occasionally grasping at straws for names sometimes. Their summer collection, Wanderlust, consisted of River, Lois, Sawyer, Cora, Byrdie, Esty (not to be confused with Etsy), Winnie, Sonja, Journey, Mandy, Scout, and Arbor, in this case all girls' names.

12. Arbor. It reads really masculine and who wants to be named after the most useless holiday, Arbor Day, Earth Day's boring little sister?

11. Scout. I really hate To Kill A Mockingbird, so that pretty much means I can't like this name it invented.

10. Esty. I get that it's short for Esther and/or Estelle, but it's hard not to say Etsy.

9. Sawyer. It's okay on girls, but I'd really it rather stay a boys' name and that pretty much means precluding it from being a girls' name.

8. River. Ditto.

7. Lois. Yeah, I know this is on track to be the next Penelope but I just can't really get behind it. I think Family Guy has this name taken forever. Sorry.

6. Journey. I may be a little biased since A) I love the band Journey and B) Journey was my favorite nail polish out of thsi collection but it's a bit wordy. Not the worst word name but not my style. The fact I can't really think of any good nicknames is another strike.

5. Byrdie. You know, I kinda like it. I'd go with Birdie as the spelling and not use it as a full name, but it's a darling nickname (especially for something like Robin or Wren or some other bird name!)

4. Cora. It's kind just okay. It was something I think I liked a little better before it started to catch on. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

3. Sonja. I've always had a soft spot for Sonja, and I don't know why it's not at all popular while Sophia reigns supreme. I'd usually say go with the spelling Sonia though, to avoid spelling & prounciation confusion, but this spelling is an anagram of Jason so it'd be a great way of honoring a familial Jason.

2. Mandy. I have a cousin Amanda so I've been partial to Mandy my whole life.

1. Winnie. I've always thought Winnifred was pretty but a little much and I hate how it lends itself to the nickname Fred, but I quite like Winnie. It's probably the only name I'd 100% say go straight to the nickname without the full form.

Next list (although you still can respond to this one if you like!): Mckenna, Beth, Joni, Presley, Hera, Padma, Hadley, Yvonne, Mona, Elaine, Tabitha, & Gal (all girls, in honor of Zoya's fall collection)


November 3, 2017 5:19 PM

13. Kal-El. Resist the urge to name your son Kal-El, people. Why not Kaleb Eliott or something like that if you really love Superman?

12. Rip. Sounds like a nickname.

11. Damian. I've always thought this sounded very weak. Definitely not the name I would have given the spawn of the devil (although I know here it's not being used as an Omen reference).

10. Hal. Seems kinda nerdy.

9. Arthur. Still think it sounds kinda old and King Arthur is a bit lofty of a namesake that no little Arthur will ever live up to.

8. Timothy. Never been a fave.

7. Oliver. Cute but overused.

6. Barry. It's solid.

5. Bruce. Not my fave, but I'm surprised this isn't more popular because all of my pop culture associations (Wayne, Banner, Springsteen) are quite positive.

4. Clark. It's nice.

3. Richard. I've always thought Richard was quite a nice name.

2. Victor. Always thought this sounded strong and cool without coming off as try-hard.

1. Jason. An all-time fave of mine, a mythological name that doesn't sound pretentious or awkward!

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November 3, 2017 7:45 PM

I'll go with the hurricanes...

First 12 Atlantic hurricane names retired (all girls): Carol, Edna, Hazel, Connie, Diane, Ione, Janet, Audrey, Donna, Carla, Hattie, Flora

12. HATTIE.  Sorry, but I can't really share Blair's enthusiasm for this one, it sounds like an old-timey rural farm wife to me.  I hadn't even realized it was fashionable again, until I heard a woman screaming "Hattie!" at a toddler at Wal-Mart recently (that might have been a Haddie though - even worse).

11. EDNA.  So old and stodgy-sounding, I can't imagine it on anyone under 70...

10. IONE.  Like a lot of the Greek names that are so fashionable now (Chloe, Zoe, Penelope, Phoebe...), I just don't find it very pretty, and it would be mispronounced more often than not.

9. CARLA.  Never been a fan, I think it sounds harsh.

8. JANET.  Very dated and boring.

7. CAROL.  Also very dated and boring.

6. DIANE.  Again, dated and boring.  I've always liked Diana, but somehow Diane seems stuck in 1960.

5. DONNA.  One of the less objectionable baby-boomer names, but still, I know at least a dozen middle-aged Donnas.

4. CONNIE.  Also dated, but I have good personal associations with the name, and I really like Constance.

3. HAZEL.  Hurricane Hazel!  When my mother was in the fifth grade, this hurricane tore the roof off her school and everyone had to spend the rest of the school year in the gym.  I quite like it, I hope it doesn't get super-popular.

2. AUDREY.  Can't help liking this... Audrey Hepburn was my idol growing up, when all the other girls wanted to be Madonna (yeah, okay, I'm dating myself seriously there)

1. FLORA.  Love it!  One of my all time favorites, and so pleasingly uncommon.  I think it's adorable.


NEXT: Poster's choice of the previous lists... can't think of a new list at the moment.

November 3, 2017 8:26 PM


Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Arthur, Wilson, Kennedy, Reagan

12. Madison- it's so tired and very mean girl

11. Jackson- I'm sick of this

10. Jefferson- not a Jeff fan and this would surely be the name the kid goes by

9. Pierce- personal association with someone with this as a last name, plus I just don't think it works well as a first name

8. Wilson- It's okay... but I just keep thinking of Wilson from Home Improvement

7. Arthur- never been a favorite name of mine, nor is Art or Artie

6. Lincoln- it's getting way overused now

5. Kennedy- eh, it's just ok, more for a girl than a guy

4. Monroe- I like this as a girls name, but I think Marilyn not President

3. Tyler- I have always liked this as a boys name, never a girls name

2. Reagan- I don't relate this to politics, maybe because I knew a Reagan growing up before I associated it with a president.  To be honest, not a fan of the president.  

1. Grant- I love love love love love this name on a boy.  It's timeless and can grow with a child.


New List: Past Male Survivor winners: Adam, Jeremy, Michael, Anthony, Tyson, John, Robert, James, Todd, Earl, Aras, Thomas, Christopher, Brian, Ethan, Richard

November 4, 2017 8:10 AM

16) Aras - I've never heard this name before and don't care to hear it again

15) Earl - I love virtue names, but I hate the use of titles (whether military, aristocratic, or otherwise) as first names. 

14) Todd - I just don't like it. 

12) John - weirdly, maybe, I've always hated John. I hate how it looks written down, and I hate the sound. It is redeemed only by its traditional factor.

11) Brian - I just don't like it that much, plus it reminds me of the word brain.

10) Jeremy - this seems slightly dated for some reason

9) Richard - like John, I've just never liked it. It seems pretentious.

8) Michael - don't love it, don't hate it, but it seems kind of dated. I can't imagine a toddler named Michael. 

7) Robert - see Michael

6) Anthony - see Robert

5) Christopher - not a fan of Christ- names, but this is probably the best one 

4) Tyson - it's fine

3) James - nothing wrong with it

2) Ethan - I quite like this 

1) Adam - one of my favourite boys' names, actually. 

New list (names of cities): London, Paris, Adelaide, Sofia, Vienna, Rome, Siena, Sydney, Alexandria, Charlotte, Florence, Phoenix 

November 4, 2017 2:27 PM

New list (names of cities): London, Paris, Adelaide, Sofia, Vienna, Rome, Siena, Sydney, Alexandria, Charlotte, Florence, Phoenix 

12. Rome- not a name for a person11. Phoenix- I've never thought this sounded like a name for a person, despite it being used some10. Sofia- I dislike this spelled any way but especially this way9. London- I've never thought this worked well for a person8. Florence- old and stuffy and not that pretty, plus Flo is a terrible nickname7. Charlotte- too popular6. Paris- I just think of Hilton, so then I think trashy5. Vienna- it's just ok4. Alexandria- I like Alexandra much better, the additional i harms this name3. Siena- I think this is pretty, but I prefer the double n version2. Adelaide- This isn't my favorite ever, but I don't hate it.  Addie is a cute nickname1. Sydney- I love this name.  Despite the hate that I see for it on here.  I have known exactly two Sydney's and both were delightful people.  One was a much older woman who volunteered at the theatre when I was a child who was always incredibly kind to me, the other is a current student who is a smart, athletic, and kind girl.   New List: Female Surviror Winners: Sarah, Michele, Natalie, Denise, Kimberly, Sophia, Sandra, Parvati, Danielle, Amber, Jennifer, Tina

November 5, 2017 4:00 PM

12. Parvati. I can only think of Harry Potter, and anything that only makes me think of Harry Potter just makes me cringe.

11. Michele. I LOVE Michelle but I do not like this spelling one bit.

10. Sophia. Overused. Needs a long, long break.

9. Amber. Getting kinda dated.

8. Natalie. I like it but I worry it's starting to get overused.

7. Sarah. Classic and strong, but there's nothing super exciting about it. Can't go wrong with it though.

6. Jennifer. Cute but definitely needs a vacation.

5. Danielle. Cute but a smidge dated.

4. Kimberly. I really don't like Kim or Kimmy but I quite like the full Kimberly.

3. Tina. A classic name with plenty of fun longer alternatives.

2. Denise. I don't think this is dated at all. I'd rather meet a little Denise than another billion little Emmas.

1. Sandra. One of my personal faves, I really love Sandy and the full name too.

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November 5, 2017 6:42 PM

List: Alice, Anne, Laura, Dorothy, Rebecca, Madeline, Wendy, Pippi, Charlotte, Eloise, Ramona, Hermione

12. Wendy- VERY Negative connection

11. Pippi- I just do not like it can be used, maybe as a nickname but eh.

10. Eloise- I just found this name to be too fussy

9. Rebecca- I have always liked this name but I have another negative connection. I also do not like any nicknames for it.

8. Dorothy- I worked at a lace and other crafts store and there were at least 3 woman named Dorothy and all over the age of 70. I just cannot get out that it is an elderly name.

7. Laura- Underwhelming

6. Madeline- Too fussy and Maddie has become a mean-girl name in my eyes

5. Alice- Too something. I used to like it but I outgrew it. I also read a book called Go Ask Alice and the book was good but not happy. However, Love Alice in Wonderland.

4. Hermione- I just love Hermione Granger but it is unusable in my eyes.

3. Anne- Classic but sorta underwhelming. 

2. Charlotte- Too popular now but I still love it. Also love Charlie and Lottie as nicknames.

1. Ramona- Not too popular but not too unique. 


New List: Desdemona, Marion, Viveca, Belle, Samara, Naomi, Amalia, Ines, Misha, Rowan, Tamsin, Shelby

November 5, 2017 10:52 PM

12. Rowan. I despise this on both boys and girls, it's such an eyesore.

11. Desdemona. A Shakespearean name that'll probably never take off, even in the age of Ophelia.

10. Shelby. Have a strong negative personal against it.

9. Samara. Too horror.

8. Tamsin. Reads too masculine.

7. Misha. Just not feeling this.

6. Viveca. A little too dated, but not horrible.

5. Amalia. It's fine.

4. Naomi. Solid.

3. Ines. I prefer Inez by a million miles but I like the name in general.

2. Marion. This needs a comeback.

1. Belle. Despite what some people may say around here, all Belle names are beautiful. If I had my wish, every little girl would have a Belle type name because we are all beautiful.

Next: Word names for boys: Berry, Cloud, Herb, Indigo, Miles, Noble, Ray, Royal, Sky, Stone, Tiger, Wren

November 6, 2017 12:24 AM

12. Royal- Just not a fan of royalty names

11. Noble- See below

10. Berry- Barry is a name but Berry isn't. It is weird but the spelling makes me dislike it so much.

9. Cloud- How is this a name?

8. Tiger- See below.

7. Herb- I have never liked this name but it is a name. I just do not like that people sometimes pronouce the "h"

6. Sky- More feminie but okay

5. Indigo- It is okay. Cool color, could be a neutral name. Indie isn't a bad nickname. 

4. Ray- It is a name but feel underwhelmed by a boy named Ray but really like a girl named Rae. 

3. Stone- Strong name, guilty pleasure but wouldn't use it except if my son was a reporter.. it is a reporter name.

2. Wren- Prefer this to be a girl but really like the name for a boy too. I like animal names and it is simple.

1. Miles- It is also a name and I actually really like it. The shortness but the cool-guy sound to it. 


Next: "lovely and ladylike names"- Primrose, Linnea, Bettina, Cambria, Viola, Odette, Mariska, Zosia, Allegra, Fleur, Idalia, Amoret

November 6, 2017 3:27 AM

12) Bettina - I've always despised Betty and Bettina is worse.

11) Zosia - I don't like Z names and this is just overall NMS.

10) Allegra - never liked it.

9) Amoret - something about this name gets on my nerves. 

8) Cambria - I can tolerate this, but it's not great.

7) Odette - never been a huge fan, but a recent positive association is warming me to it.

6) Mariska - it's fine. No issues here.

5) Idalia - this is actually quite nice, but I wouldn't use it.

4) Viola - I don't mind it at all, but I dislike the pronunciation ambiguity.

3) Fleur - it's okay, but as a French speaker this reads exactly the way someone naming their child Flower in English does, which may not be the intended effect.

2) Primrose - I like this a lot, but the Hunger Games association makes t unusable.

1) Linnea - a personal favourite, which I would use with no qualms.

New list (Katherine derivatives): Catherine, Catrina, Kate, Caitlin, Kathleen, Karen, Kath, Katie, Catalina, Katerina, Carina, Caitriona 

November 6, 2017 10:45 AM

Ugh, the thought of people naming their daughters something so hideous and tasteless as Linnea makes me want to blow my brains out!

Negative infinity - Linnea!!! Naming your daughters something so ugly should be considered child abuse!

12. Kath. I'm fine with Kathy but this is weird.

11. Catalna. Kina frilly.

10. Katerina. Same.

9. Katie. It's fine but it's a little childish, can't picture this on anyone over 25.

8. Kate. The opposite problem, I can't picture this on anyone younger than 40. Fine though.

7. Carina. Just never been one of my faves. I love Karina though.

6. Caitriona. As far as Irish names go I actually quite like Caitriona, but I'm still not crazy about anything Irish.

5. Caitlin. Too popular but this spelling is the best.

4. Catherine. Solid.

3. Catrina. I hope this spelling is more usable than Katrina, which I still love.

2. Karen. I quite like this although it'll still be a while until it's ready for a comeback. Never really thought of this as a Katherine diminutive though.

1. Kathleen. A rare Celtic name I honestly love.

Next: Hippie names for girls: Breeze, Dream, Flower, Imagine, Infinity, Juniper, Love, Peace, Rainbow, River, September, Willow

November 6, 2017 3:32 PM

Next: Hippie names for girls: Breeze, Dream, Flower, Imagine, Infinity, Juniper, Love, Peace, Rainbow, River, September, Willow


12. Infinity- most of these are so terrible it's hard to decide what is worse

11. Imagine- no, not even for the Lennon song

10. Rainbow- do you want to punish the child?

9. Peace- not a name

8. Dream- again, not a name

7. Flower- not a name

6. Breeze- not a name but closer to one...

5. Love- shouldn't be a name

4. September- not a month that should be a name

3. Juniper- yuck

2. Willow- finally an actual name and one I don't despise

1. River- I love River.  This is probably mostly because of my love for Dr. Who and River Song is the best character.


Male Big Brother winners: Joshua, Steven, Derrick, Andrew, Ian, Hayden, Daniel, Adam, Richard, Michael, William, Edward

November 6, 2017 9:48 PM

12. DERRICK.  Derek is fine, but I don't like this spelling at all.

11. HAYDEN.  Unisex and trendy - not my style.  So tired of anything that rhymes with Aidan.

10. RICHARD.  Just never been a fan.

9. IAN.  Bland and forgettable.

8. WILLIAM.  Boring, and inexplicably popular.

7. MICHAEL.  Has been inexplicably popular for about 100 years now...

6. STEVEN.  Okay, I guess, but way too common among my own generation to feel excited about.

5. ANDREW.  Same comment as above...

4. JOSHUA.  I used to hate this name, but I don't mind it anymore - sometimes personal experiences work in a name's favor, rather than against it.

3. EDWARD.  A bit straight-laced, but I like it all the same.  And NOT because of that Twilight rubbish.

2. ADAM.  A fine strong name I've always loved.

1. DANIEL.  My husband <3


NEW LIST: Boy's names that start with O.

Oakley, Odin, Oliver, Omar, Orion, Orlando, Orville, Oscar, Oswald, Otis, Otto, Owen


November 6, 2017 11:01 PM

I hate twilight too


12. Orville- sounds like the name of a town or of a popcorn brand, not a person

11. Odin- the god of war, should not be given to a child unless he is also a god... and not just in your eyes

10. Oakley- a sunglass brand, that is all

9. Omar- just never liked this name

8. Oswald- old and ugly

7. Otto- just makes me think of Auto

6. Orion- like the constellation and myth, not the name

5. Owen- just tired of it

4. Oscar- I just think of a green monster who lives in a trash can

3. Otis- It's ok, but I think of Milo & Otis

2. Orlando- I like Orlando Bloom, and besides him and the town that is really the experience I have with the name.  It's so so.

1. Oliver- maybe I'm just not an O name fan, this is the best and I really don't like it that much


Female Big Brother winners and runners up


Nicole, Rachel, Jordan, Maggie, Jun Song, Lisa, Danielle, Kisses, Ivette, Erika, Natalie, Alison

November 6, 2017 11:33 PM

12. KISSES.  Oh please.

11. JUN SONG.  A Korean name, and I'm not Korean, but given the choice between this and Kisses, it's Jun Song all the way.

10. IVETTE.  Really ugly.

9. MAGGIE.  Gaggy.

8. NICOLE.  Every Nicole I know is pretty nasty, unfortunately.

7. JORDAN.  Too boyish.

6. RACHEL.  Sounds harsh and not pretty, never been a fan.

5. LISA.  Boring.

4. DANIELLE.  Okay, but a bit dated.

3. NATALIE.  A pretty name, but it's been popular for a really long time and is kind of tired.

2. ERIKA.  I've always liked this name, I prefer the C spelling though.

1. ALISON.  It's going out of fashion now, but I've always liked Alison - I tend to like all the "Alice" names.


NEW LIST: 12 most recent US First Ladies.

Melania, Michelle, Laura, Hillary, Barbara, Nancy, Rosalynn, Betty, Pat, Claudia, Jacqueline, Mamie


November 7, 2017 3:12 PM

12. Pat- nickname only

11. Nancy- this name is so old and ugly, I think of the phrase "Nancy Boy"

10. Betty- nickname

9. Claudia- I've never liked this much

8. Rosalynn- Not a "Rose" anything fan

7. Barbara- can't see this on anyone under 50

6. Melania- the a at the end makes this awful

5. Michelle- tired, it was on so many kids my age

4. Hillary- I do not associate this with politics as many do, It's just not a favorite but not awful

3. Laura- way too many kids my age were named this

2. Jacqueline- I actually really like this name and Jackie is a good nickname

1. Mamie- this was my wonderful, amazing, sweet, and loving great grandmothers name.  She lived to 105 and was such an amazing woman.  It has always been on my short list for a girl in honor of her.


12 most recent Canadian male Prime Ministers:

Justin, Stephen, Paul, Jean, Brian, John, Pierre, Joseph, Lester, Louis, William, Arthur

November 7, 2017 5:19 PM

Interesting... as a Canadian I suppose I should tackle these...

12. LESTER.  You don't get much uglier than Lester. Which is probably why Prime Minister Pearson called himself "Mike".

11. JEAN.  A very standard French male name (equivalent to John), but probably awkward in an English-speaking environment.

10. PIERRE.  Another very typical French name, almost stereotypical.

9. JOHN.  Such a dull bland boring name.

8. WILLIAM.  Also bland and boring, and currently hugely popular for some reason.

7. JOSEPH.  I don't mind the full name, it sounds strong and masculine, but I have an aversion to Joey.

6. PAUL.  It's okay, but again, standard and unexciting.

5. LOUIS.  I never used to like Louis, but it's been growing on me lately... an underused classic.

4. BRIAN.  I don't mind this name, and have mainly positive associations.

3. STEPHEN.  This name was overly common in my generation, but I do prefer the PH spelling which is classy and handsome.

2. ARTHUR.  One of my favorites of the moment. I know most people think it's a stuffy old grandpa name, but I think it sounds sort of romantic... King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and all that.

1. JUSTIN.  I've liked Justin for a very long time, since long before we got a celebrity prime minister called that, and certainly before Bieber fouled it!  It's pretty much out of fashion now, but I still love the name.


NEW LIST: Top 12 girl's names in Sweden, 2014.

Elsa, Alice, Maja, Agnes, Lilly, Olivia, Julia, Ebba, Linnea, Molly, Ella, Wilma



November 7, 2017 8:51 PM

12. Wilma- Too flinstones in my head

11. Agnes- It is okay but a little harsh

10. Linnea- I think it is pretty enough but just doesn't wow me.

9. Alice- Too something. I used to like it but I outgrew it. I also read a book called Go Ask Alice and the book was good but not happy. However, Love Alice in Wonderland.

8. Molly- I used to LOVE this name but it is also pure form of ectasy... I am a substance abuse counselor and I just can't. Ugh. I struggle with this because it is so lovely. 

7. Olivia- A little popular but pretty

6. Ebba- Never heard of it before but it is pretty and unique.

5. Elsa- I like it but too associated with Frozen

4. Lilly- I have always found this name to be pretty

3. Maja- I love all Maia variants. 

2. Ella- Pretty, Classic, Short and Timeless

1. Julia- Beautiful. 

Girls in Games of Thrones: Aria, Catelyn, Sansa, Brienne, Yara, Lysa, Margaery, Elia, Shae, Gilly, Cersei, Lyanna, Meera, Myrcella

November 7, 2017 10:18 PM

14. Gilly- silly name

13. Yara- not at all pretty

12. Cersei- the game of thrones reference is so strong I hate it for the very reason of hating (but loving to hate) the character

11. Elia- pronunciation nightmare

10. Meera- I like the character... not the name

9. Myrcella- not a great name, dislike the spelling

8. Brienne- if going by what should  be the GOT pronunciation according to the books BRI-een it's so mannish

7. Catelyn- again, if going by the book pronunciation, CAT-lyn, I'm not a fan of Cat names

6. Lysa- the book pronounces it LIE-sa, don't want a kid to be called a liar

5. Margaery- old and ugly

4. Sansa- it's okay

3. Shae- I really like this, but it's more of a nickname than a given name

2. Aria- I think it's a beautiful name, but the GOT connection is super strong and it's picking up popularity quickly- pretty soon there will be so many of them it will become worn out

1. Lyanna- pretty and not too popular


New List: current Kansas Men's Basketball players: Marcus, Dedric, LaGerald, Samuel, Devonte', Charles, Sviatoslav, Christopher, Malik, Clay, Billy, Udoka, Mitchell

November 8, 2017 12:59 PM

Wow, some unusual multicultural monikers on this list...

13. DEDRIC.  The first syllable is "dead".

12. LAGERALD.  The "La" prefix screams girl... this is sort of the equivalent of girls' names ending in "son".

11. UDOKA.  Not a clue what language or culture this comes from.  African??  Certainly doesn't suggest Kansas...

10. SVIATOSLAV.  Very Slavic, very heavy and cumbersome.

9. DEVONTE.  Just a random mash-up of syllables.

8. MALIK.  I'm not crazy about Arabic names, but at least it's simple and straightforward.

7. CLAY.  Clay is sticky mud. But it's probably a nickname for Clayton.

6. CHARLES.  A solid traditional choice, but one I've never really liked - it sounds so stuffy and uptight to me.

5. BILLY.  Fine nickname for a little boy, sounds dopey on a grown man though.

4. MITCHELL.  Okay I guess, but I dislike the nickname "Mitch".

3. CHRISTOPHER.  A fine classic, but it has been very popular for 50 years or more now, and I feel like I know dozens of Chrises.

2. SAMUEL.  A strong traditional name that has never been terribly common, and I like the nickname Sam.

1. MARCUS.  A great, solid, masculine name that you don't hear very often, definitely my favorite here.


NEW LIST:  Girl's names with X's.

Alexa, Alexandra, Alexis, Beatrix, Bexley, Dixie, Lennox, Lexi, Maxine, Phoenix, Roxanne, Ximena


November 8, 2017 2:40 PM

Yes, Udoka is African.


12. Ximena- ugh this is so horrid

11. Dixie- no no no no no no nonononono

10. Bexley- made up

9. Lexi- nickname only

8. Phoenix- this just doesn't work as a name

7. Roxanne- seems really dated and Roxy is kinda trashy

6. Lennox- I see this as a boys name only

5. Beatrix- I don't hate it, but don't love it

4. Maxine- not a favorite, but Max is a cute nickname

3. Alexa- feels incomplete

2. Alexandra- a fine name, good and strong, can age well, lots of good nickname options

1. Alexis- a great name, cute and spunky yet can be sophisticated, good nickname options too


Males from the Hunger Games:

Peeta, Cinna, Cato, Haymitch, Gale, Finnick, Plutarch, Caesar, Coriolanus, Thresh, Marvel


November 10, 2017 2:22 PM

Man, I hate the Hunger Games...

11. Coriolanus. I love Shakespeare too but there's a lot better Shakespearean names to use.

10. Plutarch. Yeah, no.

9. Peeta. All I can think of is those nutjobs PETA.

8. Cinna. Reads very girly.

7. Thresh. I could get behind Thrush as a quirky bird name but Thresh is kinda weird.

6. Finnick. Finnicky.

5. Haymitch. I really love Mitch but not this.

4. Cato. My first thought is The Pink Panther, which is a positive association, but I wouldn't give it to a kid.

3. Caesar. I like the French Cesar and Caesar is fine for a dog.

2. Marvel. Surprised this isn't more popular among hipster nerd comic books fans.

1. Gale. As much as I hate The Hunger Games the one thing I'm grateful for is it making this spelling of Gale a boy's name again! Since Gail and Gayle are at all time lows for girls I do kinda want this to catch on.

Next: Biblical place names: (girls) Abilene, Bethany, Carmel, Eden, Jordan, Lydda, Moriah, Sheba, Zelah, (boys), Canaan, Jericho, Zion

November 11, 2017 1:33 AM

12. Lydda- trying to be Lydda, but even worse

11. Zelah- yuck

10. Canaan- needs to remain a biblical place and nothing more

9. Abilene- stop trying to make this a persons name, it's not

8. Sheba- yuck

7. Carmel- reminds me of the candy/flavor

6. Zion- doesn't work as a name

5. Bethany- never liked it, boring, uninspired

4. Moriah- looks like someone mispelled Mariah

3. Jericho- I sorta like this

2. Jordan- I like this for both boys and girls

1. Eden- always really liked this name


Male talk show hosts:

David, Conan, Stephen, Larry, James, Glenn, Craig, Arsenio, Regis, Montel, Maury, Jerry

November 11, 2017 12:33 PM

8 (tie). Conan, Arsenio, Regis, & Maury - Just too tied to the talk show hosts to ever be anyone else's name.

7. Montel. Don't have any strong feelings on it.

6. Stephen. Nothing wrong with this but it's not all that exciting.

5. Larry. It's solid and I like the full Lawrence.

4. Jerry. Again it's solid and I like a lot of the full versions of it.

3. Craig. Seems like a nice guy name.

2. David. Not crazy about Dave but a nice solid classic.

1. James. A classic and a family name of mine.

Next: Musical names for girls: Aria, Calypso, Harmony, Harper, Jazz, Lyric, Mandolin, Melody, Rhapsody, Sonata, Symphony, Viola

November 11, 2017 11:58 PM

12. Symphony- Just not a name

11. Rhapsody- See below

10. Sonata- See below

9. Harmony- It sounds like it is trying too hard

8. Mandolin- Could use Mandy as a nickname but do not like it overall

7. Lyric- Could be a fun, unique name but just not my style at all

6. Jazz- To simple.

5. Harper- I have never really liked this name for some reason. I feel like it is my style but i just can't place why I do not like it. 

4. Viola- I like the literary connection and it is pretty and short, which is nice

3. Melody- I like melody. It is soft and pretty.

2. Calypso- This is a guilty pleasure of mine. I would never use it but it sounds so cool and fun.

1. Aria- A favorite. Shame that it is so connected with Game of Throne and Pretty Little Liars.

Next List: Game of Thrones Males- Jorah, Eddard, Jaime, Gregor, Theon, Tommen, Bronn, Davos, Daario, Oberyn, Ramsay, Samwell, Gendry


November 12, 2017 8:25 PM

13. Oberyn- it's like it wants to be Oberon but went weak.  Neither names work on a real person

12. Davos- not a "dave" fan

11. Bronn- makes me think brawny

10. Theon- I do not think this works, despite what others may think

9. Gendry- not my style, very girly

8. Tommen- just got with Thomas if you want a Tom

7. Jorah- I think it sounds girly

6. Eddard- prefer Edward

5. Jaime- girly

4. Daario- this made it this far because I really like Dario, but I can't get on board with the double a spelling

3. Ramsay- not the worst, not the best (but the character is definitely the worst)

2. Gregor- I don't hate it, like it better than Gregory actually

1. Samwell- Love "Sam" and love the character.  This works best as a name for a modern child.


5 star generals (or the equivelant):

George, Douglas, Dwight, Henry, Omar, William, Ernest, Chester, John, Ulysses, Philip

November 18, 2017 2:41 PM

11. Douglas- I just have never liked Douglas or Doug. 

10. Ernest- I can only think of those movies, Ernest Goes to.... I also think of Ernest Hemmingway, who is a wonderful writer but not the best namesake

9. Dwight- So nerdy

8. Chester- Rhymes with molester

7. Philip- Seems so prententious. Phil is underwhelming as well

6. Ulysses- I really like it but I could never see it on a child

5. Omar- A fun, cool name

4. Henry- Love it, but it has gotten too popular

3. John- It is a family name, so I have fond memories. I like John with an h.

2. George- A strong name

1. William- Love William and Love Will. 


Next Name: Place Names- Acadia, Aspen, Brooklyn, Carolina, Bristol, Denali, London, Virginia, Avalon, Verona, India, Kenya, Geneva


November 18, 2017 3:29 PM

13. Acadia- it's not a name

12. Denali- also not a name.  If it were, it would be male.

11. India- while this may have been used as a name, it's not one

10. Verona- doesn't work as a name

9. Kenya- this is used as a name, but it's not a good one.  It's highly ethnic.

8. Bristol- I only think of Bristol Palin, not a good namesake

7. London- I've seen this on kids and it baffles me, it really doesn't sound like a name for a human

6. Virginia- old lady name

5. Brooklyn- way too popular

4. Geneva- This is a good alternative to the longer Genevieve, but not a favorite

3. Aspen- I like this, but I don't think I could ever use it, it's absolutely guilty pleasure

2. Avalon- Love "Ava" and if you want a longer form with Ava as a nickname, this is a good choice

1. Carolina- works so well as a name, isn't as stodgy and old as Caroline


Male names in food brands:

Orville, Otis, Amos, Ben, Jerry, Jimmy, Oscar, Peter, Jack, Dean, Walker, Campbell

November 22, 2017 2:47 PM

Orville, Otis, Amos, Ben, Jerry, Jimmy, Oscar, Peter, Jack, Dean, Walker, Campbell

12. Jack. Very boring and lame. Don't get the appeal at all.

11. Walker. Don't use Walker as a first, people, it's a thing old people use to walk.

10. Otis. I've softened on it a little but it's still pretty old man.

9. Peter. Not bad but not very exciting.

8. Orville. A little out there but I could see it getting big among the Otis loving crowd.

5(tie). Ben, Jerry, & Jimmy. All just okay.

4. Oscar. It's a bit overused but I do like it.

3. Amos. An old man name I could actually get behind coming back.

2. Campbell. I really hope this doesn't go girl. It's horrendous on a girl but surprisingly charming on a boy.

1. Dean. A simple classic.

Next: Puritan virtue names, in honor of Thanksgiving: Amity, Charity, Chastity, Faith, Fidelity, Grace, Hope, Mercy, Patience, Prudence, Sincerity, Temperance

November 24, 2017 1:30 PM

12. Chastity- A stripper name.

11. Patience- A terrible virtue name. I feel like a child is normally not patience and that this would so frustrating if I was named this.

10. Charity- I think I do not really like CH- names

9. Sincerity- Do not really like it

8. Temperance- I thnk it is too long but there could be some useable nicknames

7. Fidelity- I think this is a weird virtue names but I like Fi, Fidelia and other nicknames that could come.

6. Mercy- It is a hospital where I am from, so it is not usable for me

5. Faith- I like it, just never loved it.

4. Prudence- I generall do not think I would use it but I love the beatles song

3. Grace- A classic

2. Amity- I think it has a cool sound to it

1. Hope- It is one of my favorite names. I love short names.


Next: In honor of black friday, retail-inspired names: Macy, Kay, Charlotte, Delia, Penny, Rue, Zara, Chanel, Claire, Francesca, Sephora, Lane, Oakley, Tiffany

November 25, 2017 9:26 AM

This should be interesting, as I'm not American and have no clue what most of these shops/businesses are!

14) Sephora - I do know this one, and it's purely the shop to me. 

13) Oakley - I don't understand the appeal at all. It's perfectly acceptable, but I can't imagine liking it.

12) Lane - a small road, not a person. 

11) Chanel - I'm not a fan. I don't like describing names this way, because it seems kind of classist, but I'd call this pretty trashy. 

10) Zara - also only the shop, but I wouldn't object to this on a person. 

9) Tiffany - seems kind of silly and frivolous for some reason, but there's nothing wrong with it. 

8) Delia - I've always despised it as sounding stuck-up, but there's nothing I can really object to. 

7) Rue - it's very hypocritical of me to put this so far ahead of Lane when it basically also just means road, but I just vastly prefer it. 

6) Kay - a pretty name but maybe a bit dated.

5) Claire - I can't really express an opinion one way or the other on this name. It's just that neutral.

4) Francesca - pretty, but I wouldn't use it myself.

3) Penny - I prefer this as a nickname for Penelope, but it's nice. 

2) Macy - I wouldn't use it, but I do like it quite a bit. It seems like a confident name.

1) Charlotte - a lovely, classic name that works well for anyone and has an abundance of nicknames. 

New list (-son names, whatever gender you feel is best): Harrison, Madison, Alison, Jamison, Addison, Samson, Anderson, Emerson, Jackson, Hudson, Mason, Wilson

November 25, 2017 2:41 PM

12. Hudson- to me this is a river in New York and will never be anything else

11. Madison- so sick and tired of it, it needs to go away

10. Jackson- almost as bad as Madison

9. Jamison- it's irish whiskey

8. Anderson- is very last name only for me

7. Wilson- same as Anderson, last name only

6. Mason- tired of it

5. Alison- it's okay for a girl only

4. Samson- I prefer Samuel

3. Emerson- it's okay no real feelings for it one way or the other

2. Harrison- it's cute for a boy but is starting to get popular

1. Addison- despite some peoples hatred of this name, I love it for a girl only.  It's got good nickname potential but doesn't have to be reduced to a nickname.  It is spunky and fun.  


Male cast and character names of my favorite christmas film:

Chevy, Johnny, Randy, William, Nicholas, Cody, Clark, Rusty, Edward, Lewis, Todd, Rocky

December 2, 2017 8:34 PM

12. Rocky- I had a cat named this.. I just do not see it for a boy or a man

11. Rusty- It is not a good name, the descriptor rusty just does not translate towards a normal name

10. Chevy- Really only belongs on Chevy Chase

9. Cody- To nickname-y

8. Randy- It is okay but just okay

7. Todd- See below

6. Edward- I liked it but I think I am over it since Twilight made it a bigger thing

5. Johnny- It is a nice nickname

4. Nicholas- I do not mind it. Plus i like Nick, it is stong and simple

3. Lewis- I perfer this spelling and think it is common but not boring

2. William- I have always loved this name. 

1. Clark- I like the short, snappiness of the name. It grows well on a boy to man. 


New List: More Disney Names- Ellie, Bianca, Evangeline, Marie, Dinah, Colette, Marian, Giselle, Violet, Esmeralda, Flora, Anita, Jenny, Faline, Sarafina

December 21, 2017 7:46 PM

I really like this ranking game, so I am gonna play another round to hope that someone will continue to play as well. 

15. Esmeralda- Too attached to the movie/story. The story also is very different than the movie. 

14. Giselle- Too exotic and mysterious-sounding for me. 

13. Sarafina- I think this name is a tad bit too frilly.

12. Violet- I used to love this name but I have grown too tired of it. I perfer Viola.

11. Flora- I do not mind but I do not love it. Indifferent. 

10. Dinah- I think it is pretty but sometimes I think it sounds like someone with a Boston accent saying Diner

9. Marie- I like Maria and Mia but Marie seems incomplete. It is beautiful though... just not for me.

8. Faline- I do not think I could use it but it sounds so sweet and I like the flow/softness of it. 

7. Jenny- A great nickname

6. Ellie- Another good nickname but not a full name. Also, it saddens me that this name is everywhere.

5. Marian- I think this name is easy to say/read but is still uncommon. It is pretty. 

4. Anita- I have a soft-spot in my heart for this name. It is snappy-sounding and like that it is easy to say.

3. Colette- Beautiful, soft-sounding and like the french-vibe without it being frilly.

2. Evangeline- I normally do not like long names but I love this name. I love Evie as a nickname. It is beautiful all around.

1. Bianca- Soft yet snappy. Good flow and is common but not overdone. 


New List comes from an article titled "15 trending Baby Girl Names Set to Dominate in 2018" 
Aviana, Remington, Nova, Teagan, Rowan, Joy, Blakely, Eloise, Juniper, Zara, Ariella, Iris, Finley, Ivy, Josephine


January 5, 2018 4:54 AM

15. Teagan - I've never been a fan of this name. Not 100% sure why though..

14. Rowan - To me this is a very masculine name

13. Remington - This is an appliance brand in Australia, where I live, so not a great name for me. Remi would be much nicer

12. Aviana - Too 'frilly' for me. I would much prefer Ava

11. Nova - A radio station in Australia so this doesn't work for me in the same regard that Remington doesn't

10. Ariella - I love the name Ariel, but Ariella is again a little too 'frilly'

9. Blakely - I would prefer to see a simple Blake, but I don't hate this name

8. Finley - I do quite like this name. I know a female Finley and the name works wonderfully with her personality

7. Juniper - I like this name, but I like the following 6 more

6. Zara - I adore this name, however I have to rank it here as I will never be able to use it, as my name is Tara and I can't bring myself to rhyme with my child 

5. Iris - Beautiful! 

4. Joy - I wish this name was used more as a first instead of a filler in the middle

3. Eloise - I adore this name! Absolutely gorgeous

2. Josephine - Stunning!

1. Ivy - One of my all time favourite names

NEW LIST OF 15: Pearl, Noelle, Alexandra, Rose, Saskia, Luna, Elodie, Cleo, Stella, Blair, Autumn, Claudia, Summer, Daphne, Isobel

January 9, 2018 12:15 AM

I had so many on this list that I really really liked. 


15. Elodie- Just too flowery in my opinion.

14. Isobel- I just am over of this or similar spelled names, I hear them everywhere.

13. Pearl- I liked it as a middle name but doesn't read as a first name to me. 

12. Daphne- I have a negative connection with this name but I think it is pretty enough.

11. Noelle- I love Noelle but I think it is only useable in December and if used in December is seems like a cop-out. idk.

10. Claudia- It is clunky-pretty and I think it will be popular soon.

9. Saskia- I like it and it is pretty exotic in the United States.

8. Blair- I do like gender-neutral names and think this is a great name but I would have to wait a few more years due to the Gossip Girl connection that was popular. 

7. Rose- Darling and a classic. Not as common as a first name but I think it can holds its own as a first name.

6. Summer- It is just so... summery. lol. I like it. 

5. Alexandra- I have a dear friend with this name and think it is so pretty. I am usually not a fan on longer names but this one is classic. I do not like Alexandria.

4. Luna- Love it.

3. Stella- Love Stella a bit more than Luna. It is just cute without being cutesy.

2. Autumn- One of my favorite names. I like Au- names I think and think that Autumn is beautiful in general.

1. Cleo- I think this is my current favorite name (it changes). I like that people can be familiar enough with it, it is short and spunky and also can age well. 


New List: "Southern Belle Names" Clementine, Ruby, Mae, Dixie, Lucille, Savannah, Vivian, Caroline, Georgia, Annabelle, Luella, Bailey, Magnolia, Scarlett, Delia

January 30, 2018 8:49 PM

15. Bailey- I just hate it. It's not a feminine name, it's not even pretty. It's so dated and overheard. I just can't see it's good qualities.

14. Savannah- soooo overheard.

13. Luella- way too grumpy.

12. Clementine- it's a food. Like, really. But at least it would really stand out in a crowd.

11. Annabelle- superrrr popular here, but I guess it's an okay name altogether.

10. Lucille- grandma-ish, but a good alternative to a lot of today's hits.

9. Caroline- SOO popular where I live, but it's pretty and old-fashioned. Still unusable though.

8. Delia- a tad dated, but very classy and elegant.

7. Dixie- bit cutesy, but super sassy and unique.

6. Scarlett- not a fan of the recent popularity spike, but the name itself is gorgeous.

5. Georgia- snappy and uncommon (and reminds me of peaches lol).

4. Ruby- love the classiness and antiquity, as well as the gemstone.

3. Vivian- getting popular, but love the 1920s charm and the double "V"s.

2. Mae- simple, sweet, and summery, and the spelling makes it quite interesting.

1. Magnolia- HUGE guilty pleasure, love the flowers and reminds me of my hometown. 


New List- ABC's Modern Family Boys: Jay, Javier, Manny, Joe, Phil, Luke, Mitchell, Cameron, Andy, Dylan, Sanjay, Frank, Pepper, Earl, Ben

February 11, 2018 1:18 AM

15. Pepper- Perfer it for a spice and if it is name, like it for a girl

14. Jay- A really negative connection 

13. Manny- Seems like a very obvious nickname for a man... (i know it is short for Emanuel but still..)

12. Andy- Seems to juvenile. 

11. Phil- I do not like Phillip and phil is just alright. A lot of phil's that I know are full of themselves but it is a nice name for a cat... 

10. Earl- Just okay, seems old.

9. Mitchell- Not my favorite but not the worse. 

8. Sanjay- See above. 

7. Javier-

6. Frank- I like Franklin and use the nickname as Frank

5 Joe- A solid name. 

4. Luke- I like it. Dependable, boy-next-door

3. Cameron- I like it. It is common enough but not heard everyday. 

2. Ben- I love Benjamin and Bennett. I think Ben is great name and reads friendly. 

1. Dylan- One of my favorite names. It sounds cool and I imagine a nice, friendly, creative-type. 


New List- Girl Nicknames: Polly, Millie, Lottie, Penny, Evie, Carly, Coco, Nikki, Lulu, Bree, Ellie, Gigi, Josie, Libby, Izzy, Cassie 

February 18, 2018 12:58 AM

16. Lottie

15. Nikki

14. Bree

13. Izzy

12. Carly

11. Gigi

10. Polly

9. Cassie

8. Penny

7. Coco

6. Lulu

5. Josie

4. Libby

3. Millie

2. Ellie

1. Evie


New list - Boys names: Alden, Fitch, Oliver, Stanley, Arlo, Harper, Waldo, Avery, Hayes, Romeo, Birch, Ivor, Damon, Jago, Jon, Ethan, Robin

March 1, 2018 1:34 AM

17. Fitch- Sounds too much of Harry Potter or that clothing store

16. Robin- Besides Robin Hood, there is not much of an association. I think it leans female but I do not like it for girls either.

15. Harper- It seems too much like a girls name. 

14. Stanley- I had a stutter growing up and I have heard "Stuttering Stanley" a lot. 

13. Waldo- I think the child would be ridiculted for Where's Waldo. I do like it for a pet. 

12. Alden- Not my favorite, I like Walton and Walden and even Alton, but Alden reads flat.

11. Jago- It sounds fun but does not translate to a child's name for me. Another great name for a pet. 

10. Romeo- Seems like a concieted name, maybe because the character seems concieted to me. 

9. Damon- I like it but it is too close to Deamon.

8. Oliver- I used to love it but I am sooooo tired of it now. Its a shame it is so popular (or at least in my area/age group)

7. Birch- It seems sorta harsh but I also think I like it... hmm... 

6. Jon- I love John but I am underwhelmed without the h for some reason. 

5. Avery- I perfer it for girls but I think it is nice, underused name. 

4. Ivor- I have only heard this from the band and it did not read as a name to me but I do really like it but I also think people will think I am just a diehard fan of Bon Iver. 

3. Ethan- I used to not like this, but I think it is charming now. Very boy-next-door.

2. Hayes- I think it is a sporty, outdoorsy name that is fun.

1. Arlo- I love this old-man-esque name. It is fun sounding and quirky without being so trendy in my opinion. 


New List: Girls of Harry Potter (inspired by Fitch)- Ginny, Luna, Lavender, Pavarti, Padma, Lily, Cho, Rita, Myrtle, Bellatrix, Fleur, Petunia, Hermionie, Molly

March 6, 2018 7:42 PM

Cho- can you say choo-choo! 

Pavarti- sounds like pervert

Myrtle- typical grumpy old lady name

Ginny- mom name

Rita- see Ginny ;/ 

Hermione- ironically too stereotyped to HP for me to ever use

Fleur- gorgeous in French, but we Americans could never pronounce it

Padma- just too strange, but kind of cool too

Molly- unpopular opinion, but it just seems overdone 

Lily- see Molly 

Petunia- beautiful, I love the flowers, but there was some book about a girl named Petunia that hated her name that would make me reluctant to use it

Lavender- same as Petunia, and it rolls off your tongue even more, but I'm afraid non-name geeks would think it was too off the nose

Bellatrix- I just think the combined elements of the name are so cool 

Luna- one if my favorite names, it has Latin connotations and legit means "the moon" (which I have a strange obsession with), and it's unique without being outlandish like most of my favorite girls names. To summarize, it's perfect. 

New List: Female Star Wars Names- Padme, Leia, Rey, Jen, Aayla, Beru, Ahsoka, Asaaj, Shmi, Rose, Maz

March 6, 2018 8:14 PM

11. Ahsoka - She's always been my least favourite Star Wars character and I have no idea why. It's just too strong of an association. I feel like it just sounds... weird. Not meant for earthlings.

10. Aayla - This looks like someone trying to be cool by messing up the spelling of Isla.

9. Asaaj - This sounds kind of cool but I think it looks far too strange for me to ever actually use.

8. Beru - I feel like this rings very middle-aged-lady, like Linda or Karen.

7. Shmi - Interesting.

6. Jen - It's so used. I know lots of Jens and Jennifers, so I feel like It can't translate very well for a modern kid.

5. Maz - Sounds and looks cool, but I think people would say it to rhyme with "jazz" or "moss" instead of "mozz"

4. Padme - Sounds kind of cool but is undeniably Star Wars

3. Leia - I like the sound and look of it, and the connection, but I think it's too close to Leah and its variants.

2. Rey - Means "king" in Spanish! I like the meaning, sound, and look of it, and I don't think it's too tied into Star Wars.

1. Rose - Lovely, sophisticated, yet fairly uncommon. Cute nickname Rosie.


New List: Male Star Wars Names- Finn, Poe, Luke, Anakin, Han, Obi, Kylo, Lando, Mace, Rex, Cassian

March 10, 2018 5:55 PM

11. Mace- Pepper spray

1o. Cassian- Too long for me, not in length but in sound... if that makes sense

9. Anakin- I think it is too attached to Star Wars

8. Poe- I can only think about teletubbies 

7. Han- Sorta sounds like Hun

6. Obi- It is cute but not for a child in my opinion

5. Kylo- Not a huge fan of k- names and i think it is getting popular now. 

4. Lando- I both like it and do not like it all at once.

3. Rex- A nice nickname

2. Luke- Strong, sporty name

1. Finn- Nice boy-next door name


90's girls name- Brandy, Monica, Jessica, Alexis, Brittany, Crystal, Alyssa, Ashley, Kayla, Amanda, Courtney, Brianna, Madison, Sydney

January 5, 2018 6:57 AM

12. Winnie- Sorry just don't like this at all.

11. Esty- Definitely feel like saying Etsy.

10. Sawyer - Nice for a boy but don't like it at all on a girl.

9. Arbor- too masculine.

8. Lois - Definitely reminds of family guy.

7.Mandy- Nothing really wrong with this, it is just a little boring.

6.Byrdie- It is ok but just not my style.

5.Scout- Again just not my style.

4.Cora- rather pretty really.

3.River- I don't mind it but probably wouldn't use it myself.

2. Journey- Very interesting name, again I wouldn't use it myself.

1. Sonja- This is 0k only if it is spelt this way to give it an exotic feel.


January 5, 2018 7:16 AM

12. Padma- Awful!

11.Gal- No way.

10.Presley- Sounds like a spoilt little brat.

9. Hadley- A bit masculine.

8.Hera- Also conjures up images of an overly masculine girl.

7.Elaine- Too old lady.

6. Mona- Too old lady.

5.Yvonne- Bad connection to this name.

4.Beth- not my style.

3. Tabitha- better on a cat.

2. Joni- Don't mind it.

1. McKenna- Seems alright.


May 24, 2018 10:40 PM

I also really liked this, hopefully it will gain new life. 

List: 90's girls name- Brandy, Monica, Jessica, Alexis, Brittany, Crystal, Alyssa, Ashley, Kayla, Amanda, Courtney, Brianna, Madison, Sydney

14. Crystal- I have an unpleasant sterotype that I have with someone who has this name. 

13. Brandy- I just do not like naming someone with a name of an alcohol. 

12. Alexis- I really like Alexa but Alexis seems frilly. 

11 Amanda- Seems too dated to me. I also do not like Mandy.

10. Brittany- I have a negative association 

9. Madison- Seems like a mean-girl name

8. Ashley- I actually think this name and Madison are negative because of Ashley-Madison website

7. Alyssa- Still dated but not terrible

6. Monica- I actually like Monica but I do not see this name on a baby/young girl.

5. Courtney- Seems friendly

4. Brianna- I really like Bri but feel indifferent to Brianna

3. Kayla- Sporty, girl-next-door or popular, it is a verstile name for a girl and I am not tired of it

2. Jessica- I have a postive connection and I like the nickname of Jess. It is very 90s but it has a soft-spot in my heart. I wanted to be named Jessica when I was younger because my name was unisex and spelled differently. I just wanted a pencil with my name on it. 

1. Sydney- I think it is friendly and I actually really like it. I do not immediately feel like this name is a 90's name. 

New List: Kardashian-Jenner family girls: Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, Penelope, North, Dream, Chicago, Stormi, True

May 29, 2018 1:06 PM

12- True (I mean really)

11- Dream (Ditto)

10- North (seriously)

9- Chicago (Just No)

8- Stormi (Ditto)

7- Kris (stupid spelling)

6- Kourtney (ditto)

5- Kim 

4- Kendall (Don't like the name)

3- Khloe (not my style)

2- Kylie (too common

1- Penelope (I actually like this name. I really don't like the kardashian family but this name is a gem in the middle of a heap of manure)


New list:Lucia, Martha, Teagan, Evangeline, Felicity, Luna, Cora, Elle, Annalise, Lillian, Hallie, Marylin


May 30, 2018 4:58 PM

"Lucia, Martha, Teagan, Evangeline, Felicity, Luna, Cora, Elle, Annalise, Lillian, Hallie, Marylin"

Wow, lots of good ones--this'll be tough!

12. Evangeline (Too long and frilly, and I'm not into religious-y names)

11. Elle (It just seems like there's not enough substance to it, and you never know if it's supposed to be pronounced EL or ELL-ee)

10. Marylin (Looks nice on paper/screen, but the unique spelling just confuses the pronunciation for me)

9. Hallie (Way too many spellings and pronunciations, and it sounds kind of incomplete)

8. Martha (Nice but old-fashioned)

7. Lillian (Pretty average)

6. Felicity (The American Girl is a good association, but other than that I don't have much to say about it)

5. Teagan (I kind of like it, but there are too many spellings)

4. Cora (It's nice, I just like the others more)

3. Annalise (Really like this one)

2. Lucia (Really like it--versatile with cross-cultural appeal, and prettier than Lucy)

1. Luna (One of my favorite names!)

New list--botany-themed girls: Ivy, Aspen, Lilac, Daisy, Maple, Willow, Rose, Oak, Petunia, Peony, Camellia, Poppy

May 31, 2018 11:01 PM

12. Camellia- Too fussy

11. Petunia- I only associate it with Aunt Petunia

10. Peony- Beautiful smell and flower, unattractive name

9. Daisy- Too cutsey for my likes

8. Maple- Sounds so old

7. Lilac- Beautiful smell and there is something intriguing about this name that it could work...

6. Oak- On the verge of cool and out-there

5. Aspen- It sounds like you have to whisper when you say it but it is still pretty

4. Poppy- Guilty pleasure

3. Rose- Classic and simple

2. Ivy- Simple and beautiful, I tend to like shorter names

1. Willow- Soft and beautiful, I think it can be for an artsy or sporty girl. 


New List: girl names with songs about them- Lyla, Virginia, Athena, Liza, Michelle, Gracie, Annie, Rhiannon, Cecilia, Jane, Arabella, Valerie

June 1, 2018 1:33 PM

If these are all songs, I haven't heard of a lot of them!

12. Gracie--WAY too common

11. Michelle--Kind of blah

10. Liza--Same, kind of boring

9. Virginia--Pretty sound and cute nickname option, but a weird sub-meaning to put on someone

8. Valerie--A pretty sound, but too dated

7. Arabella--Probably due to the Doll Hospital books, my association for this one is "snooty rich plantation girl"

6. Rhiannon--I've always thought this one was weird, like someone trying to come up with a "special" version of Shannon

5. Jane--I'm fond of it of course because it's a family name, but I have to admit it's kind of plain.

4. Athena--Cool origin

3. Lyla--I love Lila and prefer that spelling

2. Annie--Always a cute classic, and very versatile, with positive associations for me

1. Cecilia--I know a lot of people think it's too frilly, but I had a classmate who spelled it this way and was very non-frilly and nice, so I love it--plus, Cece is such a cute nickname!


New list: Girls, according to Expert NameVoyager, who peaked in the 1920s: Doris, Dorothy, Jean, Marjorie, Virginia, June, Maxine, Rita, Wilma, Juanita, Jeanne, Muriel