Rank the Names!

This game is simple - just rank the names, in descending order with 1 being the best. You can respond to any of the previously put together lists and then put out your own list. Your list can be any length and can be all boys, all girls, or a mix of both (just make sure you clarify what gender on unisex names!) and it can have a theme or just be random.

Example round: One of my favorite nail polish brands, Zoya, gives all of their polishes womens' names, but, after more than 15 years and 900 polishes, they're occasionally grasping at straws for names sometimes. Their summer collection, Wanderlust, consisted of River, Lois, Sawyer, Cora, Byrdie, Esty (not to be confused with Etsy), Winnie, Sonja, Journey, Mandy, Scout, and Arbor, in this case all girls' names.

12. Arbor. It reads really masculine and who wants to be named after the most useless holiday, Arbor Day, Earth Day's boring little sister?

11. Scout. I really hate To Kill A Mockingbird, so that pretty much means I can't like this name it invented.

10. Esty. I get that it's short for Esther and/or Estelle, but it's hard not to say Etsy.

9. Sawyer. It's okay on girls, but I'd really it rather stay a boys' name and that pretty much means precluding it from being a girls' name.

8. River. Ditto.

7. Lois. Yeah, I know this is on track to be the next Penelope but I just can't really get behind it. I think Family Guy has this name taken forever. Sorry.

6. Journey. I may be a little biased since A) I love the band Journey and B) Journey was my favorite nail polish out of thsi collection but it's a bit wordy. Not the worst word name but not my style. The fact I can't really think of any good nicknames is another strike.

5. Byrdie. You know, I kinda like it. I'd go with Birdie as the spelling and not use it as a full name, but it's a darling nickname (especially for something like Robin or Wren or some other bird name!)

4. Cora. It's kind just okay. It was something I think I liked a little better before it started to catch on. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

3. Sonja. I've always had a soft spot for Sonja, and I don't know why it's not at all popular while Sophia reigns supreme. I'd usually say go with the spelling Sonia though, to avoid spelling & prounciation confusion, but this spelling is an anagram of Jason so it'd be a great way of honoring a familial Jason.

2. Mandy. I have a cousin Amanda so I've been partial to Mandy my whole life.

1. Winnie. I've always thought Winnifred was pretty but a little much and I hate how it lends itself to the nickname Fred, but I quite like Winnie. It's probably the only name I'd 100% say go straight to the nickname without the full form.

Next list (although you still can respond to this one if you like!): Mckenna, Beth, Joni, Presley, Hera, Padma, Hadley, Yvonne, Mona, Elaine, Tabitha, & Gal (all girls, in honor of Zoya's fall collection)


March 3, 2019 4:24 PM

14. Eugenia- I do not like Eu- names

13. Harriet- Too clunky

12. Michaela- Negative association

11. Jamie- underwhelmed

10. Edwina- A bit too clunky but there is something endearing about it...

9. Thomasina- A mouthful

8. Billie- Love Billie Holliday but it is just okay

7. Roberta- Like Roberta Flack but not my style. But I think you could use the nickname Birdie. 

6. Paula- I really like Paul- names but perfer Paulina

5. Charlotte- A bit too popular but classic and beautiful

4. Petra- Uncommon in my area but it is so pretty and sounds exotic

3. Josephine- Classic and beatiful

2. Ramona- Has a clunky, vintage vibe I like plus I loved Ramona Quimby growing up.

1. Georgia- Cute, classic, and ages well. 

14 T girl names: Theodora, Tabitha, Theresa, Thora, Trixie, Tallulah, Tatum, Tessa, Thea, Thalia, Thandi, Tillie, Trista, Tasha

March 4, 2019 1:42 PM

14) Tatum - I don't see this as a name let alone a girls name

13) Thandi - Not my style

12) Trista - It sound too much like twister to me

11) Thora - Too masculine sounding for me

10) Theresa - Theresa May. That's all.

9) Tasha - I prefer Nathasha

8) Thalia - Indifferent

7) Tessa - See above

6) Trixie - A bit too frilly but still quite like it

5) Tillie - Don't like this spelling

4) Tabitha -  Negative association but still quite nice 

3) Thea - Pretty

2) Theodora - See above

1) Tallulah -  Love it, elegant and i love Bugsy Malone as well


New list (8 NAMES): Hazel, Clara, Matilda, Beatrice, Martha, Delilah, Marion, Violet

March 4, 2019 5:20 PM

8. Matilda- It's my style but I don't really like the sound. 

7. Beatrice- Again, I like the style but not the sound. 

6. Martha- Dated but nothing wrong with it.

5. Delilah- I like it but like the others more.

4. Marion- Again, cute, but I like the others more.

3. Violet- Pretty and looks good on both an adult and child.

2. Clara- Granted, it's my name, but I like the sound too.

1. Hazel- One of my all time favorite names.


New list: Top girls name for each letter part 1 (13 names): Ava, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Delilah, Emma, Faith, Grace, Harper, Isabella, Julia, Kennedy, Layla, Mia, 

March 5, 2019 12:13 AM

13. Kennedy - Completely not my taste. I can only picture on a child.

12. Brooklyn - Same as Kennedy and also sounds just a little trashy to me.

11. Ava - OK sound but so completely overused and I associate it with teen moms in the south.

10. Harper - It would be higher if it wasn't going to be so date-stamped to the 2010s due to such a massive uptick in popularity.

9. Mia - Just kind of boring to me.

8. Emma - Sweet but too common.

7. Isabella - Can currently only picture it on a bratty child.

6. Delilah - Pretty sound but perhaps some biblical baggage.

5. Layla - Nice sound and has an artistic flair.

4. Julia - Classic.

3. Faith - Sweet and soft.

2. Charlotte - Timeless.

1. Grace - Classic and sweet but strong.


[13] Most Popular Boys Names for Each Letter (Part 1): Alexander, Benjamin, Carter, Daniel, Elijah, Finn, Gabriel, Henry, Isaac, James, Kayden, Liam, Mason

March 5, 2019 9:48 AM

13- Kayden- I am tired of this trend (with the single exception of Aidan)

12-Finn- too fishy

11-Mason- negative association

10- Carter- just don't care for it.

9- Liam- I see the appeal but it's too popular

8- Elijah- No offense, but this name gives off weird vibes

7-Gabriel- nothing wrong with it

6- Isaac- ditto

5- Henry- ditto

4-Daniel- ditto

3- Benjamin- solid and I like Ben

2-James- I'm partial to it due to my late grandfather

1- Alexander- you can't go wrong with Alex!

Next: Poster's choice

March 5, 2019 9:32 PM

Poster‘s choice: I chose to rank the names on the number 1 in the country men’s basketball roster (Gonzaga)


15. Geno- I have a tough time envisioning this on a baby.

14. Filip- I prefer the sound of Felipe 

13. Greg- negative association and I don’t love the sound 

12. Corey- Nice, but very 80s/90s

11.  Zach- see Corey (thanks Boy Meets World and Saved By the Bell)

10. Paul- nice but a little boring 

9. Josh- same as Paul. I really like Joshua, but Josh feels too common.

8. Alex- solid name

7. Matthew- a classic

6. Brandon- I have every reason to hate this name but for some reason it appeals to me.

5. Joel- Short, sweet, known but a touch unexpected 

4. Rui- snappy with a cool sound

3. Jack- There‘s no other name that has the gentlemanly swagger this does, for me

2. Killian- just a cool, unexpected choice

1. Jeremy- I have always loved this name, and how it really has no sound alike.


12 names on the top women’s basketball roster (Baylor): NaLyssa, DiDi, Trinity, Honesty, Aquira, Moon, Lauren, Juicy, Kalani, Chloe, Queen, Caitlin

March 6, 2019 9:04 AM

12. Juicy- It sounds like a name but means nothing good

11. Queen- Pretentious

10. Honesty- Not a fan of virtue names

9. DiDi- It would be a great nickname, not a full name

8. Moon- Luna would be so much better

7. NaLyssa- I like Alyssa but this is weird

6. Aquira- It sounds nice but is kind of weird

5. Trinity- Not my favorite but not terrible

4. Caitlin- Prefer Kaitlyn

3. Chloe- Overused but fine

2. Lauren- Very 90s but I like the sound

1. Kalani- Sounds nice and isn't overused


Top girls names for each letter (part 2) (13 names)- Natalie, Olivia, Penelope, Quinn, Riley, Sophia, Taylor, Unique, Victoria, Willow, Ximena, Yaretzi, Zoey

March 6, 2019 8:14 PM

13. Unique- it feels like thus name would bring a lot of expectations and jokes.

12. Yaretzi- not my favorite sounds

11. Quinn- Negative association 

10. Zoey- Prefer Zoe

9. Riley- just ok for me

8. Natalie - prefer Natalia

7 Ximena- like the look more than the sound 

6.  Taylor- positive association from childhood makes me like a name I otherwise wouldn’t

5. Sophia- nice, but a but overused in my area

4. Victoria- regal

3. Penelope- quirky and memorable 

2. Olivia- I love this name, despite its popularity. Somehow I have  to meet one!

1. Willow- soft and strong, i loved Pink’s explanation of why she used this for her daughter.


10 2019 Oscar winners (female): 

Olivia, Regina, Ruth, Elizabeth, Rayka, Kate, Patricia, Hannah. Nina, Stefani


March 7, 2019 8:18 PM

10. Rayka - All I can see and hear is 'Rake

9. Stefani - I don't know whether this is supposed to be 'Stephanie' or like 'Gwen Stefani'. Either way no thanks

8. Regina - I knew a Regina at school and everyone mispronounced it as 'Reg-I-na' which untimitely turned into 'vagina'

7. Patricia - Not my style 

6. Ruth - I like the remaining 6 names but Ruth is my least favourite of them

5. Elizabeth - I like this name but it does feel overused and a little dated

4. Kate - Same as Elizabeth

3. Nina - Super cute! You don't see many Nina's around at the moment

2. Olivia - Such a lovely name, if a little overused

1. Hannah - Same as Olivia. I do love the name Hannah

NEW NAMES (Some of my personal favourites)

Saskia, Cassia, Mae, Rafaela, June, Noelle, Xanthe, Opal, Sailor, Cleo

March 7, 2019 9:11 PM

10. Sailor- Just do not see this as a name, it seems a bit too trendy

9. Opal- Beautiful stone, not the best name

8. June- Month names are hard becuase I feel like you have to be born in that month but if you use it then, then it seems not very creative

7. Rafaela- Different and quirky but not my favorite

6. Noelle- Used to love the name but it became a "mean-girl" name via negative association

5. Cassia- Not a huge fan of Cass- names but this one is pretty

4. Saskia- I like how it rolls off the tongue

3. Xanthe- I LOVE it but I can not just it, it becomes too "out-there" for me

2. Mae- The only exception to my month name idealogy. I like this spelling and think it is simple but beautiful. 

1. Cleo- It is one of my favorite names. It is known but not common. Pretty and quirky and it sounds good between girl and woman


14 G Girl Names: Grace, Georgia, Greta, Grey, Gigi, Gwen, Gia, Gretchen, Gwendolyn, Gaia, Georgina, Gloria, Gemma, Ginny

March 8, 2019 12:57 AM

14. Gretchen - I've always hated the sound and I can only picture this name on an elderly woman.

13. Gigi - not really a name to me.

12. Gia - also not a fan of the sound.

11. Ginny - ditto.

10. Greta - ditto.

9. Georgina - prefer Georgiana.

8. Grey - cool sound and color association, but the color is pretty bland

7. Georgia - see #9, but it sounds better to me.

6. Gaia - love the spelling but sounds like Guy-a to me.

5. Gemma - pretty neutral to this name.

4. Gwen - nice nickname for Gwendolyn but don't see it as a standalone name.

3. Gwendolyn - timeless and classic.

2. Gloria - ditto.

1. Grace - ditto, a guilty pleasure of mine.

Winter Storm Female Names for 2018-19 (12 names): Avery, Eboni, Gia, Harper, Indra, Kai, Maya, Nadia, Petra, Quiana, Taylor, Yvette

March 8, 2019 4:00 AM

12. Taylor - Too 90s.

11. Nadia - Ugly sound to me.

10. Eboni - Not a fan of the name or the spelling.

9. Avery - Boring and overused.

8. Gia - Something about it rubs me the wrong way.

7. Yvette - Pretty but too French maid.

6. Harper - Would like it much more if it hadn't jumped so much in popularity. Will be forever associated with this era.

5. Kai - I like that it feels like a true unisex name (I don't picture on one sex only) and it's a nice sound. 

4. Indra - Also unfamiliar but I like it.

3. Quiana - Unfamiliar to me but cool look and I'm partial to odd letter names (Q,X,Z).

2. Maya - Pretty and soft.

1. Petra - Super cool quality. Unusual but still familiar.


[13] Most Popular Boys Names for Each Letter (Part 2): Noah, Oliver, Parker, Quinn, Ryan, Samuel, Thomas, Uriel, Vincent, William, Xavier, Yusuf, Zachary

March 8, 2019 8:37 PM

13. Uriel - Ur-names are just a tough sound for me.

12. Yusuf- this name is just one person for me 

11. Quinn - sort of ambivalent on this name

10. Parker - a little preppy for me 

9. Thomas - classic, surprisingly I know several young Tommys!

8.  Vincent- another classic, like Vince as a nickname. Thanks, Entourage

7. Zachary- A bit 90s, but still really nice 

6. William- Timeless And I love the internal L

5. Ryan - I just love the sound

4. Samuel- This, and the three names above it, were all on my short list! This is gentlemanly, and who doesn’t like Sam?

3. Oliver- A little quirky still, and really solid

2. Noah- Uber popular for a reason. Soft and strong

1. Xavier - I have loved this name since I read a Cabbage Patch book as a child!

13 names of childhood crushes: Ty, Adam, Justin, Matthew, Christopher, Scott, Antonio, Evan, Robert, Edward, Michael, Joshua, Dashiell 



April 14, 2019 5:04 PM

13. Dashiell- Seems a bit stuck-up

12. Antonio- I prefer Anthony 

11. Edward- Twilight ruined it for me

10. Robert- It is okay

9. Michael- It is okay

8. Scott- Seems a bit dated

7. Christopher- I like it as a middle name but I am not a fan of Chris as a nickname

6. Justin- I just know a lot in my age group

5. Ty- I like Tyler a lot

4. Joshua- Friendly

3. Adam- Classic

2. Matthew- Postive associations, i do not know a lot of bad Matthews/Matts

1. Evan- Cool-sounding and not dated

April 22, 2019 1:33 PM

You forgot a list so I'll just make another to keep the game going...

15 girls names ending in the lee sound:

Emily, Kaylee, Kylie, Carly, Lily, Ellie, Everly, Callie, Natalie, Hailey, Julie, Hadley, Finley, Charlie, Molly

April 22, 2019 8:29 PM

It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought so before you posted it, but now I think I really like the -ly sound!

15. Kaylee- I know the spelling is different, but I can’t help but think of Caylee Anthony.

14. Julie- nice, but seems child of the 80s to me. Prefer the other Juli-forms.

13. Charlie- See this as a nickname only.

12 Carly- Nice, but a little dated.

11  Everly- Getting used to It as a name.

10. Ellie- Really cute, but see it as a nickname 

9. Natalie- Sweet

8. Kylie- have always liked the sound.

7. Hadley- Crunchy cool.

6. Finley- very much growing on me

5. Molly- would be higher if not for the drug reference

4. Hailey- I have liked this name since I saw The Wizard as a kid 

3. Callie- I am just drawn to the sound 

2. Emily - I love Emilie spelling in pArticular

1. Lily- a Classic 


13 boys names starting with M: Micah, Miles, Maxwell, Maddox, Marcus, Maverick, Mason, Michael, Matthew, Matthias, Marek, Malik, Miller





August 15, 2019 8:36 PM

13. Maverick- reminds me of  logan paul

12. Maddox- bleh

11. Matthias- sounds dumb, but at least there is a good nickname in "matt"

10. Miller- a last name

9. Malik- Read above (reminds me too much of zayn)

8.Maxwell- Read above

7. Matthew- common+ just kinda wierd sounding imo

6. Michael- Same as above but does not sound wierd

5. Marek- for some odd reason I like this

4. Miles- i like this name, but not as much as others

3. Micah- I really like this name, but a little less than my top 2

2. Marcus- sounds really nice + nickname factor

1. Mason- IDK why but I adore this name


NEW NAMES: flower names: rose, lily, daisy, marigold, poppy, posey, iris, jasmine, magnolia, violet, leilani, dahlia

September 5, 2019 4:12 PM

12. Magnolia - hate the nickname Maggie, otherwise it's a nice name.

11. Leilani - nice name but I don't like the nickname option of Lani.

10. Iris - makes me think of the iris of the eyes. Also, it just feels a bit of an old lady name to me.

9. Dahlia - a nice name, just not my personal taste.

8. Posey - it's nice, but makes me of someone that is posey, as in they're a poser.

7. Jasmine - it's okay but I have bad connotations witht this name.

6. Poppy - nice name but just a bit too cutesy for my taste.

5. Violet - a nice name that works on all ages.

4. Marigold - don't know why, but I've always liked this name. Think maybe because I like the nickname Goldie?

3. Lily - was a bit popular a few years ago, but still a lovely name.

2. Rose - to be honest, these top two could've been joint first for me. Hard for me to choose between them both. I only put Rose at number two just because I'm not a massive fan of the nickname Rosie, but otherwise this a great, classic name.

1. Daisy - I've always liked this name and it's a big contender on my shortlist of baby names.


New names list - Last 12 music artists I listened to on Spotify!

Hayley (g), Avril (g), George (b), John (b), Frank (b), Norah (g), Carly (g), Freddie (b), Gerard (b), Billie (g), Dusty (g), Stevie (g) 

December 7, 2019 8:43 AM

12) Dusty (g) - I wouldn't call a child dusty

11) Frank - A bit too old fashioned

10) Gerard - Not my taste

9) Carly - A bit too girly for my taste

8) Billie (g) - I love Billie Eilish but I don't like the name for a girl

7) John - Quite boring6) Stevie (g) - Indifferent5) Norah - I love this name but just without the H at the end4) Avril - Nice3) George - Really like this name

2) Hayley - Love this 

1) Freddie - One of my favourite names (and I love Freddie Mercury)

New list: Cara, Ava, Claudia, Elise, Cydney, Charlie (g), Mimi, Ella, Blythe, Eva, Tabby, Sadhbh (g)(prounounced like Sive)