Sibling for Briar!

A toddler in one of my stories is named Briar Huntington. Her mother is named Ellie Huntingto, and her aunt is named Katie Huntington. I am unsure whether Briar will have a brother or siste, but need name suggestion. Thanks.


July 6, 2018 10:24 AM

Tough call without knowing a little more about the story, but I'd look at other short, unusual, nature-ish word names.

Obviously the first thing that jumps to mind is Rose, but sisters named Briar and Rose is probably too much.

Other names that come to mind (not sorted by gender since some of them could be unisex; with varying combininations of some of the qualities I listed above):

Wren, Ivy, Willow, Audra, Calla, Neve, West, North, Hudson, Clay, Logan, Amity, Blanche, Blair, Beatrix, Hallie

Considering the mom's and aunt's names, and the fit with the last name, my top picks would be:

Wren, Ivy, Willow, West, North, Clay, Beatrix

From one writer to another, good luck with your story!