Sibling for Lewi5 and Ele@nor


I am a long-time lurker, first time poster wanting your expert opinions! We are currently ttc #3 and I am already thinking about names because I know it's going to be harder than with the first two! We have Lewi5 and Ele@nor (mns are family names). Our last name is unusual - it has the rhythm of the word 'tomato' (but is not that - thankfully :) ) so we prefer traditional first names, but nothing overly popular. We are in Australia if that makes any difference.


Some possibilities:

Boys -


Linus - we both love this and Dh likes the Peanuts connection :) but is it too close to Lewi5?

Edmund - Dh loves this - because of the Narnia connection - more than I do. I'd consider it if we didn't already have Ele@nor - is it too much E?

Kieran - still like it (it would've been Ele@nor's name had she been a boy) but not sure how it sounds in the sibset.

We have also considered Griffin and Archer but they are out due to family use.


So we need some more boy ideas, or convince me than one of our top 3 sounds good!


Girls -


Caroline - probably my top choice but DH needs convincing.

Alice - we both love this and has family links on both sides, but does it kind of rhyme with Lewi5?

Lucy - again we both love it, but I think it's definitely too close to Lewi5.

Geneva - too unusual?

Natalie - maybe ... I love the name but I know a lot of Natalies.

Vanessa - DH's choice, I like it but don't love it yet.


Suggestions, ideas most appreciated! Thank you!


December 17, 2015 1:46 AM

I'd pick Edmund out of your current boys' list. I agree that Linus is too close to Lewi5, and Kieran doesn't quite match the sibset. Same initials aren't my style too, but I don't think Edmund would be that noticeable--there's Lewi5, and at least it's a brother and sister who aren't twins who share the initial, rather than two boys.

I plugged Lewi5 and Ele@nor into the matchmaker and got these: Gilbert, Theodore, Francis, Hugh, Bernard, Howard, Leonard, Julius, Stanley, Walter, Leo, Alfred, Ernest, Warren, Clifford, Chester.

How about these (from the sibling list)? David, Alexander, Oliver (too matchy with Ele@nor?), Thomas, William, Charles, Henry, James, Oscar, Peter, Jonas, Felix, Ryan, Daniel, Joseph, Nicholas, and Philip.

For your girls, I'd pick Caroline (what does your husband not like about it?), then Alice (rather matchy with Lewi5, yes), and Lucy (rather matchy too,but Alice sounds matchier with Lewi5, at least for me). I think Geneva and Vanessa, like Kieran, don't match your sib set.

Matchmaker results: Vivian, Margaret, Frances (yeah, matchy again), Helen, Rose, Violet, Adeline, Marion, Ruby, Sylvia, Willa.

Sibling list: Abigail, Amelia, Charlotte, Francesca, Grace, Katherine, Madeline, Olivia, Anna, Claire.

December 17, 2015 4:07 AM

Thank you for your suggestions - the one that leaps out to me is Alfred, which I love. I don't think I ever suggested it to DH so I'll add it to the list! I also love Felix (but he vetoed that) and Nicholas (also a veto).


And, oh, Abigail ... also love it (just not so much the nn Abby, but we have so far avoided a nn for Ele@nor so maybe the full Abigail could stick). I'll add it to the list too! Love Vivian too but we have a Vivi3nne in the family.

December 18, 2015 2:49 AM

No problem! On Abigail and Ele@nor, though: unfortunately, nicknames are the ones you have the least control over. (I say this as someone who goes by a nickname I picked out myself and don't use the nickname my parents decided for me, though some still insist on using it.) If the name's not "un-nicknameable," it's probably going to be shortened by someone (relative, teacher, etc.) sooner or later, and that could stick. And that's natural with nicknames. Abby is the most obvious nickname for Abigail, I would think--that's why, if you really don't like it, it'll be better if you have ready nicknames for both. (Though, again, that doesn't mean your choice is necessarily going to stick, or your daughter wouldn't decide to go by Abby one day.) How about Bee or Gail?

December 18, 2015 6:22 AM

I love Gail as a nickname for Abigail!

By rooo
December 17, 2015 2:45 AM


Here is some feedback on the names you have...

Boys -

Linus - yes, I think it's too close. What about Charles/Charlie if you are big Peanuts fans?

Edmund - Yes, it's too close. What about Desmond? or Roland?

Kieran - it's a different style than your first two, but not that far off. I think it's totally usable.

Other names you might like... Wesley, Connor, Nathaniel, Harrison, George, Patrick, Roger


Girls - 

Caroline - I like it

Alice - My first thought was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Lucy - yes, too similar in sound. What about Darcy? or Macy?

Geneva - I think this would work well with your sib-set, but how does it sound with your real ln?

Natalie - This seems more modern than your other choices, but I like it. I would think with all the Ellies, Noras, etc. out there it would be similar in popularity to your daughter's name.

Vanessa - I like this name, but it doesn't really go with your other kids' names. What about Camilla? Viviana?

Other names you might like... Claire, Amelia, Julia, Catherine, Rosemary, Marjorie

December 17, 2015 4:11 AM

Thank you - you reminded me of Julia which was my favourite girls' name for ever until DH shot it down, based on Julia Gillard who was Prime Minister of Australia at the time. I wonder if he would reconsider now that she's out of the spotlight?

December 17, 2015 4:51 AM

Being an Australian named Julia myself, I must say the Julia Gillard phase has died out. Especially with there being the recent swap of leadership. I don't think it was ever a real problem, because of the general popularity of Julia in Australia.

Other suggestions for girls from me would be (sorry for any repeats) Adele, Julianna (or other Jul- alternatives if the Gillard association is still strong), Celia, Amalia, Florence, and Henrietta; mainly because of a book I read with characters whose names were Nell and Etta (short for Eleanor and Henrietta).

Your main problem seems to be that names don't fit in your sibset or sound too similar to Lewis. Don't worry to much about the sibset, but I would stick to the trying not to be matchy.

December 17, 2015 3:02 AM

My favorites of the names you wrote are Kieran Linus & Geneva Rose. 

December 17, 2015 10:28 AM

I do think Linus and Lewis are too close, unfortunately.

I absolutley love Edmund, and it doesn't bother me with Eleanor at all.

Kieran does sound off with Lewis and Eleanor. I don't normally think it's all that important for sibling names to go together, but your first two match so well that I'm afraid Kieran would feel like the odd one out. But then, there's a regular poster on here named Emily whose two sisters have uncommon Irish names (Am I getting this right?), and it doesn't really bother her. I don't think that's typical, but do keep that in mind. ;)

I don't love Caroline with your other kids, but I think it's fine. It's just not quite my style. :)

Alice and Lewis doesn't bother me personally.

I definitely agree about Lucy and Lewis. The only sound in Lucy that isn't also in Lewis is the y.

Geneva is definitely more uncommon than your other names. I think it could work, though, and certainly better than Kieran.

Not sure about Australia, but in the US, Natalie is definitely a pretty common name, and it doesn't give me the same vintage vibe as Lewis and Eleanor.

Vanessa isn't my favorite, but it's still a pretty name, with adorable nns. (Although you don't seem to want that)

Additional suggestions:

Girl: Charlotte, Adelaide, Lillian, Beatrice, Josephine, Clara, Sylvie, Violet, Drothy, Edith, Rose/Rosalind/Rosalie/Rosamond, Martha

Boy: Oliver, Theodore, Simon, Francis, August, Daniel, Giles, Gilliam, Alistair, Julian/Julius/Jules, Bennett, Miles, Hugh, Arthur, Quincey, Harold


December 17, 2015 10:33 AM

Your thread title stuck out to me because one of the young Eleanors I know has parents Lewi5 and V1ctor1a.

I don't know what boy's names they considered, but I know that Min3rva and M1randa were their top girl's choices.

Of your choices, it's a dilemma: how far can you go with liking the same sorts of names? I'd get confused between Linus and Lewis -- same beginning _and_ ending, same sort of old-man style, so I'd lose track of which name goes with which kid. I'd have an easier time with Alice and Lewis, because of the different beginnings and the different genders, but they may have a harder time with the "holler up the stairs" test. All in all, everyone is different, but many people find same-initials more confusing than other sorts of similarities. (My mother confuses Jacob and Jackson, and Margit and Magda.)

Suggestions off the top of my head: Albert, Arthur; Alison, Cornelia.

December 17, 2015 11:57 AM

How tolerable similar sounding names are is a very personal thing. I prefer my kids to have distinct sounding names because it's important to me to stress their individuality and I can easily enough mix up names that don't sound anything alike. Unfortunately I keep getting drawn towards names with sounds from my kids names. My affection for my children rubs off on the names. So it's been a challenge but I keep reminding myself that I will feel the same way about the next one's name even if it sounds different now. 

Lewis, Alice and Linus are too similar for me but I wouldn't necessarily recommend against them if you don't feel like they would be a problem. We would have had Eleanor and Olivia on the list if we didn't already have a Theodore (same -or ending) and a Sylvia (containing the liv/lvi sound) we even feel Julia is too close because of the -ia ending. I think you just have to go with your gut on this one. 

I think Edmund is a good choice, I don't mind same starting letters necessarily. I don't think the Narnia thing is a big deal, I wasn't a fan of the Narnia series. I don't think it will come up all that often and I don't think it's a big deal if it does, just a fun fact sort of thing. 

I haven't had much luck convincing my husband to like something he doesn't, taste is something that isn't very susceptible to outside pressure. People usually seem to dig in more, most of the time. Vanessa seems dated to me, but maybe it isn't in Australia. I like Edmund and Natalie and I think popularity shouldn't be a big issue. I think people put too much weight in rankings. It doesn't really seem vastly more popular among the current generation than your current daughter's name. That is just my experience of the name. Kieran definartely stands out, but I don't think your kids names need to match in style. This is another thing where it's just best to follow your own feelings about it. The kids probably won't even notice or care.

December 17, 2015 1:17 PM

The one name that popped out to me was Wilbur. its one name I've liked for a while. And it came to me because Lewi5 is a character in Meet the Robinsons, as is Wilbur 

For a girl, I think of Audrey, which is classic like Ele@nor.  

December 17, 2015 5:21 PM

Thanks all! Seems like you have mostly confired my thoughts about Linus and Alice and Lucy - we might have to let them go (or use as middles, perhaps). Sad but it's the dilemma of naming subsequent children.


I had meant to say that Dh gets Caroline mixed up with Carolyn - half the time he says one, half the time the other. I also had the thought that Lewi5 + Caroline = Lewi5 Carroll? Is that a problem?


Also,our Lewi5 is named for CS Lewi5 - woud it be too much to use Edmund as well?


And one more girl possibility - Johanna, any thoughts?

December 18, 2015 4:21 PM

If the set were just Lewis and Caroline, I think the Lewis Carroll connection might be obvious, but with a third sibling thrown in, I don't think it's an issue. 

I'm a big C.S. Lewis fan and even I didn't make the Lewis and Edmund connection, so I think you're safe there. It would be a neat, subtle link between the boys. 

December 17, 2015 5:32 PM

Firstly, I love your two kids' names, and congrats! Out of what you have listed, I love:

Kieran, Caroline, Alice, Geneva


I think that Caroline Alice would be a great choice for first and middle names. I love the flow of that. I think Lucy and Linus are definitely too close to Lewis, unfortunately. I agree with Natalie being very popular. Vanessa seems very dated to me, although it isn't a bad name choice. Edmund is just very NMS, and for some reason I have a strong aversion to the nn "Ed" or "Eddie." From your list, I would suggest:

Victoria, Helena, Kyra, Daisy, Audrey, Louisa, Estelle

Arthur, Everett, Theo, Henry, Magnus, Kirke (Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe reference!)



December 19, 2015 11:37 AM

Just wanted to say that I love your kids' names and wanted to cast a vote for Edmund!! Love it!! 

All your girl choices are great but my favorites are Natalie and Vanessa.  Good luck !! :)