Sibling name ideas for Mercedes, Leila, & Nicolai

Hubby & I are thrilled to be expecting baby #4 in January. Our children's names are Mercedes Elizabeth, Leila Naomi, & Nicolai Aleksander. We're searching for the perfect sibling name! 

We're not finding out the sex so we need ideas for both boy and girl. We're still in the brainstorming phase, and we're not having as easy a time as we did previously (My husband told me while we were dating that his first son would be named Nicolai, which went perfectly with my grandfathers name beside it- too easy!!!)

So far, he's veto'd Malachi (which I thought would be a perfect brother name for Nicolai) and I don't care for his #1 girl choice, Scarlett. I really love the names Delilah (as in Samson and) and Dahlia (as in My Black) but they similar-sounding to my Leila- who is definitely one-of-a-kind! The only name we both think we like is Jameson- we are taking some time to think about it.

Once we share our exciting news with our children, I know our girls (who are 9 & 13) will be participating in the debate. Just looking for ideas- my heart isn't set on trendy, classic, specific nationality, or popularity. But I have tried very hard to avoid the top 100 most popular names for my other children during the years they were born. (I cannot help what trends after choosing a name, but at that point, it doesn't matter, since its a different age group:) I have this preference  because I grew up in a class with 3 Tiffany's and 3 Jennifer's and I'm trying to avoid my son/daughter having multiple classmates with the same name. I happen to love some of the popular names, but its just my personal preferenceto avoid them; besides, I jusst love when people sompliment my children's names (and I've had a coworker & a babysitter both use one of my children's name because they loved it so much), which didn't bother me.


Sorry I wrote a book~iNsoMniA~  I'm so excited, so its even harder to sleep so I thought I'd ask for suggestions... anything that gets the conversation going & the ideas popping! Thank You!


June 12, 2014 11:46 AM

Personally, Malachi & Nicolai are too similar for my taste.   I wonder if you'd like something like Micah?

Other boy suggestions include Gideon, Peter, Andrew, Mattias or Andre.

Of the girl names you've mentioned, Scarlett would be my favorite for you. I personally shy away from Delilah.  It is very pretty, but it's got just enough cultural baggage to make me hesitate. It can also be shortened to Lilah, which feels too similar to Leila.  I agree Dahlia & Leila also seem very similar. What about Delia, Alethea, Zinnea, Genevra, Stella or Francesca.  

I'm really not a fan of Jameson.  It seems trendy along the lines of Jackson, Madison and other "son" names.  There is also the Jameson Whiskey association which makes the name unusable for me.  

June 12, 2014 11:19 PM

Mercedes, Leila, Nicolai

I like the suggestion of Zinnia, and I also like Scarlett.

Do you like Trinity, Nadia, Zanthe/Xanthe or Natalia

I like Jameson for a boy, I do think of the whisky, but I also know women named Brandy and Sherry, so to me it's not a big deal.  Some other suggestsions would be: Rocco, Felix, Dante.. maybe Axel?


June 14, 2014 11:32 AM

For a boy first thought was Royce Jameson for a girl something along the lines of Genesis Victoria?