Sibling pair

I have a son Noah "Bryce" Bolton. Just trying to plan ahead... I really like the names Kenna and Freya which would have matched the name Noah. We decided to go with Bryce because it's more unique. I'm looking for middle names to pair with each girl name. Possibly something with a B as well? Although I like Kenna Elouise not sure where to begin with Freya. Suggestions? 


July 21, 2015 12:55 PM

I'm puzzled by the quotes... is Bryce is middle name, or is that what you call him, as the quotes imply? Or both? And are you looking for a B girl's name to be a middle name AND to call her, or just to fill in the middle name position?

I'm always a fan of honor names as middle names. It could be a tribute to a beloved family member, or something pulled from further back on the family tree.

The B names that are close to the level of popularity of Bryce are Brielle, Brooke, Brianna, and Bailey.Out of those, Brielle has an okay flow to form Freya Brielle Bolton. The other three don't work quite as well.



July 21, 2015 5:30 PM

Yes Melissa, my son's first name is Noah but we call him Bryce. Basically we are torn between choosing names that end in ah/a or that start with B. I would really like to use both, using a B as the middle name. I think we are just worried Bryce will feel left out if his siblings all go by a name ending ah/ a. i really like Brielle, Blake and Bristol but nothing seems to pair nicely.