Siblings for Ro?

Hi, one of the important characters of my story is named Romina. She is latina, has thick, dark long hair and dark brown eyes. I need help naming her two older brothers; both 16. Romina goes by 'Ro', and I want the other two boys to have a one syllable nickname to go along with their long name as well. I'm stumped on names. Any ideas would be appreciated!


June 9, 2015 7:13 PM

It would be cute if the brothers also had Greek letter nicknames:
Mu (m-you), Nu (new), Pi (pie), Xi (k-see), Tau (t-aow like that-hurts with a t), Phi (fee or fie), Xi (Kai), Psi (sigh).

I'm not familiar with the latina community, so I can't suggest latina names that these could be nicknames for. 
Si could be short for Simon or Silas. 
Pi could be short for Phillip, though I doubt that is traditional.
Fi (fee) is generally short for Fiona, but Phi could be short for Phillip as well
Nu could be short for Newton or Newman. 
Kai is a name on its own.

If the brothers are twins, it might make sense for them to have rhyming names/nicknames. Simon/Phillip = Si/Pi or Si/Phi (though beware of the sci-fi association, which could make this the extra perfect pair).  Or you could have Simon nn Si and Kai. Silas and Newman (Si and Nu) could also work. 

June 19, 2015 11:24 AM

Latino boys names that can have one syllable nicknames:Latino boys names that can have one syllable nicknames:

Antonio (Ant), Alejandro (Al), Cristobal (Cris), Diego (Di), Eduardo (Ed), Julio (Jule), Manolo (Man), Matteo (Matt), Patricio (Pat), Vicente (Vic).

June 19, 2015 5:23 PM

Limiting to nicknames that end in a vowel sound and avoiding -o so as not to rhyme with Ro:

Cesar (Say), Fidel (Fee), Jose (Zay), Julio (Who or Lee), Luis (Lou/Lu), Reyes (Ray/Rey--you could also get to this nickname with Raymundo or Reynaldo), Teo or Teodoro etc. (Tay), Tito (Tee/Ti), Ernesto (Che) (heh)