Sister for Genevieve

My daughter's name is Genevieve Marie and we are expecting baby #2. We have a boy's name picked out but I'm having a terrible time with girl's names. I don't want anything too popular and I want someting that will go with Geneveive. I love Iris and Alice but our last name is Davis and that doesn't work (too many "s" sounds). I also like Claire and Rosalie. Any additonal suggestions are appreciated! 


By mk
March 30, 2015 12:05 PM

Esme, which is my second favorite French name after Genevieve :) Others, if you want to stick with French: Amelie, Delphine, Sylvie, Angeline


The Genevieves I've known had sisters named Caroline, Kaitlyn, and Zoe.

April 2, 2015 10:59 PM

I also ike Esme, Amelie, Delphine, and Sylvie, if French is the theme.

I really really like Rosalie from your original list (also love Rosalind). Claire sounds more like a middle name to me - Rosalie Claire is pretty fantastic, maybe you're done? :-) Claire just doesn't feel as significant and rich as Genevieve.

Other possibilities, some French and some not: Clementine, Celeste, Margot, Eloise, Elodie (love this name), Viola (a more interesting version of Violet, but I also like Violet or Violette), Coralie, Seraphina, Jacqueline, Eugenie, Magnolia, Olive, Phoebe, Evelyn, Georgina or Georgiana (or just Georgia), Cordelia, Harriet, Lorelei...


April 11, 2015 12:17 AM

My friend has twins named Genevieve and Gianna (they go by Vivi and Gia).  The girls have an older sister named Annika, and I think Annika and Genevieve go very nicely together.  I do really like Rosalie too though!

April 13, 2015 7:05 AM

Marguerite, Helene, Cecile/Cecilia, Josephine, Beatrice, Angeline, Eloise, Lucille, Delphine, Blanche, Marcella or Marceline, Aurelia, Leonore, Madeleine, Corinne, Violet, Irene, Caroline, Giselle, Camille, Therese, Emilie, Dominique, Nicolette, Nadie, Coralie, Jacqueline, Georgette, Sabine.