Sister for Kesli? I need ideas!

I am expecting a girl in May and I have no idea what I'm going to name her!

I have a daughter, Kesli Bellanne. Both of her names are original and I love them.

For daughter #2, I need ideas! I like the short first name/longer middle name thing that I have going on. I would like my daughter's names to flow nicely. I kind of like Gia? 

What do you think of Gia? Do you have any middle name ideas that would go nicely?

I just need cute name ideas! Please share your favorites! Thank you!


March 20, 2015 9:16 PM

I don't mind Gia, and I'd probably pair it with something like Therese. As a sister for Kesli Bellanne though, maybe...Gia Brielle? Bria seems like it might fit your style for a first name--I'd usually say it BREE-ah but I know a girl named Bria who says it BRY-ah, which is cute too.