I am a Suzanne born in 1962.  I am SO glad to hear other Suzanne's frustrations at people mispronouncing or misspelling my name!  I was the only Suzanne through 12 years of school,  I only met another Suzanne in college.  Growing up I always thought I had a special name, since I was the only Suzanne I knew. My mother's middle name is Sue and she always said that's where she got it from.  My parents and my husband call me Suzi sometimes. That's ok, I think of it as kind of a "pet"name from them. I have a couple of close friends that call me Suzi-Q sometimes.  I HATE being called Susan.  That is not my name.  I never understood other's inability or refusal to pronounce my name correctly.  I had a teacher in high school that refused to call me Suzanne, he always pronounced it "Susan", I think that's one of the reasons I dislike it so much.  Even now if someone tries to call me Susan I will usually refuse to answer.


November 20, 2014 10:08 AM

My mom is a Sus@nne, born in 1951. In her case, her dad wanted to name her Anne (after her mom) and her mom wanted to name her Susan (as it was popular) so they compromised with Sus@nne. Her preferred nn and how she introduces herself has always been Sus!e (or Suz to those closest to her), and yet people have always called her Sue, which she's never cared for. Even her dad always did! Also, my brothers never remember how to spell her name, and I don't think their wives even know -- they always do Suzanne (nothing wrong with Suzanne of course, but that's not her spelling) or Sue. Ahhh! It drive me almost as crazy as it drives her. It's not that hard to remember! If we ever have a girl, she'll be Sus@nna (after my mom and her mom, who though she went by Anne most of her life was actually named Anna at birth), but we intend to use Anna as a nn, which will hopefully avoid the Sue business, but I can totally see a teacher seeing Sus@nna and assuming Sue and calling her that all year. 

ETA: I'm a Kather!ne, but I've always gone by Kat3, which I love. I'll tolerate Kat!e from my loved ones (my youngest sister and my husband have always called me Kat!e, which I find endearing from them) but I introduce myself as Kate and still, STILL, people call me Katie all the time. All the time. Not only do I not care for it generally and it doesn't feel like *me,* it also feels like those people are assuming or forcing an intimacy between us that doesn't exist (though this is likely because only my intimates are allowed to call me that, and when they do it strikes me more as "Honey" or "Sweetie" than an actual nn). Finally, when I was little, very very often grownups misheard my name as "Kay" (I was very quiet and shy as a child) -- ooh I hate hate hated being called Kay! But I was too mousey to speak up. One teacher in particular, who I otherwise loved, called me Kay for years until he realized that wasn't my name, at which time he switched to Katie. Gah!