The Dreaded 'Lee'


I have been having such a difficult time coming up with a new first name that works with my current last name, Lee.

Like so many, I've never felt like my first name resonated with me. Recently, I had a very traumatic experience which felt like the tipping point to going ahead and committing to a name change.

My old name has been holding me back for years. I have had to work hard on being more extroverted, confident and carefree.

I am studying to be an alternative doctor (will officially have the 'Dr.' in my title - nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, herbal formula, etc.) but my main goal is to simplify these "alternative" treatments for the general mass.

I need a name that sounds respected (for the doctor crowd) but relatable (for everyone else) and works well as a 'brand' (think: Tara Stiles, Gabrielle Bernstein, etc.). I have big dreams and am excited to share this medicine that has helped me tremendously throughout the years but I need a new name to jump start my new life.

I would love the name to have a meaning like 'new day ' but the only one I sort of like is DAGNY LEE. Although, I'm not sure if that sounds too flakey. Sounds a bit like someone who may be in fashion rather than medicine.

Here are some other names I've been throwing around that I feel may exude intelligent, confident, empathetic, carefree, determined for a future alternative doctor... And works with my last name.

If it helps, I'm a Virgo and first-born (but act like the younger sibling). I have two sides -- I can spend the day outdoors then drink champagne at night. I meditate but I'm not a New Age hippie.

PLEASE HELP! I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!

(Dr.) Emory Lee
(Dr.) Emerson Lee
(Dr.) Tarin Lee
(Dr.) Olivia Lee
(Dr.) Georgina Lee
(Dr.) Adeline Lee
(Dr.) Sian Lee
(Dr.) Dagny Lee
(Dr.) Malin Lee


September 1, 2013 12:46 PM

Related to the "new day" idea, what about other names that suggest transformation? 

A couple possibilities that came to mind. Not sure if some might seem too feminine for your style (several of your listed possibilities are somewhat androgynous):

Dr. Vanessa Lee (Vanessa related to butterfly...emergence)

Dr. Maris Lee (Maris related to the sea...sea change)

Dr. Tabitha Lee (means gazelle, and also appears in a Bible story where St. Peter heals her/brings her back to life)

 Of the ones you listed, I like Dr. Emory Lee (the third syllable in Emory makes it flow better to me than Dagny does, despite both of them rhyming with Lee).

Olivia Lee and Malin Lee are a little too tongue-twistery for me. I'd stay away from other first names with major L emphasis.

I wish you good luck finding a name you love--one that speaks to you about where you are and where you're going!

September 1, 2013 2:20 PM

Thank you, eeka138 for your kind words and suggestion!  I will look into 'transformation' names.  

September 8, 2013 2:38 PM

I like the suggestion of transformation-based named.  Of the ones you've listed, I like Emory Lee best.  One thing you might want to think about is your age vs name popularity -- for example, "Olivia" is very common on young girls right now (in the US, if you are there) and so it will likely make you read younger to people. 

October 25, 2013 7:56 PM

You may have already picked your name, but this book called The Complete Book of Magical Names, has a great section on how to pick a new name and a wonderful selection of transformational names.  I'm not new agey at all, but I love the sections on ocean names, color names, animal names, etc.  They even have a great section on house names!  I would strongly recommend it to people here who want to go beyond the standard baby name books.