The name Susan

Hi, my name is Susan but its not the name i was given at birth.I think my mom was under too much anesthesia because she named me something no on pronounce ever. When i got to junior high i decided to use the name Susan because i was so found of Susan Hayworth at that time. Then at the age of 35 i legally changed my name to that because i had used it so long. I personally think that the name fits me perfect, besides ive own and operated two corporations, plus worked as a veternian for 12 years, and then went into human medicine at Emory University Medical School in Atlanta, Ga. It definitely a strong and you have to be strong, smart, kind, compassionate, and be able to stand long hours and alot of hard work. I am now 70 going on 35 and i still run a corporation this day. Its alsp popular because its easy to pronounce and people seem to like it. So think twice able nameing your babies those silly names and make them impressive so they at least have a good name to start their adventure in life with. Good luck to all ur pregnant gals. Ive had my three and im done.



March 12, 2015 2:22 AM

What was your birth name Susan?