TheSwap The Name Game!


So I had an idea for a game in which you are given a bunch of families and you have to come up with names that go together, but you use a different name with the same first letter.

example: Jane Marie could become Juliet May, Benjamin Wyatt could become Benedict Wesley.

You have to keep the last name and first letters of the first and middle names. You an reuse or keep a name if you like, but only one FULL name can be kept per family.

Ready? Here are the families

Familay one:

Mother: Claire Marrianne Alexander    Father: Martin Shannon Alexander

Eldest son: Teddy Isaiah Alexander     Eldest daughter: Juliet Claire Alexander

Second eldest daughter: Alice Maeve Alexander    Second eldest son: George Alfred Alexander

Third eldest daughter: Mabel Christine Alexander      Second youngest daughter: Lillian Eve Alexander

Youngest daughter: Martine Cherise Alexander


Family Two

Mother: Jillian Yvonne Bell    Father: Joel Benjamin Bell

eldest daughter: Sofie Grace        Eldest son: Oliver Christian Bell

Two youngest daughters, twins: Lettie Margeret Bell and Nellie Penelope Bell


Family three

Mother: Libby Suzanne Kinney    Father: Bartholemew Hans Kinney

eldest daughter: Daisy Isadora Kinney     Second eldest daughter: Hazel Vera Kinney

Youngest sons, triplets: Noel Adam Kinney, Elliot Christopher Kinney, Isaac Daniel Kinney




September 6, 2015 8:54 PM

Alexander Family:

Cindy Martine, Michael Shaun, Theo Isaac, Jade Catarina, Aliyah Marie, Gage Andrew, Maya Cheyenne, Lilah Emilia, Mikaela Colette

Bell Family:

Jessica Yvette, Joseph Brandon, Sarah Geneva, Owen Christopher, Leia Maurine, Naya Pauline

Kinney Family:

Lucy Sienna, Benjamin Hugo, Destiny Isabelle, Haley Victoria, Noah Aaron, Evan Colby, Israel Dylan


September 5, 2015 11:39 PM

Alexander family:

Carissa Maria Alexander, Matthew Sterling Alexander, Theodore "Teddy" Isaac Alexander, Jessamine Carissa Alexander, Azaria May Alexander, Gideon August Alexander, Melody Corinne Alexander, Linnea Edelyn Alexander, Marisol Cassidy Alexander


Bell family:

Jacqueline Yvonna Bell, Jude Beckett Bell, Selah Genevieve Bell, Orlando Calder Bell, Lorelei Miranda Bell, Neva Penelope Bell


Kinney family:

Lisel Susannah Kinney, Barrett Hendrix Kinney, Davina Isobel Kinney, Harlow Viva Kinney, Neil Adrian Kinney, Edison Caleb Kinney, Ivor Dominic Kinney

September 6, 2015 2:21 AM


Calista Margot, Michael Stanley, Thaddeus Ian, Joan Cressida, Adele Mariska, Grant Arthur, Mariana Cheyenne, Lydia Emmylou, Megan Caroline.


Julie Yolanda, James Bentley, Sienna Gretchen, Olie Christopher, Lena Marielle, Norah Piper


Laura Shelby, Brigham Henry, Della Ivy, Hattie Vivian, Niles Aaron, Everett Charlie, Ivan Damian

September 26, 2015 2:03 PM

DH: Mark Samuel Alexander

DW: Cara Marie Alexander


DS: Thomas Isaiah Alexander

DD: Jessica Claire Alexander

DD: Alice Mae Alexander

DS: George Aaden Alexnader

DD: Maisie Catherine Alexander

DD: Lily Evelyn Alexander

DD: Martha Chloe Alexander


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


DH: Jose Bruce Bell

DW: Gianna Evonne Bell


DD: Sofia Grace Bell

DS: Olivier Christopher Bell

DD/DD: Letia Margery Bell and Nia Paige Bell


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


DH: Benjamin Harry Kinney

DW: Olivia Savannah Kinney


DD: Daisy Isabel Kinney

DD: Heidi Verity Kinney

DS/DS/DS: Noah Adrian Kinney, Elliot Christian Kinney and Isaac David Kinney