Third son due in two weeks and still no name, help please!

My husband and I cannot agree on a name for our third son. The first two are named Bjorn and Ronan. I named Bjorn on my own and handed a list of ten names to my husband and he picked Ronan off it so they were easy! This time we are trying to find a name that works with the first two that is fairly rare but not too out there. I want a name that is a recognized name, but isn't used much, so that's its recognizable but interesting. One of those timeless magic names I guess is what I'm after. My husband wants something that is a saints name as there is a tradition by his mother to pick saint names for first and middle names. I found exactly one name that worked for me off the list of saint names in the new edition and that was Ivan, which my husband shot down, he suggested Cassian with the pronunciation kash-in which I didn't like so we have been arguing names ever since. I rather liked Torin as it was neat that it blended Irish and Nordic together, which would've been a tie in between the older boys names, but husband vetoed that because it was based off Thor and I just don't even understand his objections anymore.

As for family cultural history, there's Irish,German, Russian and Norwegian on my side and Irish/English on my husbands side. Baby will have the middle name Jerry for my grandfather, who passed away this summer and honestly the first name really doesn't need to match or blend well with it, it's being given for love not style, our last name is long and ends in -water. Oh and while I know it's very trendy right now to end boy names with N I'm okay with that since it will match the first two, and since the last name is long I'd like to keep the first blame on the shorter side. i really just need ideas at this point, after my husband has vetoed the names that I love I can't even come up with names I kind of like! That said, I do kind of like Owen, Evan and Oren, but not quite enough to commit to them yet. Please toss names at me and give me the stories behind them, I'm really looking for a good story to connect to for this little ones name, the first two boys have stories and I feel like the third should too.


November 27, 2013 9:30 AM

These names were inspired by after plugging in Bjorn and Ronan:

Ivor -- inspired by Ivan -- behindthename says it's from Old Norse and was brought to Britain by Scandinavian settlers and invaders, after which it was adopted in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. St. Ivor (or Ibar) was an Irish saint who died about 500, according to Butler's "Lives of the Saints."

Finn -- was my first thought, as it's both Irish/Celtic and Norwegian/Scandinavian. I couldn't find a St. Finn, but see Finan below.

Finan -- loses the Scandinavian origin, but similar to Finn, and St. Finan was an Irish monk and bishop who died in 661 according to the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Magnus -- nymbler lists it as of Celtic, Latin, and Scandinavian origin (though behindthename only has Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Late Roman); there is a St. Magnus, and another notable saint is St. Albert the Great -- in Latin, Albertus Magnus (Magnus means "great" in Latin).

Lorcan -- an Irish name, and a saint, St. Lorcan O'Toole (anglicized as St. Laurence/Lawrence O'Toole), died 1180 according to the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Adrian -- covers all your ethnic backgrounds, and there are a few Sts. Adrian to choose from. You might like St. Adrian of Canterbury (who was actually African, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, but did his good work in England); a different St. Adrian was said to either be a missionary to Ireland or the same person as St. Odhern of Ireland.

Others that seem like that might fit that I didn't have time to research more: Felix, Hugo, Oliver, Neil.

November 27, 2013 12:53 PM

My first thought was Finn, for the reasons that Traleerose notes.  Another thought is Olaf, which has an Irish version  Amhlaoibh (admittedly that looks like alphabet soup to an English speaker).  St. Olaf was a king of Norway.  Traleerose also mentions Neil.  I would suggest the older Irish spelling Niall or the Icelandic Njal(l).  Also Cormac/Kormak.  Possibly Anders, a good saint's name.  Kenneth, which is the Anglicized form of a Celtic/Gaelic name which is used in the form of Kennet in Scandinavia.

November 27, 2013 7:59 PM

Oh thank you! These are great! I rather like Finn and Lorcan, and perhaps these will help break the deadlock we're in. I had originally tossed out Adrian, but I'm now rethinking that name, with the info you provided a vague dislike of it seems rather a silly reason to toss a pretty good name!

November 27, 2013 12:12 PM

I don't know how keen you are on those last names you threw out there, but my first thought was that the spelling Orrin, which is Irish, fits better than Oren, which I know as being Hebrew. According to Behind the Name, the Irish spelling gets you (the anglicised version of) the name of a saint, while the Hebew spelling means pine tree.

November 27, 2013 8:04 PM

I'm not particularly convinced on any of the names I listed so to me Orrin is as good as the other, and thanks for pointing out the more Irish spelling and that it is a saint name.