This baby has personality already - just no name

We have a 2 1/2 year old named Eloise and are expecting girl #2 in about a month.  I am with the other mom that is expecting girl #2 - boys names we agree on, girls names not so much.  

This girl has a lot of energy!  Her movements wake me up at night and I have been able to feel her move since 13 weeks!  I want to have a list of 2 or 3 names that fit her energy and then name her once we meet her. 

We haven't decided on whose last name to use - hubby's starts with "O" and ends with "Y" - so I generally don't like names that end with "Y" or an "E" sound - too rhymey.  My last name is short and asian sounding.  I find myself attracted to Japanese names but if we use my last name people will assume she's asian when really, she isnt.  


My choices:













December 10, 2014 1:22 PM

What last name does your other daughter use? Will not she and the baby have the same last name?

I think your concern that if you use your lastname "people will assume she's asian when really, she isnt" is a valid one, and for that reason I'd knock off Suki and Miku from your list if you decide to use your last name.

Also, if you use your last name, and if it's what I suspect it is, which has one syllable, I'd knock off Rue from your list as well (though it would be my favorite otherwise) -- one syllable+one syllable isn't a great rhythm imo (and I have a one-syllable nickname, which I use almost exclusively, and a one-syllable maiden name -- I love both names, but have never liked how abrupt they sound together). Which leaves Juno from your list, which I don't hate, but I don't love it with sister Eloise. (June, on the other hand, I like a lot. My six-year-old has a June in his class, and it's so darling on her. I love the nn Junie too.) (Or Juno as a nn?)

From your husband's list, I love Anouk. It reminds me of Juno, Rue, Suki, and Miku (and sort of Eloise) sound-wise, so I think somewhere in there will be your compromise zone? Others that might be similar, just based on sound: Susanna(h), Lourdes, Luz, Tru, Cruz, Ruth, Lula/Lulu, Luna, [deleting Ruby because of your concerns with your husband's last name, but I love it], Juliet(te). From that list, as a sister to Eloise, I like Susanna(h) and Juliet(te), which I think overlap pretty well with how I'm reading your husband's style.

From his list, I think Mae is closest to your one-syllable style. I quite like it, and also as a sister to Eloise, and it's so similar to the Japanese Mei that I think it's a really good contender.

So my votes go to any of: Mae, June (nn Juno?), Juliet(te).

ETA: I just remembered that Sukie is a traditional nn for Susanna, so I'm adding that to my list of names I'd vote for! Susanna nn Sukie! Awesome with sister Eloise imo, it gets in one of the names from your list while overlapping with your husband's taste (as I understand it from his list). Love it!

December 10, 2014 1:25 PM

Oh gosh, I have another thought ... re: Miku on your list, I was just thinking that maybe another compromise would be something like Madeline Kate nn Miku. I know a little M!riam Soph!a who goes by M!so, which I think is beyond adorable and totally inspired. 

December 11, 2014 9:10 AM

To continue the first+middle=nickname suggestions, we have a Juliet Nicole who we sometimes call Junie. So maybe something like Juliet Noelle called Juno? Or Julia Noemi?

By gct
December 14, 2014 11:18 AM

Thanks!  She uses my husbands last name.  We decided last name based on the first name.  So this girl can have either one.  He just suggested Imogen which I like in theory but not in practice.  Imogen and Eloise both have that long O in the middle which is nice.  

December 10, 2014 7:15 PM

Many of your names feel more like nicknames to me & generally I prefer formal names on the birth certificate.  In your case, I think using a more formal version with a nickname could also reduce the chances of people assuming your daughter is Asian if they see her name on a class roster or resume or something.

Susan/Suzanne/Susannah called Suki

June/Juniper called Juno

Ruth/Ruby called Rue

Miku is the most Asian sounding and I am having trouble thinking of things it could be a nickname for.  However, I do like the previous sugggestion of using a first/middle combo to get to Miku.  Similar names with a less distinct Asian sound include Mila, Mira & Mika.  

I notice you have a lot of "U' sound going on in your names.  This makes me think that other names with a "U" sound might appeal.   Louise/Louisa, Euna, Luna, Julia/Juliet/Julie/Jewel, Lucy, Unity, Trudy, Talullah.

Anouk isn't my cup of tea.  For names similar in feel, I prefer Anya or Annika.

Mae isn't bad.  It is short & sweet like the names on your list, though I suspect you aren't crazy about the sound of it. Maeve is similar, or perhaps you could do a mashup?  Mae+Rue=Rae 

Madeline is pretty, though a bit past its prime.  It seems the most different from the names on your list, so I'm finding it hard to come up with compromise suggestions.

By mk
December 10, 2014 8:07 PM

Of yours I like Juno best. Juna is also a very pretty alternative. I agree that staying away from Japanese names may be best if you use your last name.

Margot and Cleo are possible -o ending options.

According to behindthename, Anouk is a diminuitive of Anna, so I suggest Anna with the nickname Anouk. Madeline called Mae/Miku also works well.


December 12, 2014 4:01 AM

It does seem that you have two different name styles here. I would suggest either choosing one style for the first and the other for the middle, or picking a classic long form name with a spunky nickname. Some suggestions from your lists;

Madeline Rue

Juno Mae

Some long name/nickname ideas;

Susanna (or a variation) nn Sookie/Suki

Michaela nn Mika

Nicola nn Nico/Nika

Juniper nn Juno

Some other suggestions that may possibly appeal to both of you;

Annika or Anoushka