Thoughts on these name combos?

And which might you consider your favorite?



Autumn Elaine

Caroline Constance

Lydia Capri

Rain Thalia


All of the middle names are family middle names, aside Thalia.



Eden Elliot

Daniel Anthony (My cousin's fiancee is named Doran, but they all call him Danny, so I'm unsure if I'd ever really be able to use this one. Your thoughts?)

Ronan Barry

Dean Nathaniel 



February 1, 2015 12:50 AM

Autumn Elaine is pretty.  I like that there is a bit of contrast in the style of the first name vs. the style of the middle.

I don't care for alliteration, so I'm not a fan of Caroline Constance.  On their own, both names are really nice, I would just prefer them combined with something else.   For example, Lydia Constance is lovely.

Lydia Capri has a nice flow, though I'm not a fan of Capri.  The association with capri pants is just too much for me.

I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of Rain Thalia.  I do like Thalia, so perhaps it could be combined with something else?

Eden Elliott has the alliteration thing.  I'll also point out that Eden is mainly used as a girl's name & Elliott is starting to get some use for girls, so this name reads very girl to me.  I had to look twice to make sure you had listed it under boys. Instead of Eden, I'll suggest Evan.  Elliott would also make a great first name.

Daniel Anthony is nice & I don't think your cousin's fiancee should matter.  Even if they are both called Danny, there will be enough of an age difference that people should know from context who is being talked about.  When the whole family is together, calling your son by the full Daniel will also help to distinguish who you mean.

Ronan Barry isn't bad, though I like Ronan Elliott better.

The end of Dean runs into the start of Nathaniel, making it sound like Dee Nathaniel.  I think Nathaniel would make a nice first name & Nathaniel Dean has a better flow. Or perhaps something like Dean Anthony or Nathaniel Elliott?

By rooo
February 2, 2015 11:32 PM

I like your first two girl names. I don't like Capri as a middle or Rain as a first. Lydia Constance or Thalia Constance are both nice. Even Thalia Rain, but I prefer middles with a family connection.

I like Daniel Anthony and Ronan Barry from your boys list. Eden I see as 100% femaie. Dean and Nathaniel are also nice names, but I agree they run into each other. Perhaps Dean Elliot, Dean Anthony or Nathaniel Barry instead? I don't see an issue with Daniel and a much older cousin-in-law Doran called Danny as long as you plan to call him Daniel or Dan.

March 5, 2015 10:33 PM

I like Caroline Thalia and Ronan Elliot best of all!! Elliot is a name I have picked out for my future girl or boy.

March 9, 2015 8:32 PM

Autumn Elaine is lovely! Think this is such a great option and it sounds so pretty- rolls right off the tongue. Perfect for a fall baby or any baby. My favorite combination from your list! :)

Love Lydia Capri, and would you ever consider Caprice for the middle name? Lydia Caprice has such a pretty flow, but is beautiful either way- I love, love, love, the name Lydia and Capri has been on my baby name list for quite some time.

Caroline Constance sounds a little bit harsh to the ears, and normally alliteration is not a big deal with names but this combo sounds a little bit "sing-songy", maybe you could soften it a bit by using Caroline Rain- I think that would be a gorgeous combination or even Constance Rain, or Caroline Caprice- this alliteration isn't quite so obvious and flows a little bit better!

For whatever reason, Rain Thalia does not sound quite right and sounds a little bit "chunky" in my opinion, though both names are beautiful!!! Thalia Rain is much softer and and is a lovely alternative. 

You have chosen such great, masculine boys names. My favorite combinations are Ronan Barry- the name Ronan is so cool and unique but isn't too out there and the middle name Barry sounds fantastic! Daniel Anthony is really nice, and I wouldn't worry about the potential of two family members with the same name. I come from a very small family and my cousin and Dad have the same name Scott. It has never been an issue and my cousin was always referred to as little Scott when he was very young, but it was never a problem and certainly would have been a terrible reason for my Aunt and Uncle not to go for the name Scott. Love Dean Nathaniel- both names are great and they sound awesome together! Eden for a boy may not be the best idea as I have only ever heard of girls with the name, and knew a few growing up as does my sister who is still in elementary school. The name has been icnreasing in popularity and there was a Toddler's and Tiara's star named Eden who probably popularized the name quite a bit for females as well. Elliot though is a wonderful name for a boy and isn't overly trendy!

Also, Based on the names on your list, I wonder if you would like the name Isla... pronounced eye-la, it can also be spelled Aisla, or numerous other ways but I just find it so beautiful. It would have been my daughter's name had my husband and I not disliked the hispanic pronunciation (which his family was insisting on) but if you do not have any hispanic family, or like that pronunciation than this wouldn't be an issue in the least! The name Demi is also such an adorable french name and is similar to Capri if you like the "i" ending.

Middle names are such a husband and I have had our daughter's name chosen for a solid three months now, but are still going back and forth on middle names, especially since I have a family member that I would love to honor, but he does not like the name and it would be a strange case of alliteration. Lol.