Trouble deciding on a boys name!

Ok, so my husband and I have been throwing around names although I am not too far along... I think we are pretty much set on Simone for a girl. I have always loved that name. What boys names go? We have a french last name starting with a P, although were both Anglophone (his family is from Quebec though). 

The boys names we have to date;

My husband loves Walter (noooo!) I compromised by suggesting Wallace; he also loves Leon (I guess Leo for short)


Harris (from my family's scottish background)

Hamish (after a close friend)

Pavel (after a close friend- but would it be appropriate as it is Eastern European?) 

The other girl names that we like are both family names, and also quite old fashioned. They may be used for middle names or first names. They are Joan (Joannie) and Maude (Maudie). 

Any thoughts?




January 16, 2013 10:17 PM

I quite like Simone, and it's not a name you hear often on a baby. She would likely be the only Simone in her class. I do know a few Simone's but they are all in their 20s and 30s.  

I think both Joan and Maude, while currently unfashionable are likely to make a comeback in the next 10 years. Joan is a Mad-men name and that style seems to be picking up in popularity. I've seen Maude mentioned a couple of times on peoples lists. I don't love either name but neither are bad.

I think Simone Maude can work as a combo. You couldn't really do Simone Joan though :) If you were willing to use Joanne instead of Joan (and you could still use the nick name Joannie) then it would work as a middle  name for either. I also think Joanne is more similar in style to Simone. 

From your boys names I'm a big fan of Hamish.  It's not uncommon here but hardly popular. I think it works well with Simone.

Harris would be my second choice. Be aware though that Joan Harris is a character on Mad Men so you wouldn't necessarily want to use those names for siblings.

Walter has grown on me. I don't love it but I'm starting to see it's charm. It has lots of support around these boards, so you'll likely get favourable comments on it. I think Walter and Maude make a fantastic sibset.

Pavel and Hector don't do much for me. Both seem a different style to your other names.

January 16, 2013 11:17 PM

I am one of those who loves Walter! But of course my husband hates it.

If you like Pavel but don't want to go Eastern European, would you consider Paavo? It's another form of Paul, but Finnish.  It's pronounced with the same beginning syllable.  I went to college with a guy named Paavo and I always thought it was a great name.

January 17, 2013 2:18 AM

There was the great Finnish Olympic runner Paavo Nurmi, but I'm probably the only one old enough to remember him.

January 17, 2013 8:45 PM

I like Simone & Joan/Joannie.  But I'm not a huge fan of Maude-it's just a name that still feels too old lady for me.  It's actually kind of odd that I don't like Maude though, because I do like a lot of old lady style names.  Martha has been one of my more recent name crushes.

Both Walter & Wallace a great.  Leon is OK, but I think I'd prefer it on its own, without the nickname Leo.  I prefer Leo as a stand alone name.

Hector is so/so, but all the Hectors I've known have been Hispanic, so it has a very different feel than the rest of your names.

I like Harris & considered it for my youngest as an honor name for a Harry.

Hamish is a name I've always liked, but I'm not sure I could pull it off.  I'd love to see it on someone else's baby though.

Pavel is a nice name, and I think the fact that it'd be an honor name would overrule any concerns about it being too Eastern European.  If you decide against it, I think it would work well as a middle name.  Walter Pavel, Leon Pavel, Harris Pavel, etc.

By mlhb
March 11, 2013 10:08 AM

Harris is my sons name & I think it's beautiful x