Twins: A boy and a girl - Help!!

Recently have been told I'm having twins, a boy and a girl. I adore baby names, but I just have so many and I simply cannot choose what I like best. Please help, this is what I have so far.




















I'm open to suggestions but I am very very picky and I know to the full extent how mean kids are nowadays due to my nieces stories, so I have to be very careful to pick a name that they won't be bullied for. 

Please help ASAP, Thank you xoxo


November 20, 2017 1:10 PM

Congratulations on your twins! Twins are fun! I have twin girls of my own, and I can tell you it was hard time picking right names for them. 

Georgina-Sorry, I don't like this name, for me it is not for a cute little baby girl. Prefer Georgie. 

Regina-same thing 

Gina-too nickname-ish for me, not reminds me of a little girl

Ginger-Prefer Ginger than Gina, but also, for me it is not for a sweet little girl 

Dominique-same thing, little bit overmuch for a little girl

Marni-This name has a beautiful meaning, but there are so many other prettier names with same meaning (Denise, Adrianna, Marisa, Marina, Bela) 

Lila-This name is cute for a little girl, but I prefer Layla (pr.Le-i-la, I don't like Lila pr.-La-i-la)

Renee-I like this name, it is very cute for a little girl 

Valentina-Cute name for a girl, you have tones of nickname choices

*one thing before names for boys-Your choice for boys name-Frances is amazing, but, I would put that on girl names list. It's beautiful name and maybe the best from your list-but for girl

Frankie-Cute name for a little guy, charming :)

I don't like Fraser, Archie and Finnick

Nicholas/Nico-Both of these names are beautiful, it just depends on whether you're going to choose long names for your kids or short. For eg:Valentina and Nicholas where you have a lot of nicknames, or you will pick for eg. Layla and Nico

Cole-It's cute name and fits little boy very well

Do you have any other names on your list? What about middle names? :)


November 20, 2017 1:23 PM

SarraJ, you do realize that, although names are chosen for babies, all things going well they're only going to be babies for a very small minority of their lives. Rejecting a name because it's more appropriate for an adult than a child is impressively short-sighted. By all means, use a cute nickname when the child is small, but don't name a baby as though it's staying a baby forever.


sophiadinsley, your niece must attend school with abnormally cruel children. General consensus is that due to the diversity of names given today, bullying because of one's name is much less common than it used to be. A child who is going to be bullied will be bullied, but chances are it will be because of something other than their name. I notice in your comments that you seem single-mindedly concerned about bullying and I don't think that those comments are as helpful as you believe them to be.

November 20, 2017 1:56 PM

Thank you for your comment, I think you are right that I focus a lot on bullying, I guess in the small town where I live kids are very cruel. My niece and I are very close and she tells me a LOT of stories about how horrible the kids in her school and the surrounding schools are and I just get scared about it! I never mean to offend anyone, it’s just one of my greatest concerns. I never want me and another parent to ever have to deal with bullying, it’s an awful thing. 

November 21, 2017 12:19 AM

Does your daughter get bullied? You could use her experiences at her school as a basis for what it is like in your town.

November 20, 2017 1:57 PM

Frances does belong on the girl's list. However the name OP has on her boy's list is Francis which is a masculine name.

November 20, 2017 1:58 PM

Thank you for your help! But babies do not stay babies and i am focusing on the rest of their lives as well. I wouldn’t want to name one of my kids something cute and for them to be embarrassed by it when they are 30! xx

November 20, 2017 2:15 PM

Ahh I understand your bullying concern! I do not know what is wrong with this growing generation :( My son Theo and his friends can be very cruel sometimes with the things they say and the fights they get into! Luckily my son has never been bullied but I can’t say the same about how he acts...

It is truly terrifying!

Georgina - This is a nice name, Georgie would be such a cute nickname for it. More feminine than Georgina which is a little bit harsh.

Regina - This is also a bit harsh, and has an ‘evil queen’ sort of vibe. Regina’s in movies are portrayed as not very nice - though i’m sure she would be lovely if you named her that.

Gina - I like how this rolls of the tongue and gives a lot of opportunity for character and owning the name! i don’t know any Ginas so very unique!

Ginger - Ahah this is my name, I have been asked why my name is Ginger when I am not Ginger but I still love this name to bits.

Dominique - Very French and elegant sounding, like royalty. i love it!

Marni - This is SO cute, although for an adult it may be not fitting, from a baby to mid twentys it would be nice.

Lila - I’m not a massive fan of flower names.

Renee - This is also french and super short and sweet.

Valentina - Italian? It’s gorgeous! So elegant and smooth and ahh I just adore it!

Francis - This is adorable for a boy - not a girl as others are saying - Frankie for short would be cute instead of as a name.

Frankie - ^^

Fraser - Interesting name I have never heard it before.

Archie - This is so cute for a little boy!

Nicholas - Very harsh i don’t like it.

Nico - So cute and sweet, especially for a little boy.

Cole - Not a fan

Finnick - Finn for short, this is so cute and a nod to the Hungwe Games! It’s smooth but also harsh I like this name a lot.

Amelia, Maeve, Naomi, Anastasia are some girls names you may like.

Bear, Atticus and Tobias are some boys names you could also like.

I am expecting another child soon but me and the hubby haven’t decided on a name, it’s so hard! Wish you luck, may start a thread myself :) Xxx

November 20, 2017 4:32 PM

I can't help but notice that you've got that strong repeated G sound in four of your girl choices: Georgina, Regina, Gina and Ginger. I think Georgina could be a great choice; you can have the long form on the birth certificate, and use both Gina and Ginger as nicknames.

If you are worried about teasing, I do think Regina is maybe a bit risky. Or maybe this is a purely Canadian thing, because we have a city with that name that rhymes with the female body part (I know the name doesn't but that is really all I see when I look at it).

If you do go with Georgina, it would be nice to have a boys name with similar nickname potential. From your list, I think Francis and Nicholas fit the bill particularly well.

Francis and Georgina; Frankie and Ginger....

November 20, 2017 4:38 PM

Georgina - is lovely

Regina - is ok

Gina - is nice

Ginger - sorry dont like this one

Dominique - is good - Nicholas and Dominique would be nice

Marni - I like it with the e Marnie,  pretty

Lila - sorry not keen on this one

Renee - nice

Valentina - pretty


Francis - is ok

Frankie - sorry I dont like this as a full name - its more of a nn

Fraser - is ok

Archie - is ok

Nicholas - love this

Nico - is ok

Cole - is ok

Finnick - sorry dont like this one, Finlay is ok though

November 20, 2017 6:22 PM

I really love Georgina and Archie from your lists, but I’m not sure if they make the best sibset. Would you have a long form of Archie? I’d also be hesitant to use Georgina with Georgie as a nickname in a boy/girl twinset. Without the nickname, I think it’s perfect. 

Other girl names you might like: Josephine, Wilhemina, Mina

Boys: Arthur, August, Archer

November 20, 2017 6:53 PM

Congratulations on the twins! Im expectinng quad girls soon, so i know how hard the name choosing process is.

Georgina- isnt my favourite but its alright. How about Georgie or Georgia?

Regina- Not a fan, sorry but could work for you

Gina- i like this i think it cute

Ginger- cute

Dominique- I feel this may be a bit over the top but it could work

Marni and Lila- I love these! so cute and elegant

Renee- dont like renee sorry

Valentina- reminds me a bit of Valentines


Francis- Love francis!

Frankie, Nico, nicholas and cole arent my type sorry

Finnick is awesome!

Archie and Fraser are also good


November 20, 2017 7:48 PM

My first thought when looking through your list was that multiple names you like could be used as nicknames for other names you like. This would essentially give you two (or three) in one, which is a big bonus when the reason you're stuck is because you love so many. So with the girls Gina could easily be a nickname for either Georgina or Regina, and like Emily.ei said Georgina could also nickname to Ginger. On the boy side Frankie could be a nickname for Francis and both Nico and Cole can be nicknames for Nicholas.

Georgia-is nice, very timeless classic feeling

Regina-I would prefer this as a route to the nickname Gina, it's just a bit more interesting to me and while I can see the 'evil queen' angle it's really not the vibe I get from the name. However it is a bit less classic feeling to me so depending on which boys name you pick Georgina might be a better match.

Gina-I don't see the point of making this the whole name when you could get it as a nickname for another name you like. ;)

Ginger-sorry but I really don't like this as a first name, it feels like it should be a nickname only to me

Dominique-very pretty flowing name, I like the nickname potential it has

Marni-I love this, it's more on the cute/bubbly side of pretty for me (compared to the elegant side that you have with names like Georgina and Dominique). It probably has less nickname options just because it's shorter and already ends in the -ee sound, but I don't know if that's a plus or a minus for you, or simply doesn't matter.

Lila-a sweet, pretty name but honestly I would a bit worried about it simply due to the number of conversations on this forum about pronunciation of these li- type names, I now feel like any of them would just be a headache to deal with. Although I can only see two real options (LIE-la or LEE-la) so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

Renee-nothing wrong with this but it's just not my favourite from your options

Valentina-another flowing pretty name, but I like it less that Dominique and Georgina of your longer classic options.


Francis-I like the classic-but-slightly-fusty feeling to this, especially if you combined it with the sweet nickname Frankie

Frankie-see above and comment for Gina ;)

Fraser-this name makes me think 1.Scottish and 2.of Frasier the tv character. Neither of those are bad things they're just my impression of the name.

Archie-is a very sweet name, I like it. You could maybe have a more formal version (Archibald, Archer) and use Archie as a nickname.

Nicholas-a great classic name, I think it would make a nice pair with a few of your girls names.

Nico-I love this name. I would definitely use it as a standalone name but for you it probably makes sense to have it short for Nicholas as you also love that (an exception might be if you went with one of the shorter girls names; I think Nico pairs better with Marni and Lila than Nicholas does).

Cole-as with Ginger I don't care for this as a full first name, I could get behind it as another Nicholas nickname though.

Finnick-this is the only one of your names that I really don't like. To me it is entirely the Hunger Games character so it just doesn't have the same classic feel as almost all the other names on your list do, it just seems a bit trendy.


If I had to put them together in pairs on the longer classic side I like: Nicholas and Georgia, Nicholas and Regina, Francis and Dominique, Francis and Regina, Fraser and Regina and on the sweet bouncy side I like Nico and Marni or Nico and Lila. Overall Nico & Marni or Francis & Regina (nn: Frankie & Gina) are my favourite pairs.

November 21, 2017 12:48 AM

Okay, I'm going to tell you the *opposite* of what Natasha-Rhiannon just said. Definitely use shorter names if they feel more appealing than the longer ones! Especially because some of your names that could be construed as nicknames (e.g. Gina) project a completely different style from their longer versions (Regina).

On that note, my favorites on your list are:

Georgina-- Classic. Strong. Very little danger of a popularity surge. Good nickname potential.

Gina-- I like how succinct this is. I don't get an "incomplete nickname" feeling from Gina at all.

Marni-- I don't love the "i" at the end but the consonants feel very nice togehter. 

Lila-- This is the name of the snooty rich girl in Sweet Valley High, the young adult novel series from the 1980s. It may be due for a revival. 

Valentina-- Could be a seamless transition from little "Vallie" to polished, professional, or brilliantly creative grown-up.

Francis-- Old-fashioned in a pleasant, confident, re-assuring way. Slightly starchy. I don't recommend pairing this with your longer girl names; it's too Victorian-novel-esque.

Archie-- I agree with the above posters that you should lengthen this, because Archie does not pass the Senator Test for me. (e.g. could a kid with this name grow up to be a president or a congressperson? Would you respect a person named Archie who was trying to publish a groundbreaking research paper? etc etc)

Nicholas-- No problems here.

Nico-- Yep, this is also good with several of your girl names.

Possible pairs:

Georgina & Nico

Valentina & Francis

Gina & Francis

Marni & Nicholas [the consonants in these names are PERFECT]

Lila & Archer I think the above pairings are a good balance between short and serious.



November 21, 2017 3:00 PM

Just to be clear I wasn't saying that longer names should always be used instead of shorter versions, or that the shorter versions are somehow "incomplete". I was suggesting it in this case because the OP said she loves so many names and a few of them could very clearly nickname from others. (Had the post been "I love the name Gina but I don't know if I ought to make her Georgina or Regina on the birth certificate" my response would have been totally different.)

The fact that the shorter versions have a completely different style is the whole appeal of that approach for me. The name can be Frankie at home/while he is little but move to Francis if he feels as he grows that it's baby-ish or if he ends up in a prestigious job.

December 1, 2017 7:56 PM

My favorites are Nico and Lila.

December 11, 2017 11:41 PM

First of all, I would probably not go with Regina—the first image that came to mind was Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. 

From the girls’ list, I like Lila. From the boys’ list, I like Nicholas and Cole. 

Here are some middle name suggestions:

Lila Jean 

Lila May

Nicholas Jude

Nicholas Levi

Nicholas Wyatt

Cole Patrick

Cole Thomas