Urban Fantasy names?

Since you guys were so much help with my last naming problem, I come to you with another: My next big project is an urban fantasy paranormal romance comedy – it’s Friends with supernatural creatures mixed with a parody of stuff like The Vampire Diaries. The plot line is that a vampire falls in love with an ordinary human girl and she moves in with his cohort of paranormal roommates in a big city. Hijinks ensue. All of my characters are in their twenties – not just in looks, literally in their twenties, although several of their friends are really centuries old. There’s 10 major characters and so far none of them have names. I have a handful of names I have picked out for each character already, but I’m open to new suggestions. Also, if there’s anything here that’s really attached to another paranormal romance story, let me know and I’ll nix it. I’m also writing another story set in the same universe with younger characters and a darker tone, the characters include vampire Hector, werewolves Caleb, Lester, Iain, and Carrie, mermaid Juno, shapeshifters Jessica and Cassandra, fae Sean and Bonnie, and witch Matilda, as a taste of other paranormals’ names in this universe.

Female human – Our POV character, she’s a clumsy girl with average looks, but every male in the story falls head over heels in love with her. Her main character flaws are she cares too much and she’s too selfless. The name I immediately thought of for the character was Emily, but I wonder if that’s a little too generic. Other names I have pegged potentially for her: Alexa, Hannah, Heidi, Jill, Josie, Leah, Lydia, Michaela, Tara, Tessa.

Male vampire – Our main male romantic lead, he’s the baby of a clan of vampires. He goes back and forth between angsting over his love for the human female and fighting with the other male leads for her love. Very much a drama queen. Adrian was the name I immediately pegged for him, but I worry that it’s most certainly already been used by several paranormal romance authors for their vampire beaus. Other ideas: Fabian, Julian, Marcus, Sebastian (too Little Mermaid-y to be taken seriously as a romantic name?), Tobias.

Male Werewolf – Our gruff, manly man, Mr. Werewolf is also in love with Miss Human. He has a tendency to mess up the paranormals’ apartment and make everything smell like wet dog. For a while I couldn’t decide between Zane or Shane – I think I like Shane better but Zane has less of a possibility of stepping on anyone else’s potential names. Other potential names: Caine, Griffin, Logan, Samson, Wyatt.

Male warlock – Witches in my universe are very matriarchal, and poor old Mr. Warlock here ran off to prove his family wrong and make something for himself. He’s kind of wimpy looking, and Mr. Werewolf and his werewolf friends kinda push him around. And he’s also kinda sorta also in love with Miss Human. Simon was the name I’d originally picked for him, but now I’m really turning against it, Felix is the name I’m kind of leaning towards now. Other ideas: Andrew, Ari, Eric, Mark

Male dryad (like a shapeshifter, but instead of turning into animals dryads turn into plants) – Essentially the Felix to everyone else’s, especially Mr. Werewolf’s, Oscar, Mr. Dryad is the only one of the nine people in the paranormal place with any concern for keeping the place at all clean, and also the one most paranoid about breaking the masquerade that keeps the majority of humans from learning about the existence of paranormals. He’s the most distrustful of the group at first to Miss Human, but guess what? He’s also in love with her! Now, Ashton and Linden were the names that jumped out immediately for him, being some of the only nature names for guys, but Ashton would conflict with Mr. Vampire’s potential Adrian and Linden would conflict with Mr. Werewolf’s potential Logan, and if I go with both of those names I’d have to look elsewhere. The only other names I pegged for this guy are Ethan, Flet-cher, Franklin, and Gabriel.

Female Mermaid – The girly girl of the group, Miss Mermaid is the first to really take Miss Human under her wing (tail?) and show her the ropes of the paranormal world. She can be a bit vain and self-centered at times, and is often drawn to shiny things, she truly cares about her friends. Mercedes was the placeholder name I had for her and while I like it, I’m not dead set on it. Other possibilities: Amira, Cecilia, Celeste, Erika, Gilda, Hallie, Liza, Roxanne, Winnie, Yvette.

Female Wood Elf (She’ll also have a real elf name in her native elfen language, but that’s something I’ll come up with on my own later) – Kind of the opposite of Miss Human’s story, Miss Elf has been raised in an elf village out in the woods her whole life, but she’s always been fascinated with human kind and now she’s headed to the big city to live amongst them. She takes her “human” name from something like a street sign or a storefront. Gret-chen was the name I first had pegged for her, but I’m not certain about it now. Other possibilities: Gloria, Gweneth, Jocelyn, Jody, Lorna, Maisie, Marnie.

Female sorceress (Sorcerers/Sorceresses are a completely independent species from witches/warlocks in my universe) – The black magic woman. She secretly likes using her housemates, especially Miss Human, as a guinea pig for her spells and sorcery. Her potential names: Alicia, Anastasia, Bernadette (is this name too tied up by Big Bang Theory? Like with my other story I’m trying to avoid names that are too associated with stories in the same genre, in this case both sitcoms and urban fantasy/paranormal romance), Evangeline, Greta, Jasmine, Kendra, Regina, Seraphina, Sofia.

Female shapeshifter – The rough and tumble one, Miss Shapeshifter has left her country home and come to the city to follow her dream of being an actress, but the others are worried being a paranormal in the public eye might lead to her accidentally breaking the masquerade. Her potential names: Belinda, Constance, Eleanor, Erin, Fawn, Lara, Miranda, Rochelle, Sabrina (Too Teenage Witch?), Sasha, Savannah, Sonia, Tabitha.

Female Fae – Miss Fae, who dreams of being a fashion designer, also has a habit of sometimes on purpose and sometimes not of creating illusions, which leads to many wacky situations. Her siren singing voice also leads to some shenanigans. Her potential names: Annalise, Arabella, Belle, Elsie, Felicity, Karina, Katrina, Mariah, Melinda, Odette (too Swan Lake?), Rina, Starla, Tallulah.

Any ideas? Thanks and sorry this was longer than the first post!


August 1, 2017 12:11 AM

Since you have expressed concern about names used elsewhere in fantasy fiction, I thought I'd mention that the werewolf tv series Bitten had a supporting male werewolf character named Logan.

August 11, 2017 8:47 AM

The only thing I can come up with right now is potentially Jasper for your male dryad character. It poped into my head while I ws reading his "bio".  :) Hope that helps some. I'll be back later to re-read and maybe something else will pp into being then.

August 11, 2017 11:47 AM

What about Sylvan for the male dryad? He could use Van as a nickname, especially around humans.

August 16, 2017 7:30 AM

So, after giving it a few weeks, I've put together an idea:

Human: Tessa (I decided Emily was a bit too vanilla)

Vampire: Adrian (Although I'm still worried someone beat me to it)

Werewolf: Zane

Wizard: Felix

Dryad: Linden (It's not too close to Adrian, is it?)

Mermaid: Winnie (by far the one I'm least set on though. Omitting all the names that now would double up an initial, I still have Cecilia, Celeste, Gilda, Hallie, Winnie, & Yvette.)

Elf: Jody

Sorceress: Kendra

Shapeshifter: Rochelle

Fae: Elsie

Any red flags?