Very concerned over intitials

Baby is here and the only name we both like will give our baby the initials E.M.W. I know that most of the time in his life, he will use first/last intitials, E.W. I'm afraid our son will forever be associated with ewwwww. However, a friend of mine had a baby recently with the same intitials and others have said that it is not a problem. Should we go back to the drawing board or am I overthinking the intitials? I am not worried about him being teased. I am more concerned on how he would view his own name. Would he make the "eww" conncection or would it probably never occur to him? 


October 6, 2018 7:54 AM

I agree with suzannembrown. This is not a terrible combination. He may well get a comment or two but I doubt that it will be constant.